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An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 4, Episode 10
Writer(s) Bradley Thompson
David Weddle
Story by
Director Michael Rymer
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 412
Nielsen Rating 1.4
US airdate USA 13 June 2008
CAN airdate CAN 13 June 2008
UK airdate UK 17 June 2008
DVD release USA 6 January 2009
Population 39,665 survivors (Population decline. 8)
Additional Info Mid-Season Cliffhanger
Episode Chronology
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The Hub Revelations The Face of the Enemy

(Chronological: Sometimes a Great Notion)

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Led by D'Anna Biers, the band of rebel Cylons hold President Roslin and Galactica's pilots hostage while attempting to lure the "Watchtower Four" out of hiding. Meanwhile, Kara Thrace's Viper may hold a previously undiscovered clue to finding Earth.



  • Lee Adama is in William Adama's quarters, looking up an illustration of the Temple of Aurora on Earth, as described by Pythia. Kara Thrace walks in and greets him, and they briefly discuss the temple, and the absence of William Adama and Laura Roslin. Lee comments on how both he and Tigh are intimidated by Adama's chair. Thrace talks about how Leoben stated that, for children to reach their full potential, their parents have to die.
  • In the basestar control room, Roslin, William Adama, D'Anna Biers and Leoben discuss the plans to return the Final Five. Biers mentions that there are only four in the Fleet and refuses to provide answers when Roslin questions her about the fifth's location. When Adama asks for their names, she expresses skepticism, suggesting that the Colonials may kill them. Roslin points out that the Colonials need them because they know the way to Earth, while Leoben recommends co-operation and D'Anna refutes him, citing the failure of co-operation on New Caprica.
  • Biers announces that she will hold the Colonials on the ship hostage until the Final Four are safely aboard the basestar. When a standoff between the Colonials and the Centurions ensues, Roslin tells Adama to stand down and he repeats the order to the other pilots. Biers tells Adama to accompany her to Galactica on a Raptor. He initially refuses, but Roslin tells him to go. She embraces him and whispers in his ear that if the Cylons get the four, they get Earth, and he can't allow that to happen, even if he has to destroy the basestar with them aboard.
  • In CIC, Felix Gaeta - having returned to duty despite still having problems with his amputated leg - accidentally knocks over a bottle of pills. Dualla helps him by picking up the pill bottle. Colonel Tigh asks Gaeta if he wishes to be relieved, but he declines and takes a drink to numb the pain.
  • Gaeta then announces the arrival of the rebel baseship and that a Raptor launched from it. On the hangar deck, Adama and Biers step out of the Raptor. Galen Tyrol and Samuel Anders look on from the catwalk, wondering whether Biers can or will identify them. While William Adama greets his son, Biers steps off the Raptor and looks at each of the Final Four.
  • William Adama and Biers explain the situation. Biers claims that she is already in contact with the four, that they will come to her willingly and that all the Fleet needs to do is not interfere with shuttle traffic. The Adamas agree to her terms. As Biers is about to leave, Tory Foster steps forward, asking to bring Roslin her medication and see if she is alright. Knowing that she wants to defect, Tigh tries to prevent her from going by saying that they shouldn't give the Cylons more hostages, but he is overruled by the Adamas.
  • In the Adama's quarters, William and Lee Adama, Tigh and Thrace discuss a plan to rescue the hostages. The admiral mentions Roslin's recommendation, but tells his son that it is his call. President Adama agrees.

Act 1

  • In the Situation Room, Sharon "Athena" Agathon and Thrace officially present their rescue plan. Tigh expresses skepticism at the expected high losses of boarding the basestar, saying there have to be other options. Thrace sarcastically comments that the four could just give themselves up.
  • On the basestar, Foster is led to the control room. Biers announces that one of the Final Five has arrived. Leoben expresses doubt, but Biers attests that she saw her in her vision. Foster smiles as the Cylons gather around her in amazement.
  • In another room, Roslin bandages Gaius Baltar, who thanks her for not killing him, but Roslin confesses that she told Adama to destroy the basestar should the Cylons get the four. Foster walks in with a Six, greeting them and bringing Roslin her medication. Roslin thanks her, and asks how she was able to do so, and Foster says that she came with Biers to be with her people. Baltar attests that he subconsciously knew, that she was one of the Final Five. When asked if she had any idea, Roslin says no, and Foster tells her it might be worth pondering other things she has been wrong about, then starts to walk out. Roslin tells her to stop, and asks her to convince Biers to release the hostages. Foster coldly replies that she's done taking orders from her.
  • A body flies out of the baseship. In CIC, Lee Adama receives a transmission from Biers, who announces that there has been a change of plans. She has executed the first hostage and will continue to execute hostages every quarter hour until they have the four. Adama tries to reason with her, telling her that she did not giving them a chance and that they are co-operating, but Dualla states that Biers has terminated the transmission. As a result, Adama authorizes the rescue mission and to destroy the baseship should it fail.
  • On the hangar deck, as the pilots and deck crew prepare for the mission, Tyrol begins hearing the strange music again, heavily distorted by screeching and static. In a pilot ready room, as Starbuck and Athena brief the pilots, Anders likewise hears the music, as does Foster on the basestar.
  • On Galactica Anders, Tigh and Tyrol are drawn to Thrace's Viper. Tyrol suggests that something about the Viper has changed, and Anders suggests they get Thrace. Tigh agrees, then walks out.
  • Tigh walks into William Adama's office, telling him to scrub the mission. When asked if he has another option instead, Tigh confesses that he has known that he is a Cylon since the Ionian nebula. Adama expresses doubt and can't believe that his three decade-long friend could by a Cylon. He suggests that Tigh could have been brainwashed on New Caprica and says they should see Doctor Cottle. Tigh says that he should have killed himself when he found out and suggests that Biers will back down if he is used as a hostage.

Act 2

  • As Marines escort Tigh through the hallways, William Adama suffers a nervous breakdown. He rampages through his office, smashes his fist into a mirror and drinks heavily. As Adama cries, his son finds him and tries to comfort him. Adama says that he can't kill Tigh and Lee tells him that he will handle it.
  • In a launch tube, Lee Adama interrogates Tigh, demanding to know who the other Cylons are. From the control room, Dualla announces that Biers is on the line. Adama threatens to kill Tigh if she harms one of the hostages, and says that she has ten minutes before he kills him. From Tigh he again demands the identities of the rest of the Final Four in order to save the Fleet.
  • Standing next to her Viper, Thrace expresses doubt about Anders's and Tyrol's suspicion regarding the Viper. Marines come in and arrest Anders and Tyrol. When Thrace asks what's going on, Sergeant Harder replies that they are Cylons. Shocked, Thrace questions Anders, who confirms that it is true. As he is dragged away, Anders insists that something is different about the Viper.
  • On the basestar, an Number Eight and two Centurions force the captured pilots down a hallway. Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza tells the pilots to fall back, and the Eight threatens to shoot them if they don't keep moving.
  • Anders and Tyrol are brought into the launch tube to join Tigh. Lee Adama orders Dualla to get the baseship on the line again.
  • On the hangar deck, Thrace climbs into her Viper's cockpit.
  • On the baseship, Roslin and Baltar hear the hostages and Centurions. A Number Two walks in and Roslin asks what's going on. The Two says that Biers is about to start executing more hostages. When Roslin requests that she be taken to Biers, Baltar insists that she won't listen to her, and that he be taken instead, because he was with her when she had the vision in the Temple of Five. Roslin agrees.
  • Lee Adama tells Biers that he has Anders and Tyrol in the airlock, and demands that she stand down.
  • Thrace begins activating her Viper's systems.
  • Tory Foster tells Biers that she knows Adama and that he will back down if pressurised. Biers orders to target nuclear weapons on the civilian fleet when Baltar walks in and begins begins talking to her.
  • Thrace continues activating her electronics and suddenly detects a signal with one instrument.
  • Baltar argues that coercion won't work with Lee Adama because he is too similar to his father, while Foster argues that he is bluffing.
  • Dualla tells Adama that the baseship's nuclear missiles have gone hot. Both conclude that the Fleet will not be able to spool up their jump drives quickly enough to escape before the Cylons fire. Adama orders that everyone except Tigh be removed from the tube.
  • On the basestar, Baltar suggests that God may have brought Biers back for a different purpose, to end the conflict peacefully. She argues that the Colonials will never forgive the Cylons for what they did to the Twelve Colonies, and gives the order to proceed.
  • As the launch tube door closes, Thrace runs through the ship.
  • Baltar argues to Biers that brute force did not work for the Cylons on New Caprica or the algae planet, and that it will not work now.
  • Adama asks Dualla for the key and begins the process of de-pressurizing the launch tube.
  • An Eight announces that they have weapons lock on the Colonial ships.
  • Tigh tells Adama to stop hesitating and flush the airlock. As Adama is about to push the button, Thrace runs in, telling Adama to stop. She says that the Cylons just gave them Earth.

Act 3

  • Lee Adama sits in Thrace's Viper, recognizing a Colonial emergency locator signal, and notes that no other wireless in the Fleet is picking it up. Thrace argues to a skeptical Adama that it must be a signal from Earth, insisting that some higher power is orchestrating events for a purpose and wants the Colonials to find Earth with the Cylons.
  • Thrace, Lee Adama, the Final Four, Biers, Marines and Centurions stand around the Viper and an Eight sits inside. They discuss the signal. Adama says that he decided to share the information with the Cylons rather than jump away, because it would only lead to another confrontation down the road. He argues that peace is possible and says that he has granted the Final Four an amnesty. Biers agrees to release the hostages.
  • Adama shows his father the location of Earth, asking for orders. Roslin walks in and says she wants to see him pick up the first fistful of earth. He walks away saying that he'll be back. Lee Adama talks to Roslin about stepping down, and she praises him on resolving the crisis, saying the Fleet will need that kind of leadership in the years to come.
  • Admiral Adama returns in uniform, saying they should find Earth. His son says that he has been working on a recon mission with Thrace. Admiral Adama replies that everyone should go together, that they don't have anywhere else to go, and that the alliance will fall apart if they hesitate too long. In his view, they need to roll the hard six.

Act 4

  • In the CIC, Dualla announces that the Fleet is ready to jump. Admiral Adama tells Roslin that they wouldn't have made it without her and asks her to give the order. She does so. Dualla counts down and the Fleet jumps.
  • The entire Fleet - now including the rebel basestar - successfully jumps. Adama tells Gaeta to take his time with confirming their location. After some seconds, Gaeta announces that the constellations match. The Fleet has jumped into orbit of a blue/white planet - Earth.
  • Adama makes a speech to the whole Fleet, announcing that they have arrived at Earth. All over Galactica and throughout the Fleet people rejoice ecstatically.
A city found in ruins.
  • A detachment of Vipers, Raptors, Heavy Raiders, Cylon freighters, as well as several civilian ships fly towards the surface.
  • On Earth, a grim Adama lifts up a handful of soil. Someone next to him reads the dirt with a Geiger counter. The soil is irradiated. Laura Roslin stands next to Adama, disappointed. Biers is stunned.
  • Many others, including Karl and Sharon "Athena" Agathon, Gaius Baltar, Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, the Final Four, and the Cylons are on the surface as well, walking and standing around on a riverbank near the ruins of a city, which was apparently destroyed. The mood is dismal, with everyone probably wondering what happened to Earth and what they will do next.


  • This episode is the mid-season cliffhanger for the first ten episodes of Season 4. The conclusion to the cliffhanger, "Sometimes a Great Notion," will not air until 2009.
  • The episode was given an advance screening in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 11th, in order to draw attention for the upcoming Emmy Award nominations. [1]
  • According to comments made by Ronald Moore at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con (and included on the Season 4.0 DVD), "Revelations" was designed to be the final episode of the series, in the event the SAG Writer's Strike had prevented the series from continuing.
  • As Biers executes one prisoner during the course of the episode, the population of the Fleet when it arrives at Earth is 39,664, not counting the as yet unknown number of copies of the four Significant Seven Cylon models who have now joined them.
  • The page from the Book of Pythia depicting the Temple of Aurora is the same two page spread used to represent the City of the Gods on Kobol from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I".
  • The rhythm of the beacon signal matches the rhythm of the Music.
  • It remains to be seen if the rebel Cylons will be counted in the Survivor Count now they have joined the Fleet. So far only Sharon Agathon and Caprica-Six, arguably rebel Cylon themselves, have been counted despite never being considered human.



  • The survivor count drops by 8 from the previous episode. Allowing for the fact that Pike's death has been counted already and assuming no deaths in the Fleet, these eight Colonial deaths occur as a result of the Battle of the Resurrection Hub. Two of these casualties at least seem to be Viper pilots given the wrecked Vipers seen derelict at the battle site (TRS: "Sine Qua Non"). Pike's ECO is also one of the dead. However a possible continuity error occurs in the count between the episodes "Sine Qua Non" and "The Hub," as the episodes take place concurrently, yet the population drops by one in between (possibly Pike's death).
  • When Thrace says to Lee Adama (while he is looking at the drawing of the Temple of Aurora) "We'll get there, and walk those halls together," Adama says "Yeah, pretty to think so." This could be a reference to the last line of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises when Jake Barnes says "Yeah, isn't it pretty to think so?" about the idea that he and Brett Ashley could have been in love.
  • There are some flaws in Biers's hostage plan: It is not explained how she believes the Final Four would be able to make it onto her basestar without being detained first by the Colonials. One of them could always be taken as a hostage by the Colonials as a counter-move. Though, presumably they would try to find a covert way to leave the ship, much like Tory Foster. It also isn't explained why Biers would believe the final five are aware of their true nature. Granted, Tory would tell her as much as soon as they are alone on the Raptor, but Biers wouldn't have known it while calculating her plan. The fact that three of the final five led resistance movements against the Cylons should indicate to her they didn't know. Did she assume they knew after they made meaningful eye contact with her when she got off the Raptor? Or did her vision inform her when they would discover their identities?


  • Biers holding the Colonial personnel hostage isn't aimed so much as to President Adama and the government, as it is to the remaining three of the Final Four who choose to remain behind. When Foster moves to defect under the guise of giving Roslin her medicine, Colonel Tigh speaks up to prevent her from going. This earns Tigh and the other two who refuse to come forward Biers's enmity and she begins killing their crew mates until they join the Cylons.
  • Roslin's plan to hold Biers and her knowledge to herself is shown to have already failed at the start of this episode. Biers has already made it clear she will not co-operate and is walking freely around the basestar. The plan was never likely to succeed given that the Colonials on the rebel basestar are totally outnumbered and cut off from the Fleet. In fact, Roslin and Adama's decision to double-cross the Cylons (TRS: "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?") may well have precipitated the entire hostage crisis, as the rebels decided to return to their original plan only after learning that the Colonials have no intention of turning over the Final Five.
  • Tory Foster actively advises Biers in her test of wills with Lee Adama, pressing for more aggressive tactics. She appears to be embracing her Cylon nature, including the antagonism towards mankind. In doing so, she parallels the origins of the Cylon War, rebelling against those she had earlier served. She has also severed her ties with Roslin, something that started with Roslin turning her back on her in "Guess What's Coming To Dinner." However, given Roslin was the first to hurt her, she may be trying to hurt Roslin in kind by refusing to help.
  • Sharon "Athena" Agathon appears to have been released from the brig despite her shooting of Natalie, although there is no explicit on screen explanation given for this. Her involvement in planning the rescue mission could be part of her parole, or it is possible Roslin confirmed to Admiral Adama that they have been experiencing and sharing powerful visions that have affected their behavior. Curiously, this is not the first time that the Agathons have escaped severe punishment for potentially mutinous actions. It is also in Admiral Adama's character to be forgiving of the actions of the officers and crew, most notably Kara Thrace, if there is compelling reason.
  • Admiral Adama has apparently reassigned Galen Tyrol to the hangar deck. In previous episodes Tyrol often worked in other areas of the ship. This may be another example of Adama's forbearance toward his crew. However, he has not as yet restored Tyrol's old rank. Instead, Peter Laird is shown as the chief of the deck, having likely occupied that position since Tyrol's demotion.
    • This is Laird's first chronological appearance since "Resurrection Ship, Part I". He appeared in "Razor" in flashback scenes, and was mentioned as an active deckhand in "Sine Qua Non".
    • A deleted scene establishes that Tyrol was reassigned to the hangar deck because half the mechanics are on the basestar to support the Hub mission, and Galactica deck gang is short-handed.
  • The Six walking up to Saul Tigh on Earth appears to be Caprica-Six. This indicates that Adama's general amnesty extends to her as well and that she is free to join the Cylon rebels on their baseship; a fact that is confirmed by Mark Verheiden in this interview.
  • With the destruction of the Hub, Biers becomes the closest a Cylon has come to being human: along with mortality, she, as the last of her model, is unique in all the universe.


  • One of the first visual clues that Earth lacks a widespread, technologically advanced civilization comes in the establishing shots of the planet when the Fleet arrives in orbit. The night side of the planet is steeped in total darkness, whereas the city lights of an inhabited planet with an industrialized civilization would be clearly visible on its night side, as seen in this composite satellite photograph of the Earth at night.
  • The filming location was on Centennial Beach in Tsawwassen, south of Vancouver.[2] [3]
  • The landing area actually appears to be the Temple of Aurora, thus bookending the episode. When the episode begins, Lee Adama is looking up an illustration of the temple in the book of Pythia (although the camera lingers on a depiction of the City of the Gods). As the episode closes on Earth, the landing party appears to be at the ruins of a domed structure by a body of water, as shown by the illustration. A form core model of this structure, up for auction in the Battlestar Galactica Props & Costumes Official Auction, acknowledges it to be the Temple of Aurora.
  • Throughout this episode, Earth when seen from orbit is largely obscured by cloud masses and shadows. Unlike the view of the North American continent presented at the end of "Crossroads, Part II," none of the landmasses in view can be easily identified. ([1])
  • Gaeta comments that the constellations seen from orbit match those seen in the Tomb of Athena on Kobol, implying that this is the planet they were destined to find, only to arrive too late.


  • Is Biers honest in her claim that there are only four of the Final Five in the Fleet? (Answer)
  • What happened to Earth? (Answer)
  • What condition is the rest of Earth in? (Answer)
  • Was Earth in the same condition the last time Thrace was there? (Possible answer)
  • Will the other Cylons find the Fleet and the rebels, as well as Earth? If so, will they finish what they started? Or will they surrender? (Answer)
  • Does the Thirteenth Tribe still exist? If so, where are they now? Or was there never a Thirteenth Tribe at all? (Answer #1, #2)
  • Is Pythia's book literally accurate history or metaphors for real historical events places and things or totally false?
    • Pythia's prophecy says 'new home' not 'Earth'; it is Roslin and her followers that assume this means Earth.
  • Will the Colonials and their Cylon allies settle on Earth, or will they move on in hopes of finding a more suitable planet? (Answer)
  • Will Tigh, Anders, and Tyrol continue their duties on Galactica despite having been exposed as Cylons? Or will their hatred of the Cylons persist? (Answer #1, Answer #2)
  • Now that his brief presidency has come to an end, will Lee Adama resume his duties on the Quorum? If not, what will his new role be? (Answer #1, Answer #2)
  • Will Caprica-Six join the rebels or pursue further relations with Baltar or Tigh? (Answer #1, Answer #2)
  • In what year do the Colonials arrive on Earth? (Possible answer)
  • Who or what was responsible, intentionally or not, for the apparent holocaust on Earth? (Answer)
  • Why did the civilian fleet jump not away at the start of the stand-off?

Official Statements

"Holy cow, I love this episode beyond the saying of it, and 'thank you' to the fans who have been going out of their way to tell all of us that, too. Adama's reaction to the reveal was stunning—my gods—and Starbuck-- her face said it all. A thunderclap. Simply beautiful. You wouldn't want more and you can't imagine less. I'm stating the obvious when I say that a more labored reaction would've attenuated the emotions, given the characters a chance to gather themselves before the big blow that was to come, which certainly would be a mistake. [...] I think the *real* reactions are yet to come, just like in life. The beauty of this episode is in its urgency, in the tumbling breathless slide that lands us on that grim gray unfamiliar beach"
"And—oh—that haunting devastated city there, with the massive ruined temple and our people trying to find their footing in a strange dead city I did not recognize... that image just kills me. Every time I watch this episode, I well up with hope, and it lasts right up through that handful of soil, and then the radiation counter breaks my heart all over again."
"David and Bradley (David Weddle and Bradley Thompson, our writers) did an excellent job throughout this rocketsled of an episode - the writing had to be so delicate, precise and emotional... and they also did such a good job doing little things like dealing with the fallout from my episode the previous week. Baltar saying he loves living is such a gem of a moment among a cascade of gems—thanks for that, David and Brad! And then, of course, the big stuff starts happening and never ever lets up." [4]

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • William Adama has a nervous breakdown after learning that his best friend of 30 years, Saul Tigh, is a Cylon, and having him arrested to be executed. His son finds him and drags his father's sobbing form to a bulkhead where he cradles his father from behind.
William Adama: [Crying, sobbing, despair...]
Lee Adama: [voice quavering]: Dad, listen... No one suspected, no one! Not with his record. Not what he did on New Caprica. His eye... What happened to his wife... Come on, let's get up.
William: What have I done? [breathlessly] All of the people I've sent to die? For what? For what?!
Lee: [quietly] For Earth...
William: [angrily]: There is no Earth. [sobs] It is a frakkin' joke! There is no Earth! [sobs]
Lee: Okay dad, listen to me... [firmer and takes his father face between his hands] Listen to me!! Pull it together!!
William: I can't...
Lee [frustrated]: Yes, you can! Come on!
William: I can't...
Lee: [frustrated] Yes, you ca...
William: I can't... I can't kill him... I can't kill the bastard! I can't...
Lee: Okay, okay, dad. [he cradles his father's face]
William: I can't...
Lee: It's... It's gonna be okay... It's gonna be okay... I'll... I'll take care of it. I'll take care of it [kisses his father's forehead].
Foster: You had no idea, did you?
Roslin: No.
Foster: Might be worth pondering what else you've been wrong about.
  • Upon confirmation of their position in orbit of Earth, Admiral Adama makes an announcement to the Fleet:
"Crew of Galactica. People of the fleet. This is Admiral Adama. Three years ago I promised to lead you to a new home. We've endured a difficult journey, we've all lost, we've all suffered, and the truth is I questioned whether this day would ever come. But today our journey is at an end. We have arrived, at Earth."
  • Laura Roslin observes the vacant ruins on Earth:

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