Basestar command

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Basestar control room (TRS: "Torn").

A basestar is commanded by several humanoid Cylons (known on Battlestar Wiki as the basestar command[1]).

This group commands through spoken discussion and eventually, consensus. The commanders issue instruction to their ship's central computer, the Hybrid.

No one humanoid Cylon is the de facto leader. However, personalities which have been more exposed to human contact, such as Caprica-Six (TRS: "Downloaded"), or personalities which are under extreme emotional stress, such as one particular Number Three model (TRS: "Torn"), may be more argumentative and likely to sway consensus.

The basestar has a central command and control center, likely located within the ship's central axis. Most or all of the seven[2] humanoid Cylons stand at a control console that have interfaces for their data ports.[3] The center has many waterfalls and pools that form the basestar's datastream.[4] Other humanoid Cylons of various models attend to business at smaller consoles and other areas of the command center.


  • Viewers are shown the baseship command structure for the first time in the episode, "Torn". Prior to this episode, the command leadership, if any, was unknown. Basestars were previously suspected as being a larger autonomous living entity similar to the Raider.


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term.
  2. The Final Five Cylons are, in the words of Ron D. Moore, "fundamentally different" Cylons that have another role in the Re-imagined Series. See the Final Five article for more information.
  3. While all seven actors who portray the humanoid Cylons appear at the central console in the episode, "Torn," later episodes do not show every actor, likely due to production obligations for the actor (insufficient need) or availability of the actor. Cinematically, this implies that not every model must be directly represented at the central command console, but conclusions on this cannot be confirmed without further illustration from the series.
  4. Humanoid Cylons have a collective knowledge of information from their datastream that is apparently available to other agents, but, unlike the Borg of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, the agents do not work as a collective consciousness, or "hive mind." Humanoid Cylons generally share memories by personal option.