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Portrayed by Keegan Connor Tracy
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Jeanne[1] is one of the leaders of the Cult of Baltar. During Gaius Baltar's incarceration and trial proceedings, Jeanne resides on Galactica. Her only son, Derrick, is afflicted with viral encephalitis during Baltar's incarceration that lasts into Baltar's acquittal.

As medicines are proven ineffective against viral encephalitis, she appears before then-incarcerated Baltar posing as (or abusing her position as) a member of the Fleet press. She presents a picture of Derrick, beseeching Baltar to bless her child, expressing her belief that such an act would miraculously save her child. She is subsequently dragged away by marines (TRS: "Crossroads, Part I").

Jeanne appears with two other cultists in the courtroom on Galactica where Baltar is being tried. During the trial, Jeanne glares contemptuously at Laura Roslin, which Roslin returns. She and her associates are overjoyed by the tribunal's "not guilty" verdict in the case.

After this verdict, Baltar wanders aimlessly in Galactica's corridors, he finds himself alone as Galactica goes into action stations just after the jump to the Ionian nebula. During the power outage that follows, he is surrounded by Jeanne and her cohorts. She quickly assures the frightened Baltar that she will lead him to his new life, and begin to quickly pace down the corridor (TRS: "Crossroads, Part II").

As the battle with the Cylons begins, Jeanne and her cohorts escort Baltar to a previously-abandoned dry stowage compartment, where the cult has made their commune. (Unbeknownst to them, they are trailed by Charlie Connor and his fellow Baltar-hating friend, Shaunt.) Jeanne, with fellow cultist Paulla Schaffer, inform Baltar that it is impossible to leave Galactica due to the heavy military presence—Schaffer bluntly points out that, even if it were possible to leave, none of the ships in the Fleet would have him.

She later brings Derrick to the commune, since she is horrified at the idea of Derrick dying in Galactica's sickbay. His conditions worsens and Baltar, initially reluctant at being trapped in a "looney bin," begins to offer God a sincere prayer where Baltar offers to exchange his life for a boy who has "not even had a life yet".

Jeanne is emotionally moved by this prayer and her belief in Baltar as their savior is emboldened when Derrick fully recovers from his sickness (TRS: "He That Believeth in Me").

She is later assaulted by members of the Sons of Ares as their members storm the commune in search of Gaius Baltar (TRS: "Escape Velocity").

Jeanne is also present in Baltar's compartment listening to the various broadcasts by Baltar (TRS: "The Road Less Traveled") and later when the fleet discovers Earth (TRS: "Revelations").

Jeanne is later at a gathering when former Chief Tyrol and "Hotdog" get into a fight (TRS: "A Disquiet Follows My Soul"). She is also on the hangar deck, possibly working, and witnesses Vice President Zarek kill Chief Laird. She tells Baltar of this and is present when Roslin speaks to the fleet (TRS: "The Oath").

Much later on, she is happy to see Baltar return while Paulla is unhappy about the matter. She is with Baltar when he goes walking through Dogsville and later on when Baltar acquires weapons from the Admiral (TRS: "Deadlock").


  1. The character is not given an official name until "He That Believeth in Me," and was credited in the "Crossroads" two-parter as "Young Woman".