Anthony Figurski

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Anthony Figurski
Anthony Figurski


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Birth Name Anthony Figurski
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Introduced Flight of the Phoenix
Marital Status Single
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Role Deckhand, battlestar Galactica
Rank Specialist
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Portrayed by Don Thompson
Anthony Figurski is a Cylon
Anthony Figurski is a Final Five Cylon
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Specialist Anthony Figurski is a deckhand aboard Galactica.

He and the other deckhands throw a welcome back party for Cally Henderson when she is released from the brig, and he later assists in the construction of the Blackbird, being the first to help Chief Tyrol and signing his name on the hull at its commissioning ceremony (TRS: "Flight of the Phoenix").

Figurski is present at the ship's boxing tournament and talks with Chief Tyrol about Viper maintenance (TRS: "Unfinished Business").

Figurski may be considered a slower yet reliable worker. Chief Tyrol makes a humorous comment to Figurski on whether the deckhand was going to appear as if he were actually working that day. When Figurski complains about Admiral Adama's speed in signing a work order authorizing a carbon dioxide scrubber repair that would take up to a day to complete, Tyrol teases him once more, quipping that it would take Figurski a day in any case (TRS: "A Day in the Life").

After having a brief confrontation with Seelix about her plans to become a pilot, and overseeing the transfer of some of Dogsville's residents to the refinery ship, he participates in Chief Tyrol's short-lived workers' strike (TRS: "Dirty Hands").

Figurski is among the deckhands to whom Chief Tyrol shows the bomb discovered under a Raptor carrying Lee Adama and Romo Lampkin. He seems to agree with Cally Tyrol's suspicion that a Cylon infiltrator was responsible for the bombing attempt. Later he hands Lampkin a case of files from Colonial One, shortly before a second attack wounds the attorney (TRS: "The Son Also Rises").

Figurski attends the religious service for Cally Tyrol and is seated next to Galen Tyrol during the ceremony. Later, Figurski and Tyrol look over Margaret Edmonson's crashed Raptor. The technical failure is attributed to Tyrol's failure to swap out a damaged component. Figurski offers to do Tyrol's work when the Chief becomes irritated and angry over his error, but Tyrol dismisses him (TRS: "Escape Velocity").


  • The credits for "Flight of the Phoenix" and "Revelations" give his rank as specialist, 3rd class. However, according to a blog entry by Ronald D. Moore, this rank does not exist within the rank structure of the Colonial Fleet. While the hierarchy the writers use may very well have changed since then, there are no other indications of a distinction between specialists. His rank insignia cannot be identified clearly in any episode, but the costuming department appears to to have produced only one specialist insignia.