Daybreak, Part I

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Daybreak, Part I
"Daybreak, Part I"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 4, Episode 19
Writer(s) Ronald D. Moore
Story by
Director Michael Rymer
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 421
Nielsen Rating 1,661,000 viewers (Live+SD)[1]
US airdate USA March 13, 2009
CAN airdate CAN March 13, 2009
UK airdate UK March 17, 2009
DVD release USA 28 July 2009
Population 39,516 survivors (Population decline. 5)
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As Galactica is in its death throes, Adama calls for volunteers for a final mission to save Hera Agathon from John Cavil.


Act 1

In Caprica City

  • The Act opens with a montage, including a galaxy, a bird trapped in a skylight, water falling into a pool, and light over a planet. Establish a modern city: "Caprica City - Before the Fall".
  • William Adama, wearing civilian clothes, converses with another gentleman in a shaded room. Adama talks about his combat experience, commanding billions of cubits of men and materials, but doesn't want to go through with something. The man responds that he's only asking for one hour of his time, and that "sometimes there are things that you gotta do."
  • Across the city, Dr. Gaius Baltar speaks with Caprica-Six in a limo, talking briefly about having things done for you as opposed to being independent. Baltar and Caprica-Six begin fooling around in the limo, when a call comes through. Baltar is immediately shaken. He apologizes and asks the other person to wait for him. The other person sounds ready to leave, but Baltar tells the person on the other end to wait for him, or he will sue for abandonment.
  • Laura Roslin sees out the last guest from her sister's baby shower. Laura and her two younger sisters sit on the couch, celebrating and laughing together.
  • In an apartment kitchen, Kara Thrace contemplates something and prepares food when the doorbell rings. Kara is surprised, saying they're early, and greets Lee Adama at the door, carrying flowers. Kara invites him in and calls for Zak. Zak Adama comes out, greets his brother, and introduces Kara as his girlfriend.
  • Baltar pleads with Nurse Barbara to stay with his father Julius at his apartment, after she is stabbed with a steak knife, but she refuses and leaves. Caprica-Six walks in, despite Baltar's instructions to stay in the car. Baltar starts berating his father over the fact that he's driven away three nurses, at great cost to him, while his father starts talking about Baltar's past. Baltar starts yelling and hitting his father, demanding that he shut up. Baltar then sends Caprica-Six away, saying he will be spending the rest of the evening with his father.
  • At her apartment, Laura Roslin is informed by two Caprica City Police officers that the previous night, her father and sisters died in a car accident. The other driver survived, and was intoxicated at the time of the accident. Roslin, upset, calmly asks the officers to leave. She stands in her apartment, alone, thinking, and then walks to a park in her nightgown. She rests her feet in the fountain, and then wades in the water, and rests on a nearby rock, letting the splashing water wash over her. The drops of water falling into the pond match what was seen in the earlier montage.

Aboard Galactica

  • An IV drip, overlooking Laura Roslin resting in Sickbay.
  • In the Hangar Bay, Lee Adama complains about the amount of materials the ship captains want from Galactica. Lee signs a number of documents (and also sends some back for revision), when a deckhand argues over the fact that the magnetic accelerators are being stripped. While Lee points out that they can be used as autoloaders for the civilian ships, the deckhand says that "it's like tearing the old girl's heart out," as it's used in launching Vipers. Lee compromises that the accelerators will be last thing they remove from Galactica, then they'll "turn out the lights, and let the old girl die in peace."

Act 2

Aboard Galactica

  • As Admiral Adama finishes packing the last of his belongings to be moved to the Cylon basestar, the hull rattles overhead.
  • Paulla tells Baltar that they now control a majority in at least half the ships in the fleet. While Paulla continues to cheer about their political power, Baltar is informed by Virtual Six that "humanity's final chapter is about to be written," with him as the author. Baltar turns back to Paulla, thinking back.
  • Extended Version Only: On pre-Fall Caprica, Baltar and a young teenage boy, Calvin, are talking on Baltar's balcony that overlooks the bay. Baltar tells Calvin about the futility of satiating appetites, such as wealth and women, that are not meant to be sated. This prompts Calvin to ask Baltar about the one thing he could change in his life to avoid this futility.
  • In Anders' room, Kara sits with him, contemplating the notes she got from Hera (TRS: "Someone to Watch Over Me"). With equations and notes, Kara continues to ponder.
  • In the CIC, Lt. Hoshi cleans up a spill, while Tigh announces that the Admiral will fly out the last Viper personally. He orders that the deck gang keep one launch tube intact and ready for remote activation. Tigh comments on Hoshi's inability to clean up the spill, saying "you won't make Admiral like that."
  • In the brig, Helo and an imprisoned Tyrol argue over the uniqueness of the Eights. Helo points out that Tyrol's relationship with Boomer, much like his with Athena's, are unique. Tyrol scoffs, calling himself a "frakkin' idiot" for not realizing that they're just machines, not people. The Eights are all the same "...because we made them the same." Tyrol says that they can't be trusted, at which point, Helo ends the conversation abruptly.

In Caprica City

  • Aired Version: As Baltar escorts Shona into his house, he walks in to find Caprica-Six there, seemingly sitting alone. Baltar shoos the young woman upstairs, while Baltar declares Caprica an intruder and orders her out. Caprica-Six mentions that she had Julius moved to The Regency, a full-time care facility. Caprica mentions that he loves his new arrangements, and that the last time she saw him, he seemed happy.
  • Extended Version
    • Baltar escorts Shona into his house, where she tantalizes him with a lit match from a matchbook that she extinguishes with her mouth, and hints at other deviant pleasures within her black leather "bag of tricks." They proceed further into the house, finding Caprica-Six and Calvin sitting in the living room, both drinking ambrosia. Baltar tells Shona to make herself comfortable upstairs where, as she ascends the stairs, singing a sensual lullaby. Baltar then kicks out Calvin, who had let Caprica in, admonishing him with a threat that he'll tell Calvin's mother about the incident and the breach of respect.
    • After Calvin is seen out, Caprica notes that she finds the fact that Baltar befriended the "neighbor's geek son" charming, and shares her observation that Calvin worships Baltar. Dismissing this, Baltar launches into his tirade about her being an intruder and proceeds to call law enforcement. He is stopped by her declaration that she has relocated Julius to The Regency, a high-end retirement facility where he is able to rekindle his love of farming. Before she leaves, she mentions that Julius seemed happy the last time she saw him.

Inside the Colony

  • Hera draws notes on a large paper, while Cavil points out that they're just "little dots." Simon suggests that they feed Hera through tubes, while Boomer insists that the girl just misses her mother. Cavil rejects this idea coldly, saying Hera is just a hybrid who holds the key to Cylon salvation, nothing more. Cavil leaves as Simon prepares a large needle with Hera and Boomer in view.

Act 3

Aboard Galactica

  • Admiral Adama helps Hotdog (with child in tow) with some pictures that fell while they crossed paths. Hotdog says that he grabbed photos of pilots from the Memorial hallway to ensure they weren't "left behind," but mentions there are a lot of photos still on the walls. Adama glances at the photos, stopping at one of Athena kissing Hera on the head. Adama then walks quickly out of the area, pauses, then walks back and takes the photo off the wall.
  • On the Hangar Deck, Baltar pleads Lee Adama to listen to a proposal asking for representation within the new government. Despite Baltar's claims that it will be for thousands of people, Lee is dubious of Baltar's motives as he outed Kara's secret. Baltar contends that Lee is letting his feelings for Kara cloud the possibility of genuine conversation. Lee allows him five minutes to state his case and walks away, with Baltar quickly following.
  • Admiral Adama looks over Kara's notes regarding the musical notes inside Anders' room. Kara admits she's reaching, looking for patterns and inspirations by assigning numbers to the notes, but is still unsure. Adama asks Kara about Baltar's declaration, which she confirms, and explains how she discovered and burned her remains on Earth. Kara is unsure of what she is, but Adama is sure that he thinks of her as a "daughter," and tells her not to forget it. Adama wants to ask Anders a question, to which Kara plugs him in. Anders shows signs of movement from his hands as power can be heard. Once powered up, Anders begins to speak in riddles, particularly about Kara. Kara dismisses the statements, and gives Adama the OK to ask his question. Adama decides to have Kara ask the question instead, although the actual question is not heard as the act ends.

In Caprica City

  • In a tub, Anders responds to a reporter's questions about his possibilities for a championship despite his team being in a rebuilding year. The reporter asks if his career would be incomplete without the championship, to which Anders starts by giving some general, seemingly canned responses. Then, in a candid moment, Anders tells the reporter that the championship, statistics, even the games don't really matter to him, but rather the pursuit of the "perfection" of the moment.

Act 4

Aboard Galactica

  • Inside a Hangar storage area, Baltar tries some pleasantries, but Lee cuts him off and asks for the point. Baltar begins by saying that once Galactica is gone, that a new life will have begun, to which Baltar believes a different philosophy is needed in the days ahead. Baltar pledges his support to help this new era, but only asks for his people to have a say in government. Lee scoffs at the idea, saying that all he's known of Baltar's actions, is that they have served him in some way, and are all suspect as a result. Lee declines Baltar's request for representation for his group, on the grounds that he can't be trusted. Baltar relents, then leaves.
  • As Lee walks out of the storage room and Baltar converses with his followers, Admiral Adama enters, followed by Kara. The Admiral and Kara stretch a line of tape on the floor of the deck. Adama begins to speak to the crew in the Hangar Deck regarding the disappearance of Hera, and that originally a rescue was not practical, but was wrong.
  • Across the ship, the crew begins to talk about the rescue plan...
    • Hotdog talks with the pilots about where the Admiral got the information. The Admiral didn't say where, but Hotdog speculates that Anders gave the information as Kara was by the Admiral's side.
    • Ishay and Cottle discuss the fact that until now, they weren't sure of where Hera was located, but that has apparently changed. Roslin overhears this with a concerned look.
    • Tory and Ellen walk through the halls, saying that even with the location, it's not the same as being able to get her. Tory expresses her dislike of the rescue idea, but Ellen argues that Hera's importance is outside their understanding, and that they are all going with them. Tory thinks that Ellen is deciding for the group, but Ellen points out that Tory never liked being alone.
    • Tory and Ellen pass Lee Adama, relaying instructions over the phone. Lee mentions that the mission is strictly voluntary, and that any man or woman over the age of 15 may join up, including the ones detained due to the mutiny.
    • In the CIC, Colonel Tigh declares that all personnel must make their own choice in person and that the Admiral is waiting on the Hangar Deck. Tigh also gives last minute instructions regarding the watch and watchkeepers, then orders the crew to move. Tigh asks Hoshi what he's going to do, which Hoshi isn't sure about. Tigh mentions that he has "four minutes" to figure it out.
    • In their quarters, Helo and Athena discuss the rescue. Helo is very enthusiastic about the attempt, while Athena is convinced Hera's most likely dead. Helo still believes that Hera is alive, they will get her back, and everything will be all right. While Athena is still not convinced, Helo says she's wrong and leaves.

In Caprica City

  • Lee Adama staggers into his apartment, laughing about a "dare" that took place at Zak and Kara's place. As Lee knocks over some glasses, he spots a pigeon inside his apartment. Lee angrily tries to shoo the pigeon out with a broom, but after breaking more things, gives up in frustration.

Act 5

In Caprica City

  • Laura Roslin is on the phone with someone while dining alone, dismissing the fact that she is a recluse in the 3 months since her father and sisters' death. She is also adamant against joining Mayor Adar's campaign, saying she doesn't like politics. She makes a deal with the person, however, that she will go on a date with a man, Sean Allison, if they drop the idea of Roslin joining Adar's campaign.

Aboard Galactica

  • In Sickbay, Laura Roslin puts on her wig, getting ready to leave.
  • Admiral Adama, standing on a ladder, gives a final impassioned speech to the assembled crew on the Hangar Deck, saying they should not be obligated to join the mission. Adama has made a personal choice to undertake the mission. Should not enough people join the mission to crew Galactica, a Raptor assault will be lead by him in its place. Adama makes it clear that this mission will mostly likely be one-way, so emotion or sentiment should not be considered. Pointing to the line on the deck, Admiral Adama asks for volunteers to move to the Starboard side and those choosing to remain with the fleet to move to Port.
  • The crew begins shifting between sides. During the exchange, Adama asks Dr. Cottle to remain with the fleet, but thanks him for the thought. When all the movement has settled, those among the volunteers include Lee Adama, Starbuck, Hotdog, the Final Five (save Anders), Caprica-Six, and a visibly weakened Laura Roslin, who shows up and tells Adama he is not going without her. Despite her state, Adama accepts her help. Baltar and his followers do not volunteer for the mission, though Baltar seems conflicted about it. Adama steps down from the ladder and surveys the hangar deck. There are more than enough volunteers to crew Galactica.

Outside the Colony

  • Raptor 279, piloted by Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson and Skulls, jump to the coordinates given by Anders. They complete the jump, only to be nearly hit by an asteroid. The two ex-mutineers joke about going on the mission as opposed to being locked up, when Skulls picks up readings of a naked singularity. As the Raptor slides towards the black hole, a DRADIS contact is picked up, to both their amazement.

Aboard Galactica

  • Adama and a few others look over pictures taken by the Raptor, explaining that Anders has given them an accurate location of the Colony, but that it sits in orbit of a "naked singularity" (black hole). The only gravitationally stable entry point sits less than one click from the facility, "point-blank range," and that the facility's defenses will naturally be trained on that point. Looking at the pictures, the Admiral declares that they should "get to work".
  • "To be continued..."


  • This episode is the first part of a three hour series finale[2].
  • The episode does not have an opening teaser beyond the "Previously..." segment and a brief depiction of Galactica deckhands and several Baseship Number Eight pilots guiding passengers to ships and other Galactica bound ships from the Baseship. Nor does the opening credits include clips from the episode, the first time this has happened since the start of Season 3. As Part II does not have a standard opening credits sequence, this episode marked the final broadcast of the show's theme music and on-screen tally of human survivors.
  • We finally learn Cottle's first name: Sherman. Admiral Adama uses the name when telling him he's too valuable for the fleet to lose.
  • Laura Roslin had two sisters (one pregnant), and that they and her father were killed in an automobile accident at some point before she was appointed as Secretary of Education under the Adar Administration.
  • Baltar's father appears for the first time. Baltar's accent is confirmed to be an affectation, as previously revealed in "Dirty Hands".
  • A couple of years before the Fall it seems that Lee Adama liked to get drunk and carouse. This is in stark contrast post-Fall to his sober and controlled demeanor who looked on with disdain over Kara's, Colonel Tigh's and even his own father's drinking problems.
  • Baltar specifically told Caprica-Six he forgot her name, albeit it was possible that he had yet to learn it, despite having a relationship with her.
  • Cultural oddity: keep an eye on the rear window of Baltar's limo for a recognizable Vancouver, B.C. street sign.
  • After several episodes leaving the facts open to speculation, it is confirmed that Galactica pilots that took part in the mutiny, such as Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson, were incarcerated and not executed. Ronald D. Moore had previously said that Racetrack, Skulls and other mutiny participants were confined on the prison ship Astral Queen in his podcast for "Deadlock". Also confirmed Galen Tyrol was imprisoned for his role in unwittingly helping Boomer to escape with Hera (a scene indicating this was filmed for "Islanded in a Stream of Stars" but cut from the televised version).
  • For the first time in many episodes, the six surviving members of the Significant Seven appear in the same episode (although Leoben appears only in the opening recap). This was the first time appearance of a Doral or a Simon since "The Hub".
  • In the flashback to Starbuck's apartment, the painting of the Eye of Jupiter can be seen behind her when she opens the door.
  • As Hybrid Anders recites his seemingly random phrases to a listening Admiral Adama and Captain Thrace he says "Slip the surly bonds of Earth and touch the face of perfection" This is a variation of a quote by John Gillespie Magee, Jr. in his 1941 poem High Flight: "Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth, And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings..." [1] The poem goes on and concludes with "Put out my hand and touched the face of God." This was quoted by Ronald Reagan much closer to Anders' rendition on January 28, 1986 when addressing the nation after the Challenger disaster "We will never forget them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God."
  • At the end of the episode, Lee Adama wears his old junior officer uniform (with light blue piping) sans his rank insignia or pilot wings.
  • The known volunteers for the mission include Laura Roslin, Lee Adama, Kara Thrace, Athena, Helo, Caprica-Six, the Final Five, Hoshi, Nurse Ishay, Hot Dog, Racetrack, and Skulls. Doc Cottle initially volunteers for the mission, but stays behind at Adama's request. Although Gaius Baltar does not volunteer, he seems to be highly conflicted with himself.


  • In the scene where Caprica-Six meets Julius Baltar, following Julius' altercation with Nurse Barbara, Gaius Baltar rebukes Julius noting that he needs the situation like a "fucking hole in the head." This is not the first instance of a "fuck" slipping by in lieu of a "frak."


  • Cavil plans to use Hera to find out how she was created in order to continue the Cylon species, presumably through normal reproduction.
    • It also proves Cavil intends to dissect Hera to discover the secret of procreation, confirming both Starbuck's and Athena's worst fears.
  • Roslin likely feels quite protective of Hera as despite being barely able to walk, she volunteers for the rescue mission (although her love for Adama likely also played a part in her decision).
  • Cottle may be either the best doctor in the fleet or one of the only ones as Adama says he's too valuable for the fleet to lose on the rescue mission.
  • Baltar seems conflicted when volunteers are called. This inner conflict stems from his earlier conversation with Lee Adama where he confessed that he had never done anything for purely selfless motivations with no gain for himself. He does not, however, cross the line and join the volunteers.
    • If Baltar does join, then it would seem likely that all the elements are in place to fulfill the Opera House vision: Athena, Roslin, Caprica-Six and Baltar will all be in pursuit of Hera.
    • Baltar's Virtual Six has told him many times that he is supposed to be Hera's guardian and "father". It seems incongruous with his destiny for him not to join a mission to rescue Hera.
  • It's clear that despite his controversial choices, Adama still commands a great deal of loyalty and respect from the crew. Much of the crew - or at least those that are on the hangar deck at the time - volunteers for the mission. At the very least, Adama has enough people with him to take Galactica into battle.
    • It should be noted that although the non-volunteers appear to outnumber the volunteers at least two-to-one, many of the non-volunteers are civilians.
    • It should also be noted that almost all the Marines volunteer for the mission.
    • Also, it is likely Adama will have more volunteers than are visible on screen in the hangar deck scene. Certainly not all the crew of Galactica were on the hangar deck at the time given the size of the combined crew at this point. Doubtless some had to stay on duty (Colonel Tigh confirms this when he says in CIC that those on duty must report to Adama later to declare themselves) or were on the Cylon basestar or civilian ships helping offload Galactica's stripped parts. It was also probably impractical for the producers to muster some 3000 plus extras for this scene to show Galactica's full crew.
    • Given that Adama had trouble manning Galactica during the occupation of New Caprica, when the ship was stated as being at half strength, it is fair to assume the Admiral is going to need roughly half the original crew compliment to carry out this last combat mission - roughly 1300 people. As stated above, this many volunteers are not seen on screen, but given some crew could volunteer later, Adama might well muster about this number in the end.
    • In the podcast, Ron Moore said that most of the crowd was created with CGI, not real extras. The view down the hanger deck was of course CGI, since the set isn't that big. The people on the deck actually are supposed to be the entire crew of Galactica, minus those on watch at essential posts (e.g. in CIC). The crowd didn't look big enough to this editor for that to be the case, though. The whole scene is inspired by the Alamo.
    • The podcast also explains the thinking behind less than half the people volunteering to go: Everyone thinks they would be the kind of person that would go, but in real life people have families and relationships. It drives home the point that most of them think the chance of coming back alive really is quite low.
  • In the brig Tyrol tells Helo (who is surprisingly civil, even sympathetic toward Tyrol given his hand in the abduction) that the Eights are all the same. He says this both as a word of advice and a warning. He says because they made them the same, Helo can only expect the same betrayal from Athena as displayed by Boomer. However, given the fact that Tyrol has no conscious memory of creating the Eights or the other seven Cylon models, and considering the psychological pain Galen suffered at the betrayal, his opinion most likely comes from emotion and not an intellectual analysis in his disregard of the individuality of Athena and the other Eights, particularly given Athena's track record of loyalty.
    • This also maybe a case of "misery loves company" and Tyrol, subconsciously or knowingly, wants to see Helo and Athena split up to allay his own feelings of being duped, by saying the Eights are all alike and putting doubt in Helo's mind.
    • Also, by claiming that Athena and the other Eights are just machines this could mitigate the guilt for his role in the abduction and possible death of Hera. If Athena is just a machine, then she cannot be hurt emotionally. She has no emotions, just a programmed facsimile. Tyrol wouldn't have to feel responsible for such pain he caused her since, as a machine, she can't really feel it, sparing himself a lot of pain and guilt.
    • Tyrol is himself a Cylon machine, so his rant speaks of denial and projected self-hatred as well as bitterness.
  • The finale appears to be taking a character-driven approach, devoting significant screen time to pivotal flashbacks for the central characters that relate to their current circumstances.
    • We see the first time Starbuck and Apollo' met, with hints alluding to their future romantic relationship.
    • Roslin deals with the sudden death of her sisters and father by wading into a fountain, which she uses to disguise the tears that she shed for the loss of her family. The gushing water cuts to a shot of her I.V. drip as she lies dying on Galactica.
    • Baltar and Caprica-Six begin their relationship with an act of compassion on Six's part towards Baltar's father. Baltar's selfishness, a theme raised repeatedly in the episode, is contrasted with Caprica-Six's seemingly genuine concern for Julius.
  • One of the shots in the opening sequence is of a sun rising over a blue planet: daybreak. The theme may symbolize an end to the fleet's long four years of gloom and darkness.
    • Despite the similarities, the sun and the stars are in the wrong position for this to be our Earth. More than likely, the planet being depicted is Caprica. Especially when the sequence is taken as a whole: The Galaxy, Sun rise over a planet, In orbit over the planet, then a helicopter like fly over of Caprica City heavily implies that was Caprica as the planet we saw.
    • There is additional evidence that the planet is Caprica. In "The Plan," the identical shot of a planet (with identical lens flare) is followed immediately by a shot identified as Caprica City.
  • Hera is drawing "dots," as Cavil calls them, on the Colony. These are much more numerous than the simple line that she gave Starbuck, its at least a full page long. It seems to be an entire musical score. However, not knowing that they are music notes, Cavil doesn't see this.
  • Someone left a picture of Athena about to kiss Hera on the head on the now abandoned memorial wall. It may have been Athena herself, who has given up on Hera's survival.
  • Baltar's reaction to Lee's accusation that he has never done a selfless thing in his life shows how much the character of Baltar has grown, especially in the Fourth Season. Previously, whenever someone called Baltar's motives or attributes (especially his loyalty) into question, he reacted very passionately, and angrily, to defend himself (and often led to him being coaxed into doing what Virtual Six wanted, to the detriment of the humans in the fleet). On this occasion, however, Baltar not only does not even attempt to defend himself, he resignedly admits that he wouldn't trust him either (tacitly admitting both that Lee is correct in his assertion and that his self-serving actions have been extremely detrimental in the past). This change in attitude visibly surprises Lee who seems quite taken aback and appears to momentarily contemplate talking to Baltar again when he returns to the Hangar Deck.
  • Adama's decision to rescue Hera was prompted by Costanza's remarks about saving the photos of his fallen comrades because he didn't want to leave them behind. It should not then be surprising to see that Costanza was one of the first pilots (not counting Lee Adama) to cross the line and join in the potential suicide mission with Adama.
  • Anders' flashback of his life before the War contains an interesting aspect of Anders not seen before. Though he was implanted with memories of being a "jock," when he candidly spoke to the sports reporter, he revealed a more intellectual and artistic side of himself. This may be a hint of his former personality (a scientist and musician) before Cavil blocked his memories.
  • In a humorous side commentary, Skulls points out that many of the dangerous or lethal Raptor missions are usually given to him and Racetrack. Historically, this has been true as the duo have been pivotal for discoveries such as New Caprica, receiving the first message from the Resistance, discovering that the Cylons were tracking the fleet to the Nebula and propulsion problems (exploding engine) due to contaminated jet fuel.
  • Skulls' comment of, "The more things change the more they stay the same." is a different twist of quoting the Pythian Prophecy that "All this has happened before, and all this will happen again." The phrase is a common proverb in English, indicating that surface changes only serve to reveal enduring underlying constants. It is derived from a French epigram by novelist Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr (1808-1890), "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." The phrase was used as the last line in another Ron Moore production; "What You Leave Behind," the final episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.



  • To what is Adama's flashback conversation referring? (Answer)
  • Who was the drunk driver that killed Roslin's sisters and father? Is he alive in the fleet today?
  • Who is Sean Allison and why does his name sound familiar to Roslin? (Answer)
  • What is the time frame for the flashbacks, and is it the same for all characters?

Mission to save Hera

  • How many of the jailed mutineers volunteer to participate in the mission?
  • As the episode began, Galactica was already being cannibalized for parts; does this mean it will be lacking vital components during the upcoming mission, or has Adama stopped the salvaging?
  • Will Boomer help Hera escape? (Answer)

Cavil's Plan

  • Has Cavil given up on the idea of salvaging Resurrection Technology? (Answer)


  • With Commander Adama, XO Tigh, President Roslin and Vice-President Lee Adama all joining the Hera rescue mission, who will assume military and political leadership of the Fleet? (Answer)
  • With Hotdog being one of the volunteers, and especially being aware that he may not return alive, who will take care of Nicholas?
  • With Tyrol on the rebound from Sharon Valerii, will Tory Foster and Tyrol renew their romance despite not having their original memories? (Answer)
  • At the very beginning of the episode, an image of the galaxy is displayed which includes several prominent stars in bright colors... is there a connection to Hera's multicolored "dots"? Do her notes represent stars, and will the sequence provide a map that leads to somewhere?
  • Will the Cylon baseship remain with the civilian fleet or will they also join in on the rescue mission to save Hera? (Answer)

Official Statements

  • In his podcast for Islanded in a Stream of Stars, Ronald D. Moore stated that there will be no independent podcast for Daybreak Part I. Instead a single podcast would be made for all three hours including the two hour series finale Daybreak, Part II and posted at the site. [2] (00':30")
  • RDM reflects on the finale 10 years later, particularly in the wake of the online kerfuffle over the Game of Thrones finale:
    Yeah, I don’t know what it is about genre. You could say that [science fiction and fantasy] genre fandom is the biggest fandom, and maybe that’s the root of a lot of it. I’m not sure what the fandom is for Law and Order or NCIS. I’m sure there is one, but for genre it’s definitely something people care about so passionately, and it’s very personal. You go to conventions, or you go to fan gatherings, and people really love these characters from all these shows. And they take it very personally, they see themselves in it. They have their fantasies, their wish-fulfillments wrapped up in it, and when it goes sideways for them, and it goes to places that upset them, they take it very, very personally, and they get very passionate about it.
    In fandom, there are some people who express their love through hate. When I was at Star Trek, I remember being online, in the early days, like AOL, and there was a fan who was writing a review of one of the episodes I had written. It started off by saying, “I’ve watched this episode three times, and it gets worse every time I watch it.” I’m like, OK! You are a fan, and you love this, but you express it through this angsty rage. And that too is part of being a fan—“I hate Star Wars and I’ve seen them all 12 times!” That’s just part of your particular psychology, and probably you’re expressing your devotion to this piece.[3]

Noteworthy Dialogue

No one should feel obligated to join this mission in any way. This is a decision I have made for myself. If it turns out that there are not enough personnel to crew Galactica, I will lead a Raptor assault with anyone who is willing to join me. Let there be no illusions; this is likely to be a one-way trip! So don't volunteer out of sentiment or emotion. There is a line running down this deck. Volunteers, move to the starboard side. Everyone else, to the port. Make your choice!
  • Laura Roslin shows up to volunteer for the rescue mission, despite barely being able to walk:
Laura Roslin: You didn't think you were going to take off without me, Admiral, did you?
William Adama: (moving to help her) Never crossed my mind, Madame President.
Spins and turns, angles and curves. The shape of dreams, half remembered. Slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of perfection - a perfect face, perfect lace. Find the perfect world for the end of Kara Thrace. End of line.
She’s right, Gaius. The end times are approaching. Humanity’s final chapters are about to be written. And you - you will be its author.
Margaret Edmondson: Jump complete... Frak! Plot us the way the hell back outta here!
Hamish McCall: All right, you've got it.
Edmondson: Figures that brain damaged Cylon would send us hunting in the middle of an asteroid field.
McCall: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Well, you've got a recon mission where someone needs to hang their ass over the edge and wait for a bite—send Racetrack and Skulls!
Edmondson: Yeah, well it beats sittin' in a cell!

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