Rekha Sharma

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Rekha Sharma
Rekha Sharma
Portrays: Tory Foster
Date of Birth:
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Nationality: CAN CAN
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Rekha Sharma is a Canadian film, stage and TV actor who plays presidential aide Tory Foster in the Re-imagined Series.

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sharma's ancestors relocated from the state of Uttar Pradesh in India after the British occupation of the country, and settled in the Fiji Islands. Her parents moved to Canada, where she was born and raised with her older brother.[1]

Sharma wanted to become an actor since she was in fifth grade, after auditioning for a play, where she landed a lead role. It was in her twenties, however, after having "dabbled in a variety of things," when Sharma pursued acting, booking a theater gig.[1]

Her roots firmly planted in stage productions such as Prisoners, Sharma has an active TV career in shows such as Smallville, Dark Angel, Da Vinci's City Hall, The L Word, and John Doe.

Sharma had a role in the feature film, The Core, with Hilary Swank.

Before landing the role of Tory Foster, who made her first apparance in "The Captain's Hand," Sharma had auditioned for the series multiple times for smaller roles. Sharma considers herself a fan of the series.[1]

Outside of acting, she is a painter and practices the sarangi, a musical string instrument.[1]


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