R and D TV (Season 4)

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He That Believeth In Me[edit]

This skit starts out with David stating that he is "blabbing about absolutely nothing", then the scene switches to a train station with Ron being a conductor for a departing train. Ron yells "All aboard!" right as the train his David, and then Ron lets off an evil laugh, closing the scene.

Six of One[edit]

David suggests "ultra violence". Ron then switches to a wearing white shirt and pants with a black bowler hat. He uses a caine to hit David in the groin, and David retaliates by taking out something made of glass and hits Ron in the face, causing him to bleed heavily.

The Ties That Bind[edit]

David has an idea of featuring "cuddly furry animals, we could boost the ratings and have a family series spin off". While he says this, an appauled Ron brandishes a shovel and hitting him in the head numerous times yelling "stop it!"

Escape Velocity[edit]

The Road Less Traveled[edit]


As David suggests "Scientist," Ron transforms into a labcoat but now with the head of a housefly (in homage to the movie The Fly). David quickly swats Fly-Ron in the head with a large fly swatter, who collapses to the ground as she screams "Help meeeeee...!!!"

Guess What's Coming to Dinner?[edit]

Sine Qua Non[edit]

Ron hands David a child. However, when David holds the child, the baby turns into a demon child and viciously attacks him.

The Hub[edit]


Sometimes a Great Notion[edit]

A Disquiet Follows My Soul[edit]

The Oath[edit]

Ron has an idea of a talent show and starts juggling. Ron closes his eyes while doing so and tells David about it, but David shoots him.

Blood on the Scales[edit]

No Exit[edit]


Ron and David are interrupted by Edward James Olmos, who wants to know "Where's my check?" He's dressed in Adama's boxing gear. As Ron bails, Eddie punches David in the stomach, causing a check to fly out and into his hands. "Gracias!"

Someone to Watch Over Me[edit]

Islanded in a Stream of Stars[edit]

David complains about the latest script; "This is the pits! Why can't we hire --" He's cut off when Ron presses a button on the desk, causing David to fall through a trap door and into an (unseen) pit of death.

Daybreak, Part I[edit]

David blurts out "Super heroes kill the Cylons!" Ron says "Give me a break..." David snaps Ron's arm in two.

Daybreak, Part II[edit]

Ron and David, dressed as like Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider, sit along a dirt road. Ron says "Hey man", and David says "Peace". They are promptly mowed down by a pickup truck (complete with Confederate flag tailgate and a bumper sticker proclaiming "Hicks Rule!"). The evil delivery man from the "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II" skit riding in the truck bed exclaims "frakking hippies!" as it skids to a halt.


David is punched by Ron and he loses weight.