Blood on the Scales

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Blood on the Scales
"Blood on the Scales"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 4, Episode 14
Writer(s) Michael Angeli
Story by
Director Wayne Rose
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 416
Nielsen Rating 1,767,000[1]
US airdate USA February 6, 2009 [2]
CAN airdate CAN February 6, 2009
UK airdate UK February 10 2009
DVD release USA 28 July 2009
Population 39,603 survivors (Population decline. 40)
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Felix Gaeta's mutiny continues while Laura Roslin finds refuge on the rebel Cylon basestar.



  • Rebel marines led by Aaron Kelly storm the airlock and capture Admiral Adama and Saul Tigh both of whom were stunned by a flash grenade.
  • Tigh recognizes Kelly and calls him "the brig rat." Kelly is visibly uneasy about all this.
  • Meanwhile, the Raptor with President Laura Roslin and Gaius Baltar on board heads for the rebel basestar.
  • A pair of Vipers, piloted by Narcho and Hotdog, pursue the Raptor. Hotdog, who is unaware of the mutiny on Galactica, gets the Raptor in his sights, but doesn't fire. Instead he orders the Raptor to identify itself.
  • Narcho tells Hotdog to destroy the Raptor, but Hotdog continues to ask for the target's identification.
  • Roslin transmits a message from the Raptor saying that she is aboard the Raptor. Gage blocks the transmission, but not before Hotdog receives it.
  • Felix Gaeta, now in command of the CIC, contacts Hotdog and orders him to destroy the Raptor. When Hotdog continues to hold his fire, Narcho goes in and launches a pair of missiles at the Raptor.
  • The Eight piloting the Raptor successfully avoids the missiles, which hit the basestar instead. The Raptor successfully docks at the basestar.
  • Gaeta orders Colonel Tigh to be placed in the brig with the other Cylons, but orders Admiral Adama to be brought to the CIC.
  • On board the basestar, the Cylons demand to know why they're being fired upon. Roslin explains the situation. Fearing that the government has been overthrown, the Cylons want to jump away from the Fleet.
  • Roslin insists that they give Adama a chance to retake Galactica. Baltar points out that it's unlikely that Adama will win and that Gaeta and Zarek have the majority of support on Galactica. Roslin counters that they've already seen evidence that not all of Galactica's crew support the mutiny.
  • Roslin tells the Cylons to move their ship into the middle of the Fleet, so that Galactica won't be able to fire upon them.
  • Back on Galactica, Adama is brought to the CIC. Gaeta asks him to call Roslin and convince her to surrender.
  • Adama refuses and instead pulls off his admiral pins. He throws them to Gaeta and sarcastically tells Gaeta that he's the admiral now and to make the call himself.
  • Gaeta orders gun batteries to target the basestar, but before they can do so, the basestar moves into the middle of the Fleet. Gaeta calls off the attack and orders the basestar to be quarantined. He also gives orders to prepare for Tom Zarek's arrival.
  • Adama asks Gaeta if he's planning on shooting him. Gaeta gives no response.

Act 1

  • Colonial One lands on Galactica's flight deck, with Zarek and the Quorum on board.
  • Kelly, Narcho, Racetrack, Seelix, and other rebels escort Zarek from the flight deck, while Lee and Starbuck watch, hidden behind some machinery. Once they are out of sight, Lee and Starbuck move on.
  • In a Raptor aboard the rebel baseship, Roslin attempts to transmit a signal to anyone who will listen, without success.
  • In the holding cell, Hera looks with concern at Helo's head wound. Athena attempts to assure her that he will get better.
  • Caprica-Six nurses Tigh's ear, bleeding from the stun grenade.
  • Anders wonders aloud what Gaeta will do. Tigh quips, "In your case, cut off one of your frakking legs."
  • In Adama's quarters, Gaeta tells Zarek that he has "a net" over the baseship, and thus Zarek did not need to bring the entire Quorum with him to Galactica. Zarek replies that as long as Gaeta insists on having a trial for Adama, he wants the Quorum where he can keep an eye on them. Zarek says they need to move on, but Gaeta replies that before that can happen, people must answer for what they've done, beginning with Adama.
  • Tyrol continues to sneak through the corridors of Galactica unnoticed. On Deck D Corridor 2, he hears the sound of a door opening and runs for cover.
  • Hidden from view, Tyrol observes Kelly and two rebel marines escorting Romo Lampkin at gunpoint. Romo wonders if anyone will feed his dog.
  • In Adama's quarters, Zarek reads the charges against Adama: treason, desertion, giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and gross dereliction of duty. Zarek reminds him that the punishment for these crimes is death by firing squad. All the while, Adama glares at Gaeta.
  • Zarek tells Romo that the Admiral is entitled to a court martial, but they need a lawyer to handle his defense. Adama mutters, "They need a pimp."
  • Romo wonders why they are doing all of this. Gaeta replies, "For justice." Romo, considering the tone of the room, conjectures that if he should choose to pass on this "field trip for justice," that the two marines guarding him will instead use him for target practice. Zarek impatiently tells him to just do his job.
  • Zarek goes on to say that "Commander" Gaeta will represent the people, and that Zarek himself will be serving as judge. Romo wonders if they've run out of ship's captains. Gaeta replies that the captains are busy defending their ships against the basestar Adama welcomed into the Fleet. "Shove it up your ass," Adama tells Gaeta pointedly.
  • Gaeta continues to argue with a mockingly defiant Adama. Adama points out that the rebel Cylons gave "aid and comfort" to the fleet, not vice versa. As the argument begins to escalate, Romo asks for a few minutes with Adama.
  • On the basestar, Roslin continues to unsuccessfully try to use the Raptor's communication system to contact anyone, with the Cylons looking on. A Six remarks that they no longer have the protection of the Fleet, and the Viper patrols are becoming increasingly bold, firing into space, inviting the Cylons to react. Tory Foster tells the other Cylons that they should all talk.
  • On Galactica, Tyrol uses a crowbar to pry the cover off of a service tunnel, and crawls inside.
  • On Colonial One, Zarek addresses the Quorum. As Zarek speaks in support of Gaeta's leadership of the military, the Quorum delegates are visibly concerned. Zarek tells the Quorum that he has brought them to Galactica to show Gaeta that the Quorum delegates are people who, "at the end of the day, still stand by your president." At this, the Quorum bursts into an excited discussion, which ends with Jacob Cantrell telling Zarek, "I think you should leave now, Mr. Vice President." The other delegates are in agreement.
  • Zarek walks out of the conference room in defeat. In the adjacent corridor, he tells two marines, "Shoot them." Zarek then tells Kelly to get Gaeta. Kelly walks away to the sounds of screams and gunfire. He is visibly disturbed by the sounds.

Act 2

  • On Colonial One, Gaeta looks in horror on the slain Quorum delegates, and angrily rebukes Zarek. Zarek reminds him that Gaeta began the coup, and that this is just another consequence of that. Gaeta is in disbelief, remarking that until now they had the truth on their side. Zarek tells him that the truth is told by whoever is left standing, and reminds him that Adama must be eliminated.
  • On Galactica, Tyrol continues to crawl through a cramped and dirty service tunnel.
  • On the rebel baseship, Tory informs Roslin that the Cylons have decided to jump away to ensure their own survival. The Six tells Roslin that Gaeta will likely execute Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, and any of the others who oppose him, such as Kara, Helo, and Adama.
  • Roslin urges the Cylons to stay, reminding them that they have all made a habit out of beating the odds, particularly William Adama, and that when he returns to command, he will know who stuck with him and who ran.
  • Tyrol crawls out of the duct into an empty munitions locker, where he is met at gunpoint by Kelly. Tyrol notes that the rebels sprang him from the brig.
  • Kelly tells him to get out of the duct, but Tyrol says that he is too tired and that Kelly should just shoot him. Kelly replies that he's a machine, to which Tyrol replies that Kelly is a "dumbass." Kelly and Tyrol both begin laughing at this, and Kelly lowers his rifle.
  • They both hear the sounds of gunfire in the distance. Kelly remarks, "This was a hell of a ship once." Tyrol agrees. Kelly tells Tyrol he heard his child wasn't a Cylon, and that he could have told Tyrol that Cally was "trouble." Tyrol laughs, saying it would not have mattered.
  • After collecting himself, Kelly again points his rifle at Tyrol, but when Tyrol braces himself for the shot, Kelly instead tells him to leave, yelling "Go on skinjob, go!" After Tyrol crawls back into the duct, Kelly berates himself.
  • In Adama's quarters, Romo hands Adama a pen to sign a statement. Adama refuses, but Romo urges him to put his innocence on record, and to give his people time to retake the ship.
  • One of the rebels who was guarding the holding cell goes to the latrine, where Starbuck smashes his head into the wall.
Lida approaching Baltar.
  • On the rebel baseship, a Six named Lida asks Baltar if he is injured. He replies that they typically use the word "damaged" instead of "injured."
  • In the corridor outside the holding cell, Lee and Starbuck argue over the best way to overpower the guards. Lee throws a grenade into their midst, and in the ensuing panic Lee and Starbuck gun them all down. Immediately after the last guard goes down, Starbuck ducks for cover, but an amused Lee nonchalantly walks to the thrown grenade and picks it back up. He tells Starbuck that he never pulled the pin, to which she states, "Not funny."
  • With the guards dispatched, Lee and Starbuck free the prisoners, but Lee is upset to learn that his father is not among them.
  • On their way out of the cell, Starbuck and Anders search the guards for weapons, but Lee tells them that they are quickly running out of time.
  • A rebel turns the corner and fires at Starbuck and Anders. Starbuck shoots the rebel in the chest, but not before Anders is struck by a bullet in the neck, causing him to stumble.

Act 3

  • While Lee covers them, Starbuck looks after a wounded Anders. Sounds of yelling and gunfire indicate that there is fighting nearby. Lee insists that they need to leave.
  • Tigh tells Caprica-Six to take Hera to Baltar's followers for safety, as "no one wants to go near those nutjobs." She insists she can take care of herself.
  • Lee yells for Tigh to help him get Anders off the ground, but Starbuck tells Lee to go after his father instead. Athena and the others go with Lee and Tigh, while Starbuck stays with an incoherent Anders to try to get him to Doc Cottle for medical treatment.
  • In Adama's quarters, the "court martial" proceeds apace, with Gaeta arguing that Adama deserted them on New Caprica. Romo objects, saying Gaeta is badgering the witness. Not surprisingly, his objection goes unheard by Zarek.
  • As Adama continues to mock Gaeta, Zarek receives a call telling him that Tigh and the other "skinjobs" escaped. Zarek tells Adama and the others that Tigh was killed trying to escape. At the news of his longtime friend's death, Adama shows the first signs of emotion, and tells Gaeta that he is not answering any more of his questions.
  • Zarek declares the prisoner guilty as charged, upsetting Romo, who says, "This isn't a trial, this is an asylum." Zarek angrily grabs Romo and pushes him against the bulkhead.
  • Roslin's voice is heard over the wireless, prompting a smile from Adama and looks of concern from everyone else. Roslin announces that Gaeta took command of Galactica by force, and that the Cylons were merely defending themselves when they moved the baseship into the Fleet. She then commands the Fleet ships to power down their FTL drives.
  • On the rebel baseship, Roslin exclaims that their signal could not be jammed. Behind her, a Leoben is leaning on a device with flashing red lights, to which the Raptor's comm system is presumably connected. "I thought this would do the trick," he says with a grin.
  • Back on Galactica, Starbuck slowly drags an unconscious Anders a short distance before falling on the floor, exhausted. Parr, the rebel marine escorting a bound Romo, happens upon them, commanding Starbuck to show him her hands. Romo readies his pen. Starbuck draws her sidearm and pulls the trigger, but the weapon is empty. Seizing his opportunity, Romo stabs his captor in the neck repeatedly with his pen. After removing his restraints, he retrieves his sunglasses and a sidearm from the fallen guard.
  • Starbuck implores Romo to help her get Anders to Dr. Cottle, but Romo refuses, citing the fact that on the way there, he and his "friend" had already been shot at twice, once by his own men. Further considering the situation, an obviously conflicted Romo chooses to turn around and help.
  • In CIC, Gage informs Gaeta that ten of the thirty-five ships remaining in the Fleet shut down their FTL drives after Roslin's announcement. Narcho is upset, but Gaeta tells him that Roslin did them a favor in exposing those ships who would cause them trouble. Gaeta tells Gage to give jump coordinates only to those ships that kept their FTL drives online, and to order them to jump immediately.
  • Gaeta then tells Narcho to assemble an execution detail comprised of men he can trust, to secure the main hangar bay launch tube, and to take Adama down there and await further orders. Narcho shows some reluctance, but he insists that Gaeta can count on him "all down the line."
  • Gaeta asks Zarek, who is waiting nearby, if he is spying on him. Zarek insists that they simply need to get through the current predicament, and move on.
  • In a corridor somewhere on Galactica, Narcho leads a team of six rebel marines who are escorting Adama to the launch tube, with Kelly walking behind the group. After some consideration, Kelly breaks off from the group and goes to the memorial hallway, where he drops his rifle and breaks down in tears.
  • In a nearby corridor, Tigh and Athena keep watch while Lee opens a service panel and disconnects a power line, causing the main lights to go out. Sounds of gunfire indicate there is still heavy fighting nearby.
  • Tyrol continues to crawl through service tubes, this time crawling behind a latrine. He coughs and gags at the smell.
  • In the memorial hallway, Lee confronts Kelly, who is nearly catatonic with grief. He finally admits to Lee that the others are planning on executing Adama in the main launch tube. Lee moves to punch Kelly, but Tigh pulls him away. As they run to the hangar deck, Kelly picks up his rifle and runs after them, yelling, "I'm coming with you!"
  • On the rebel baseship, Baltar dreams of Adama's death by firing squad, which wakes him violently. In bed with him, Lida attempts to comfort him, but Baltar rebuffs her, saying that he has run for his life yet again. She tells him that fear makes people act differently, but he says that he did not run out of fear this time.
  • For the first time, Baltar admits that he is merely playing the role of religious leader to humor his followers, and that he privately scorns their "provincial intellects" and their unfailing willingness to make him feel better; however, he also admits that he feels responsible for them, and that he must go back.
  • On the hangar deck, Adama is tied to a chair in the main launch tube by a marine while Narcho stands nearby, distressed. As Narcho walks towards the eight marines with rifles at the ready, Adama spits.
  • From the rebel baseship, Roslin gives the rebels five minutes to return command to Admiral Adama.
  • In CIC, an increasingly concerned Zarek listens to Roslin's ultimatum, and looks around for Gaeta, who is absent.
  • In Adama's quarters, Gaeta walks to Adama's desk, where he drops the admiral pins on Galactica's watch log. He then calls Narcho, telling him to carry out the execution.
  • On the hangar deck, Narcho replies, "Yes, sir," and hangs up with Tigh pointing a sidearm at his head. Meanwhile, Lee unties his father from the chair in the launch tube, and Kelly and Athena have their rifles pointed at eight marines, all disarmed and kneeling with hands behind their heads.
  • Adama is overjoyed to see Tigh, whom he was told was dead. Tigh replies that for a while, he was.
  • Adama addresses the kneeling, disarmed marines, saying, "I'm gonna take back my ship." Adama then addresses Narcho, who tells him that while he has always respected him, he hates the Cylons, and he cannot take orders from a leader who won't fight them. At this, Tigh raises his weapon to Narcho's head, but Adama orders him to stand down, and orders Narcho to be tied up instead.
  • Sitting at Adama's desk, Gaeta removes his prosthesis and scratches the stump underneath.
  • Deep in the bowels of Galactica, Tyrol finally has enough room to crouch rather than crawl, allowing him to move faster.
  • In CIC, Zarek orders Vireem to pass him through to Roslin. As Gaeta walks into CIC, Zarek addresses Roslin on the rebel baseship, introducing himself as the President of the Twelve Colonies. He announces that Tigh was killed in an escape attempt, and that Adama was tried, found guilty of his crimes, and was executed by firing squad earlier that morning. Zarek insists that Roslin think of the welfare of the people of the Fleet, and surrender.
  • Roslin vehemently refuses, vowing to use every weapon at her disposal to come after Zarek and the other mutineers. The weapon emplacements on the baseship open, targeting Galactica.

Act 4

  • In CIC, after Zarek's statements to Roslin, Gaeta remarks that now they have a military leader and a president in one. Zarek questions how Gaeta would have handled the situation, had he been there.
  • Gage indicates that the baseship is arming itself, and that they are jump ready. Gaeta orders the board be set to green, and a crew member inserts the FTL key at gunpoint, explaining that he feels enough killing has occurred.
  • Tyrol rushes down a set of stairs in Galactica's FTL engine room.
  • Adama marches towards CIC, leading an increasingly large group of marines, officers, and enlisted crew.
  • In the FTL engine room, Tyrol breaks open the door to the auxiliary control station, and attempts to shut down the FTL drive with his command code.
  • As Adama and his group of loyalists continue their march to CIC, Roslin's voice is heard over the wireless, commanding Galactica to surrender.
  • In the FTL engine room, Tyrol's command code is denied (as he is not currently in active duty). Instead he looks to some nearby machinery and, with some effort, removes a vital component and shuts down the FTL drive.
  • In CIC, Gage announces the FTL drive's shutdown. Zarek begins ordering crew members to look into it, but no one moves. He tells Gaeta to launch Vipers to defend themselves, but Gaeta ignores him, and instead recalls his own words: "One day soon there's gonna be a reckoning."
  • Gage announces that gun batteries have fixed target bearings and are ready to fire. With Zarek at a near-panic, Gaeta realizes they are defeated, and orders a weapons hold.
  • Adama arms himself with the sidearm from a nearby marine, and the group storms CIC. No resistance is offered by the mutineers who, outmatched, surrender without a fight.
  • Adama gets on the wireless, identifies himself, confirms that he has retaken command, and tells Roslin to stand down. Roslin, Baltar, and even the Cylons are relieved to hear his voice with Roslin and at least one Eight in tears.
  • Zarek, Gaeta, and the other mutineers are taken away at gunpoint. While Gaeta and Adama exchange a stare, Adama has nothing to say to his fomrer loyal officer and merely gestures for Kelly and Athena to take him away.
  • In the FTL engine room, an exhausted Tyrol drops the component as the massive FTL drive slowly come to a halt. As he turns to the bulkhead, he notices some significant structural damage which concerns him greatly.
  • On Galactica, Roslin climbs down a ladder and, seeing Adama alive for the first time since she boarded the Raptor, cries tears of joy. The two leaders walk together, his arm around her.
  • In Gaeta's quarters, Gaeta and Baltar are smoking cigarettes - something Gaeta has not been seen doing for quite some time and drink coffee which Gaeta calls the "spoils of war." Gaeta is telling Baltar of the many careers he once dreamed of pursuing: architecture, medicine, engineering, photography, and finally, science.
  • Baltar, on the verge of tears, begins to say something, but Gaeta stops him. He assures Baltar that he is fine with the way things turned out, and that his only wish is that eventually, people realize who he is. Baltar tells Gaeta that he knows who he is.
  • Gaeta and Zarek are seated in the main launch tube of the hangar deck, with Adama, Lee, Tigh, and Baltar standing behind the firing squad.
  • Just before Adama orders the execution detail to fire, Gaeta looks down at his severed leg in astonishment and remarks, "It stopped" refering to the intense pain he has had since he lost his leg.
  • The squad fires, killing Gaeta and Zarek.


  • The punchline of the joke that Tom Zarek tells Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson as he is escorted from the flight deck suggests that pedophilia by priests may have been an issue among the clergy of the Twelve Colonies, similar to anecdotes and allegations involving the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The Quorum of Twelve were murdered on Zarek's order for supporting President Roslin. Lee Adama survived as he wasn't present during the Quorum session. Two other regular Quorum members (Gemenon Delegate and one other delegate) were replaced by temporary stand-ins (who were killed), and their fate is unknown.
  • Romo Lampkin while being forced to serve as Adama's lawyer during his trial he referred to two looming Marine guards as "Wynken and Blynken". This was in reference to the poem of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod, a late 19th century Dutch child's lullaby by Eugene Field about three fishermen fishing in the starry night in the sky with the help of the moon and uses a magic wooden shoe as their boat.[3]
  • This episode marks the death of Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek, who are executed by firing squad for their mutiny against Adama and the government.
  • The character Captain Kelly was last seen during season 3 when he was arrested for his bombing and assassinations of Baltar's lawyers. His character has appeared intermittently since the show began and it is fitting that he would be a double-turn coat as he was part of the original senior staff and his love for Admiral Adama is proven to be stronger than his hatred for the Cylons.
  • The events depicted in "The Oath" and "Blood on the Scales" cover approximately nine hours: Tigh enters Adama's quarters at 0620 at the beginning of "The Oath," culminates with Gaeta seizing the CIC at 0922, and concludes with Adama and his loyalists retaking the CIC at 1532 in "Blood on the Scales". The executions of Gaeta and Zarek, however, take place at an unspecified time later.
  • The firing-squad executions of Gaeta and Zarek mark the first time a method of execution other than airlocking has been used on screen (apart from the non-judicial summary executions in Razor), although the action takes place in the same location where most recent airlocking incidents have occurred. In "Dirty Hands," Admiral Adama threatens to have Cally Tyrol shot as a mutineer, suggesting that the firing squad is the standard means of execution for humans that commit mutiny.
  • The ship's FTL drive is seen for the first time.
  • Baltar becomes involved with a previously-unseen copy of Number Six (referenced off-screen by the name Lida). Discounting his Messenger Six, this makes the third copy of Six with whom he has had relations, after Caprica-Six and Gina Inviere.
  • Ironically, when Zarek told the Quorum that the people would recognize them for standing behind their President, the Quorum representatives stood behind Roslin and not him.


  • Despite all of the support that Gaeta and Zarek seemed to have at the beginning of the mutiny, Roslin and Adama had more support from people opposed to it and possibly people who rethought it like Kelly. On Roslin and Adama's side were Galactica's senior staff (the members of CIC were either people on Gaeta's side or forced to work at gunpoint by marines), at least most of the crew given how many people joined Adama's march to CIC, the Quorum of Twelve and the Cylons and Baltar's followers. Gaeta and Zarek had the supporters they'd managed to gather amongst Galactica's crew and about 25 ships who refused Roslin's order to stand down FTL drives. In the end Adama and Roslin were successful because the people supported them more and Adama had enough respect from his crew that he was able to turn a lot back to his side just by stating his intention to retake the ship and walking by others. Gaeta and Zarek had to use force to get what they wanted. Many people, both in support of Gaeta/Zarek and in opposition, were killed. Given the death count, 40 in the first four hours of the mutiny, from 06:32 hours when Zarek was released from the Brig to sometime after 10:30 hours when Adama and Tigh are captured in the stowage bay (with most of the killing starting shortly after 09:02 hours after Capt. Kara Thrace rescues Delegate Lee Adama in the Hanger Deck. Peter Laird was the very first death, occuring shortly before 07:00 hours.), the attack on those Loyal to Adama was vicious. The break down of mutineer and loyalist deaths hasn't been given yet, but it is most likely that most of these deaths were those loyal to Adama since Gaeta/Zarek forces had the elements of both surprise and preparation in their favor. The 40 figure only represents the deaths by the end of "The Oath," near the approximate halfway point of the mutiny at 10:30 hours. With the retaking of CIC by Adama and Tigh, the mutiny ended at 15:32 hours, approximately nine hours elapsed time (there may have been resisters after that time not wishing to be taken into custody). Mutiny death figures since 10:30 hours, including the murder of the Quorum delegates, will be reflected in the survivor population count after the teaser of "No Exit" unless otherwise indicated.
  • Gaeta's sudden lack of pain in his amputated leg signals that his chronic pain (which he tried to numb with painkillers during the webisodes) was partially psychological. Once he was at peace with who he was and what he had done, his mental pain and much of his physical pain and itching disappeared. His last words acknowledged that the irritation had stopped.
  • The marines who eventually joined Adama's side near the end of the episode indicates that other mutineers simply were part of the coup out of self-preservation or at least wanting to be on the "winning" side. Once it was clear that Adama and the senior staff were rising up and reclaiming the ship, the marines, and others finally arose as well.
  • By sparing Narcho's life, Admiral Adama characteristically shows his love and compassion for those who serve under him. Despite his speech of "no forgiveness" in "The Oath," it is clear that Adama will attempt to give the some of the mutineers a second chance.
    • Not likely, the podcast for Deadlocked says they were all imprisoned on the Astral Queen.
    • Adama grants clemency to those volunteering for the rescue of Hera. However, this was out of a desperate need for as many people as possible and the only ones shown for sure to take it were Nowart, Racetrack and Skulls, the later two of which died in the battle.
  • From a pragmatic standpoint, Humanity, such at the verge of extinction anyways, can not afford to lose large numbers of people.
  • The mutineers at no point subdued all resistance aboard Galactica. As Adama marched on CIC, many crew members rushed to join him, indicating that they were either still resisting or were waiting for a sign that the tide had turned. CIC also was controlled by Gaeta through the use of marines who held most of the staff at gunpoint.
  • Tyrol, while attempting to disable Galactica's jump drive notices odd tears in the hull near the FTL assembly. Galactica may be suffering from serious long term metal fatigue and/or cumulative battle damage, as evidenced by the bulkhead deformation Tyrol discovers in the FTL drive room. Over the course of the series, Tigh has made a number of comments on Galactica's worsening structural condition, especially in absence of any possibility for repair at a shipyard. The ship itself is 50+ years old and has seen combat in two wars against the Cylons, and after all the damage its taken - the Battle of New Caprica being the most obvious example - it is not all that surprising to see the ship's structural integrity begin to fail like this.
  • Roslin threatens to attack Galactica if Gaeta and Zarek do not surrender. Numerous missile emplacements are then shown opening along the arms of the rebel basestar. Due to the known incompetence of Galactica's mutineer crew (Gage being unable to jam Roslin's transmission in "The Oath" without Gaeta's help), the chaos aboard Galactica with a mutiny still ongoing, and Galactica's status as an undermanned vessel, it is possible that the basestar could have successfully engaged and destroyed Galactica or at least severely damaged her enough to prevent her escaping.
  • Captain Kelly, after having been locked up in the brig for his attempts to assassinate Baltar's lawyers, still holds a deep love for Galactica and her commander. As he was a part of the original senior leadership (3rd in command as shown after Adama's near-assassination), his nostalgic comments with Tyrol indicated his withering resolve to be part of the coup. In addition, being a witness to the cruelty of Zarek with the Quorum was probably the first catalyst for his repentance.
  • Gaeta, prior to his execution, is shown smoking and having drinks with Baltar. This is significant as Gaeta is rarely shown smoking during the show, and when it is shown, it was done when Gaeta finally felt free to be who he wanted to be. The first time was during his taped interview with D'Anna where he "let his hair down" so to speak. Incorporating a final smoke for Gaeta seemed appropriate to allow the audience to see a humanized Gaeta again.
  • Gaeta and Baltar have a civil conversation before Gaeta's execution indicating that the two have forgiven each other for thier past transgressions: Gaeta trying to kill Baltar and Baltar's involvement with the Cylons on New Caprica.
  • Baltar, despite admitting to not really liking his followers, has developed a sense of responsibility towards them as shown when he's speaking with Lida about them and deciding to go back. This is the first time that Baltar has been shown to truly care about something besides himself indicating he may have changed somewhat.
  • Dialogue in this episode indicates there are 35 civilian ships left in the fleet. This is the first time since abandoning New Caprica that significant information on the number of ships left in the fleet has emerged. This number doesn't seem to tally with the observed losses in the fleet since the first season, although the number of ships has been portrayed inconsistently throughout the miniseries and the main seasons (a figure in the mid 70s being mentioned in Home, Part I). The figure of 35 stated here- indicating a loss of half the fleet's ships- seems somewhat inconsistent with a the human population that has only declined by about one fifth since the arrival of Pegasus's crew which bolstered the number of survivors to close to 50,000. Ships being abandoned on New Caprica or afterwards may explain this strikingly low number unless it is a continuity error. If 35 is a correct figure, the other ships in the fleet must have somehow found a way to take a huge number of extra people aboard.
    • It is possible that the 35 civilian ships that were mentioned were the total number of ships that had initially sided with Zarek and Gaeta, rather than the entire number of ships in the fleet. If they had been ready to jump at Zarek and Gaeta's order, their FTL drives would have been spun up. With Roslin's broadcast, though, 10 of the 35 would have switched sides again and shut down their FTLs, indicating the end of their desire to follow the coup leaders.
  • Ronald D Moore has commented that Galactica is severely undermanned at this point and therefore large parts of the ship are empty, making it easier for mutineers and counter-mutineers to move around unobserved. This however is contradicted by the fact that Galactica now has the crew of Pegasus aboard and the ship has in fact been seen to be overcrowded. Even allowing for losses on New Caprica and the fact that Pegasus was undermanned, the ship should still have a larger crew compliment than when she began her journey. In orbit around New Caprica the two ships still had over 2000 personnel still serving and doubtless most if not all former crew re-enlisted after the evacuation of New Caprica. Galactica's combined crew have not been seen to have taken any substantial losses since leaving New Caprica that would leave much of the ship empty. This may be a retcon or continuity error. It should be noted, however, that a large proportion of the people on the ship following the escape from New Caprica were civilians who may have since been relocated. Furthermore, it may be that only certain areas of the ship - such as the living quarters - are overcrowded. The exact number of personnel that a fully manned Galactica should have is unknown.
  • Despite Sharon "Athena" Agathon's vision-induced paranoia of a Six taking her daughter, Hera[4], she does not protest Caprica-Six carrying Hera while Sharon supports her injured husband, Karl. It must be remembered that it was Caprica-Six who aided in the escape of Athena with Hera from the baseship after she got Helo to kill her so she would resurrect on the baseship and recover their daughter. Caprica-Six killed Sharon Valerii ("Boomer," who later resurrected) after Valerii tried to kill Hera for rejecting her and then Caprica-Six helped get both Athena and Hera off the baseship. Ironically, Caprica-Six is the only character who has been seen specifically committing infanticide (not counting Baltar's dream about Adama drowning Hera).[5]
  • Assuming the writers maintained their preference to mirror real-world military traditions, the firing squad assembled to execute Gaeta and Zarek would likely be composed of low-level mutineers who were treated with leniency and then required to seal their loyalty (and feelings of guilt) by executing their former conspirators.
  • It isn't clear whether Gaeta and Zarek were given any sort of trial before being executed. Given Adama and Roslin's preference (albeit sometimes waveringly so) for maintaining the rule of law, it would be surprising if the lead mutineers were just shot out of hand.
  • Contrary to real-world military protocol and traditions, Gaeta was not cashiered prior to his execution, and faces the firing squad still wearing the rank insignia of a lieutenant.
  • During Tyrol and Kelly's discussion in the arms locker, Kelly mentions that he could have told Tyrol that Cally was trouble, Tyrol's response "Thanks, it wouldn't have mattered," indicates that, even if he had known that Cally had been sleeping with Hot Dog, he would still have married her. This clearly indicates that Tyrol loved her, and the way in which he says it clearly indicates that he still does. This means that Tyrol's tirade against the Admiral after his wife's death was an act, possibly out of grief, possibly to get himself dismissed from the Deck Crew so he couldn't sabotage anything should he have any hidden programming.
  • The Cylons among the fleet are, collectively, more loyal to Roslin and Adama (and more willing to forgive past conflicts) than are the humans.
  • Despite Adama's obvious anger towards Gaeta, he may have been somewhat forgiving towards him at the end: Baltar is allowed to visit, it happens in Gaeta's quaters indicating that Adama didn't put him in the brig but locked him in his room and he's smoking cigarettes (which he may have had in his room) and drinks what looks like the Admiral's morning coffee which he calls the "spoils of war" indicating Adama may have given it to him. Also, Adama allows him to die wearing his uniform which he promised he wouldn't allow any of the mutineers to do.
  • Despite the Quorum's disagreements with Roslin and her recent policies, they still supported her during the mutiny, demonstrating that they did not agree with Zarek's violent approach to taking power. Notably, they refer to him as Vice President instead of "President," refusing to recognize him in the position that he was claiming.


Answered Questions

  • What will become of the other mutineers (Racetrack, Narcho, Seelix, etc)? Will Adama follow through with his promise of "no forgiveness"? (Answer)
  • Who will take over Gaeta's duties? (Answer)
  • What repercussions will the Quorum's assassination have on the Fleet? (Answer)
  • What is the significance of the damage Tyrol discovers in the engine room? Has it been there long, or is it a result of the improper shut down of the FTL drive? Do other areas of the ship show similar signs of damage? (Answer)
  • In the Miniseries, Colonel Tigh tells Lt. Gaeta to "spin up FTL drives 1 and 2". Why did Tyrol's deactivation of one FTL drive stop Gaeta from ordering the other's use? Is the other FTL drive still functional?
    • Answer: The ship needs both FTL drives to make a proper jump, and Tyrol pulled the sync coil between the two.
  • Will Anders survive his injuries? Were Starbuck and Lampkin even successful in getting him to sickbay? (Partial Answer)
  • Will Helo survive his injuries? (Answer)
  • How will Baltar's new-found sense of responsibility toward his flock change his behavior? (Possible Answer)
  • Will the Cylons' assistance of, and subordination to, President Roslin (and/or Colonial political leaders' fears of being associated with the failed coup d'état) secure them the citizenship and Quorum representation they seek? (Answer)
  • With Zarek dead and Lee Adama being the only surviving member of the Quorum (or one of the few surviving members, considering that two regular delegates were replaced by stand-ins), will he become the new Vice President? (Possible Answer)
  • Are Galactica's computers now networked? (Answer)
  • With most of the Quorum dead, will Roslin and Adama use the attempted mutiny as a basis to declare martial law? (Answer)

Unanswered Questions

  • Will Kelly be allowed to resume his duties on Galactica?
  • Is the same structural deficiency present near the other FTL drive?
  • Will the rebel Cylons become less trusting of the humans as a result of this mutiny? Or will they be more inclined to trust certain humans, such as Roslin, since she managed to convince them to stay and follow her leadership?
  • What was that device Roslin and Leoben were using to communicate with the rest of the Fleet?
  • Why was Lee Adama - as opposed to Roslin - present at Zarek and Gaeta's execution?
  • What will be done to the 25 ships who did not obey Roslin's order to power down their FTL drives?
  • Will the FTL upgrades proceed once order has been brought back completely?
  • Will there be a faction that will attempt to portray Zarek or Gaeta as martyrs?
  • Do the Articles of Colonization include pre-approval language for the joining of the fabled "13th Tribe," now known to be Cylons? Such is often the case of comparable federation constitutions; the United States' former Articles of Confederation included such language with respect to "Canada" (meaning Ontario) and Bermuda.
  • Were Gaeta and Zarek given trials?
  • How much time passed between the mutiny and the execution?
  • Did Zarek subsequently target the absent members of the Quorum for assassination? Do any of them, other than Lee, live through the mutiny?

Character Development

  • In the Miniseries (in the teaser) the first time we see Lt. Felix Gaeta and then-Commander Adama, Gaeta was handing him routine reports-and also unknown to them the first indications of trouble-while he was practicing his public address on the occasion of Galactica's-and his-retirement. It is of note considering what we now know of what the unimaginable future had for them:
Gaeta: Good morning, sir.
Adama: Good morning.
Gaeta: (hands him messages) Com traffic from the midwatch.
Adama: (re: messages) Hmm. Anything interesting?
Gaeta: Uh... Mostly housekeeping. Uh, there was one odd message we were copied on. (shows him the message) Uh... The one from Fleet headquarters there, sir. Courier officer's overdue coming back from Armistice station. They've asked for a full status report on all FTL capable ships, just in case they need someone to jump out there today, see if his ship is having mechanical problems.
Adama: I think we're a little bit busy today, wouldn't you say so Lieutenant?
Gaeta: (grins) Yes, sir.
Adama: Glad we agree.
Gaeta: And, may I take this opportunity to say that it's been both a pleasure and an honor to serve under you these past three years.
Adama: It's my honor, Lieutenant Gaeta.
  • It's also interesting to note that the first time Roslin meets a Number Two, he is trying to sabotage the fleet and she has him executed (TRS: "Flesh and Bone"); in this episode she and a Number Two are seen cooperating and sharing a friendly moment. It may have even been the same Number Two, as Leoben is still alive and has been prominent among the rebels.

Official Statements

I actually want to do the final Tom Zarek interview before he gets blown out the airlock, which they didn’t show, on the show. They had Gaeta talk to Baltar, but you never got to see what Zarek was feeling. And I always wanted to do the final Zarek interview, you know, a little bit like the David Frost interview with [Richard] Nixon, where you could understand a little more deeply where he was coming from.
I always wanted to go into that, just because I always felt that some people missed the point. They took sides, on who they liked more, as opposed to seeing what was really happening there. And art is not just about entertainment, not about taking sides; it’s about challenging your thinking, seeing things outside the box and expanding your mind, and seeing things from a larger viewpoint.[6]

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Tom Zarek (ending a joke to Racetrack): . . . shall we save the kids? And the attorney says, "Frak them". And the priest says, "Do we have time?"
Racetrack (after both laugh): "You're gross."
  • Tom Zarek delivers his ultimatum to Laura Roslin:
Zarek: This is Tom Zarek, President of the Twelve Colonies. It's over, Laura. Saul Tigh was killed attempting to escape. Bill Adama was tried and found guilty of his crimes. A firing squad executed him this morning. It's done, Laura. You want to think about the people of this fleet now, and surrender.
Roslin: No. Not now. Not ever. Do you hear me? I will use every cannon, every bomb, every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eyeteeth to end you. I swear it! I'm coming for all of you!
  • Felix Gaeta is disturbed by the sight of the slaughtered Quorum delegates:
Gaeta: We--we had the truth on our side. Now . . . now . . .
Zarek: The truth is told by whoever is left standing.
  • Lee Adama has just thrown a grenade towards the marines guarding the Cylon Prisoners, allowing him and Kara Thrace to kill them, after which Kara takes cover and Lee looks at her both amused and pleased with himself:
Lee Adama: walking forward and picking up the Grenade I never pulled the pin.
Kara Thrace: Ok, that is not funny.
Lee Adama: It would have been if you had thought of it.
Kara Thrace: No, still not funny.
  • Laura Roslin broadcasting to the fleet:
Roslin: This is President Laura Roslin speaking from the Cylon baseship. Felix Gaeta has seized Galactica by force. The Cylons were defending themselves. They will not harm you. I repeat, the Cylons will not harm you. I am asking all ships' captains not to jump. Do not jump! Shut down your FTL drives!
  • Felix Gaeta is about to be executed for his crimes:
Gaeta: (referring to the pain from his lost leg) It stopped.
  • Gaeta pours himself and Baltar a cup of what looks like Admiral Adama's coffee and Baltar looks at it confused:
Gaeta: Spoils of war.
  • Adama regains control of CIC and captures Gaeta and Zarek:
Adama: (to a CIC crewmember) Connect me with the President.
Crewmember: Right away Admiral.
(Adama puts down his gun and picks up the phone)
Adama: Madam President, this is the Admiral! Stand down! I repeat Galactica secure, stand down!
(Roslin, Baltar and the Cylons are clearly relieved with Roslin and an Eight even crying)
Roslin: (tearfully) Bill!

Guest Stars


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