Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn

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A figurine of Aurora.

Aurora is the goddess of the dawn, and possibly one of the Lords of Kobol.

When Kara Thrace visits the oracle Brenn in Dogsville, she touches a small winged icon of the goddess, which is then given to her by the oracle.

Thrace later gives the icon to Admiral William Adama as a figurehead to place on the bow of the model sailing ship he is building (TRS: "Maelstrom").

After Thrace's mysterious return, she is given command of the Demetrius to search for Earth and Adama gives her the figurine back. She keeps it on the table in her cabin and plays with it when she is frustrated about the lack of success (TRS: "Six of One", "The Ties That Bind"). [1]

According to the book of Pythia, a temple dedicated to Aurora exists on Earth, built by the Thirteenth Tribe. When the Fleet arrives there, they find a ruined city with the remains of this structure (TRS: "Revelations").

Kara Thrace's destiny is fulfilled, reflecting Aurora's role, as she guides the Fleet to its new, permanent home (TRS: "Daybreak, Part II").

In the Separate Continuity

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Aurora is one of the Messengers who help lead the surviving members of the Thirteenth Tribe—Kobollian "Cylons"—in their exodus from Kobol to Earth (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five #4).

In addition to arranging the publication of the Book of Pythia, Aurora assumes the form of the deceased Pythia, and not only allows the Thirteenth Tribe the ability to biologically reproduce, but is the mother of one of the Final Five: Saul Tigh (Battlestar Galactica: The Final Five #3).


  • Aurora's Greek counterpart is Eos.
  • When Adama shows Thrace the Book of Pythia in "Revelations," he flips to a page showing the City of the Gods on Kobol, which the camera lingers on. However, this is not the Temple of Aurora, which can be briefly seen on another page he flips to and which is similar to the structure later seen on Earth.
  • More on the curious references to real-world Earth mythology and theology is available in the article Mythological references.


  1. The figurine can only be seen two short scenes towards the beginning of "The Ties That Bind" and at the end of "Escape Velocity". According to the podcast for the former episode, the scene where Adama gives her the figurine was cut for time. A scene where she and Gaeta discuss Aurora was also cut.