Backtalk with Baxter Sarno

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Backtalk with Baxter Sarno is a Caprican late-night talk show hosted by comedian Baxter Sarno circa YR42. Filmed in front of a live studio audience in Caprica City, the show is broadcast throughout the Twelve Colonies.

An example of "infotainment" programming, Backtalk features Sarno using comedy to discuss and comment on current events and issues. Sarno's comedy is particularly irreverent; Sarno jokes about the Lev bombing weeks after it occurs. It is estimated that over half of college-age viewers receive their news from Backtalk (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall").

The show begins with a stand-up comedy monologue in which Sarno jokes about the news of the day from various hand-written large cue cards. The show then features at least one interview with a guest (CAP: "Gravedancing" and "Know Thy Enemy").

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  • Backtalk can been seen as an homage to numerous American late-night talk shows. In particular, its focus and commentary on current news and issues, as well as its popularity among college-age kids, is likely a direct reference to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.