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The Colonial anthem is the official state music of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The music that became the anthem was originally composed by Stu Nomion at least fifty-eight years prior to the fall of the Twelve Colonies (CAP: "Gravedancing"). It would eventually be adopted as the official anthem of the Colonies following their unification under the Articles of Colonization.

Examples of usage

  • The anthem plays as a fanfare when the television station Caprica 5 announces a live interview with the celebrity scientist, Doctor Gaius Baltar (TRS: "Miniseries, Night 1").
  • Around the same time, it plays briefly during a fly-by of the last Viper squadron of the battlestar Galactica during its decommissioning ceremonies held in its new museum, shortly before a speech given by Commander William Adama (TRS: "Miniseries, Night 1").
  • After the fall of the Colonies, the anthem appears in a documentary on the crew of Galactica created by D'Anna Biers. A crewman, Stan Gibson,[1] whistles a part of the anthem while he mops a deck on the ship, then an orchestral version of the anthem bursts into the documentary as several pilots enter a hallway to give the film an uplifting heroic appeal (TRS: "Final Cut").

As incidental music

  • The Colonial Anthem plays as a young Ensign William Adama sees Galactica for the very first time through a window on a transport (Blood and Chrome, part 1).
  • A variation of the anthem is used as incidental music to accompany the departure of the ships of the former refugee fleet from Earth as they fly into the Sun (TRS: "Daybreak, Part II").


  • The Colonial anthem is a new recording of the Original Series' main theme composed by Stu Phillips, who assisted Bear McCreary in the new arrangement.[2]
  • The scene in which the crewman is heard whistling the anthem confirms that the piece of music exists "in-universe" and is not simply part of the "real world" soundtrack (something that is not necessarily made clear in the mini-series, or by the anthem's use at the end of Biers' documentary, both of which could simply have been soundtrack elements for viewers).
  • The audio sample in this article is from the Season 2 soundtrack, track 1, a modern arrangement of the original theme for the episode, "Final Cut," by Bear McCreary.


  1. This character, who hums the Colonial anthem while mopping the floors of Galactica, is Battlestar Wiki's "patron saint" for its administrators.
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