Apollo Park

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Apollo Park during the MLMR bombing memorial ceremony.

Apollo Park is a public park located in downtown Caprica City, Caprica.

On 7 Junius, Y42, a large memorial service is held at Apollo Park in honor of the victims of the STO bombing of MLMT Train #23. Despite some hesitance and the fact that Graystone Industries sponsored the event, Daniel and Amanda Graystone attend the service in memory of their daughter, Zoe Graystone. Deeply disturbed by evidence indicating her daughter's involvement with the STO, Amanda Graystone takes to the podium and declares that Zoe was a terrorist inspiring a riot. As the crowd moves on Amanda, the Graystones are barely able to escape Apollo Park with their lives (CAP: "Rebirth").


  • Apollo Park was shot on location at the Jack Poole Plaza atop the Vancouver Convention Centre, the location was augmented by a digital matte painting and set extensions. [1] [2]
  • Photos of the set and filming of scenes for "Rebirth" appeared on the photo sharing website Flickr in July, 2009. [3]