Natalie Stark

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Natalie Stark
Natalie Stark


Colony Caprica
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Introduced Rebirth
Children Ben Stark
Marital Status Unknown
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Portrayed by Nimet Kanji
Natalie Stark is a Cylon
Natalie Stark is a Final Five Cylon
Natalie Stark is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Natalie Stark is the mother of Maglev 23 suicide bomber and Soldiers of the One member Ben Stark.

She is aware of her son's relationship with Zoe Graystone—a relationship that Amanda Graystone is unaware about. Stark later confirms the existence of this relationship to Amanda, who was previously informed about it by GDD Agent Jordan Durham, and gives a few possessions that Zoe left at the Stark residence. Amongst these possessions is an infinity symbol brooch that leads Graystone to the erroneous conclusion that she was one of the bombers of Maglev 23 (CAP: "Rebirth").

It is unknown whether or not Stark knew about Zoe or Ben's involvement with the STO.