Julius Baltar

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Julius Baltar
Julius Baltar


Colony Aerilon (seen living on Caprica)
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Introduced Daybreak, Part I
Death Assumed killed during the Fall, or dead of natural causes beforehand
Children Gaius Baltar
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Role Farmer, retired
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Portrayed by Antony Holland
Julius Baltar is a Cylon
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Julius Baltar is the father of Gaius Baltar. Originally a farmer on Aerilon, in his later years he comes to Caprica, where he is cared for by various nurses.

Disappointed in his son for turning his back on his family, Julius acts up with at least three of the nurses to try and get Gaius' attention.

Shortly after meeting Gaius, Caprica-Six has Julius moved to the Regency, a rest home where the residents are urged to grow their own food, allowing him to be a farmer again. Julius is happy there and Baltar seems pleased about this, showing that he truly does care about his father despite his attitude towards him (TRS: "Daybreak, Part I").

Julius is presumably killed in the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, but his son ends up a farmer like Julius wanted him to be after settling on New Earth with Caprica-Six, utilizing the knowledge Julius taught him growing up. When speaking of his knowledge, Gaius grows somewhat emotional, probably thinking about his father and all he taught him. It's shown that Caprica Six's kindness towards Julius is what motivated Gaius to help her.