The Regency

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Cover from one of the pamphlets Caprica-Six hands off to Gaius Baltar in the Re-imagined Series' "Daybreak, Part I".

The Regency is a retirement community existing on Caprica circa 2 BCH (98YR).

Caprica-Six arranges for Julius Baltar to move to this facility, where he is not only cared for by medical professionals, but is also able to garden (TRS: "Daybreak, Part I").

Amenities and Apocrypha

According to the prop made for the episode, The Regency was a "community based" approach establishment, offering flexible business hours, a guest cottage for family to visit, and "full range of day trips and outreach programs" that allow the retirees to continue familial and social connections. Audio-video facilities are also available for grandparents to make tapes for grandchildren, as well as other family members.

Of note, a gardening program allows residents to grow their own foods, which they not only prepare for on-site dining, but also sell to local restaurants. Residents may have access to their own garden plot from The Regency's three acre garden, and are able to grow their own assortment of plants to promote their mental and physical health.

In addition to gardening, The Regency offers a wide range of entertainment, including game nights, sports, and lawn bowling tournaments.