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deleting claim in "Analysis" of Earth in Act 1 montage

TheRichmeister (talkcontribs)

There is a montage that opens Act 1. The 3rd shot of the montage shows a planet backlit by a sun. The 6th shot of the montage is identified as Caprica City. In the "Analysis" section, one of the bullet points introduces the shot of the backlit planet. The next level bullet claims that the planet is Earth. However, the identical shot of the backlit planet (with identical lens flair) is used in "The Plan" at the end of the credits and is followed by a shot identified as Caprica City. In "The Plan", there is no evidence that the backlit planet is Earth. Therefor, I claim that the backlit planet in the Act 1 montage is Caprica, not Earth. 1) I am deleting the claim of Earth. 2) I am raising the level of the lower level bullet that provides evidence for the backlit planet to likely be Caprica. 3) I'm providing my analysis as a final bullet point.

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