Colin Lawrence

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Colin Lawrence
Colin Lawrence
Portrays: Hamish McCall
Date of Birth: September 7,
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Nationality: UK UK
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Colin Lawrence is an actor from the United Kingdom[1] who portrays the recurring character Hamish "Skulls" McCall in the Re-imagined Series.

Born to Jamaican parents in London, England, he and his three siblings were raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. After graduating high school, he pursued an education in marketing, landing a job as an operations manager in the retail field. With aspirations of becoming a model, his sister helped Lawrence find an agent and was signed. The agent later approached him with an offer to audition for 1995's Slam Dunk Ernest, which he landed the role of Tommy T and thus began his career as an actor, instead of a model.[1]

After Slam Dunk Ernest, Lawrence enrolled in acting classes while waiting tables[1], working on genre series including The Outer Limits and The Sentinel.[2]

In 1997, Lawrence is given the recurring role of Warren in Stargate SG-1, acting in the series' pilot, "Children of the Gods". Stargate SG-1 lead to additional roles, which results in his leaving the waiting job.[1] These roles included The X-Files, First Wave, Seven Days, and a small recurring role in Dark Angel pairing him with future Galactica guest star, Fulvio Cecere (Lt. Alistair Thorne).[2]

In 2004, he landed the recurring role on The L Word as Pam Grier's on-screen son, David Waters[1], which is one of his favorite roles due to the fact that he works with Grier.[3]

In 2005, he and his wife, Lucia Walters, portrayed the Kendricks in The 4400 episode "Weight of the World". According to Lawrence, "It's not too often that you get to work across from your mate. It was just a lot of fun to actually work on a show together as husband and wife."[3]

In 2006, Lawrence landed a role on Blade: The Series as Blade's father, Robert Brooks, who is shown to the audience via flashback scenes. Lawrence readily jumped to the role as "if you can't play Blade, then you can sure play his daddy! I think that's great because who wouldn't want to be the father to a super hero? It's just a great opportunity and I am happy to be a part of it."[3]

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