Kerry Norton

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Kerry Norton
Kerry Norton
Portrays: Layne Ishay
Date of Birth:
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Nationality: UK UK
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Kerry Norton is a British actress and singer who portrays medic Layne Ishay in the Re-imagined Series.

Norton's first Battlestar Galactica appearance as Ishay is in "Scattered" (and then two subsequent episodes) where her character is memorable for operating on Commander William Adama's chest after he was shot at close range by the Cylon Sharon Valerii. Later she appears in the the episodes "Downloaded" and "Taking a Break From All Your Worries".

Norton is also the real-life wife of actor Jamie Bamber who plays Lee "Apollo" Adama. The two have three daughters: Isla Elizabeth Angela Griffith, born in 2003, and twins Darcy and Ava, born in 2004. [1]

Though Jamie Bamber covers up his British accent on the show, Norton does not hide her accent.



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