Timeline - Season 3 (RDM)

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Timelines of the Battlestar Galactica series

"Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance"

  • Between Day 660 and Day 794:
    • Nicholas Tyrol is born
    • Kara Thrace is kidnapped and forced into a marriage-type arrangement with Leoben Conoy, whom she kills at any opportunity (TRS: "Occupation")
    • A resistance movement is formed and led by Saul Tigh and Galen Tyrol
    • The Cylons form the New Caprica Police
    • Duck refuses to work with the resistance, choosing to spend more time with Nora
    • After some debate, the resistance leaders choose to hide weapons in the Temple of Artemis
    • The Cylons attack the temple, killing Nora
    • Duck is physically sickened by the news of Nora's death
    • The general population has started to side with the resistance and 1,000 people protested outside Colonial One over the attack on the temple
    • Nicholas Tyrol has his dedication ceremony
    • Jammer is imprisoned in a Cylon detention center and is visited by a Number Five, who offers Jammer a key card and an implied invitation into the NCP
    • Jammer has second thoughts about the resistance after hearing Tigh talk about a plan to manufacture explosives near the hospital.
    • Duck joins the NCP as a double agent for the resistance.

The Face of the Enemy flashbacks

  • Between Day 660 and Day 794:
    • Felix Gaeta enters into an intimate relationship with a Number Eight who seems sympathetic.
    • Gaeta gives the Eight lists of people he hasn't seen in a while so that she can get them out of detention.
    • The Eight has some of the prisoners set free to give the appearance that Gaeta's efforts are working, but has most killed, believing them to be of value to the resistance.

Prior to the Season 3 premiere, after The Resistance

  • Saul Tigh is captured by the Cylons and detained. One of his eyes is literally ripped out by the Cylons
  • Jammer and Duck enlist with the New Caprica Police


  • c. Day 794 (494th day since settlement, 134th day of occupation):
    • Ellen Tigh has sex with Cavil in order to obtain Colonel Saul Tigh's release from the detention center
  • c. Day 795:
    • Duck suicide-bombs a NCP ceremony
    • Felix Gaeta secretly provides the jamming frequencies to allow wireless communication to breech Cylon interference
    • The resistance establishes communication with Racetrack's Raptor
  • Sometime before the episode, "Precipice:"
    • Laura Roslin is arrested by the Cylons


  • c. Day 796:
    • Leoben Conoy introduces Kacey Brynn to Kara Thrace
    • The Cylons force Baltar to sign an execution order
    • Cavil pressures Ellen Tigh into giving him information about an important resistance meeting by making threats against Saul Tigh's life.
    • Ellen Tigh steals a map marking the location for a secret rendezvous with Galactica's rescue coordination party
    • Sharon Agathon's coordination party lands, makes contact with Anders' party, and are soon attacked by Cylon forces
    • Roslin and others on the execution order are arrested and later driven to the Pergamus Flats to be executed. Jammer frees Cally Tyrol before the shooting begins

Exodus, Part I

  • c. Day 796:
    • Tyrol's group ambushes the firing squad and saves Laura Roslin, Tom Zarek and many others
    • Sharon Agathon's marines save Anders and the resistance group from a Cylon ambush
  • c. Day 797:
    • Number Three visits an oracle
    • Sharon Agathon infiltrates a Cylon facility and obtains the Colonial launch keys
    • Ellen Tigh is exposed as a traitor
    • Admiral Adama orders Galactica to jump to New Caprica

Exodus, Part II

  • Sometime after "Exodus, Part II:"
    • Ellen Tigh resurrects aboard a Cylon ship in orbit over New Caprica. Cavil now holds her prisoner, keeping her in a chamber guarded by Centurions without the knowledge of the other six models aboard (TRS: "No Exit").


  • c. Day 800 (Day 3 of the Second Exodus):
    • James Lyman, and 12 others before him are executed by the Circle
    • Deposed President Gaius Baltar awakens aboard a Cylon basestar for the first time three days after fleeing New Caprica
    • Interim President Tom Zarek names Laura Roslin as his Vice President, and later resigns to return Roslin to power
    • Felix Gaeta is tried and convicted by the Circle but is later spared
    • President Roslin abolishes the Circle and immediately pardons all those suspected of collaboration

Between "Collaborators" and "Torn"

  • Lee Adama is demoted back to Major and resumes his former position as Galactica's CAG
  • Karl Agathon serves as interim XO on Galactica


  • c. Day 850:
    • Felix Gaeta reveals Baltar's research on the road to Earth to President Roslin and Admiral Adama
    • Caprica-Six and Three begin inquiring about the location of Earth and debating Baltar's usefulness
    • A Cylon basestar sent to investigate the Lion's Head Nebula is infected by a virus from an ancient beacon
    • Athena and Racetrack find the Lion's Head Nebula and the dying basestar
    • Baltar returns to his basestar after his reconnaissance of the dying basestar, leaving out information on the probe, but his omission is uncovered

A Measure of Salvation

  • c. Day 851:
    • A Colonial boarding party investigates the derelict basestar, find the probe, and discovers all but a few Cylons aboard have died
    • The boarding party and some Cylon prisoners are en route back to Galactica when the basestar self-destructs
    • The medical investigation identifies a virus that can be treated, but not cured for Cylons
    • Lee Adama suggests a plan to eliminate the entire Cylon race by executing their prisoners in range of a Resurrection Ship
  • c. Day 852:
    • Galactica jumps to a Cylon supply line. the Battle of NCD2539 begins
    • The plan fail to due to the intervention of Karl Agathon
    • Aboard a basestar, Baltar is interrogated and tortured by Three and Caprica-Six


  • c. Day 935:
    • President Roslin and Tory Foster draw up plans to honor Admiral Adama for his 45 years of service to the Colonial Fleet
    • A Number Three begins experiencing strange visions
    • Galactica rescues Daniel Novacek, a prisoner-of-war of the Cylons for over two years
    • Adama confesses to his son about Novacek and possible culpability for the fall of the Twelve Colonies
  • c. Day 936:
    • Saul Tigh tells Novacek about Adama's action in his failed mission
    • Novacek attacks Adama and tries to kill him but is stopped by Tigh
  • c. Day 937:
    • Number Three begins a series of suicides to experience visions about five figures in white robes
    • Adama submits his resignation to Roslin but she refuses to accept it
  • c. Day 938:
    • Novacek is sent off to a berthing and counseling on another ship
    • Tigh and Adama begin to reconcile

"Unfinished Business" Present day events

This section details the "current day" events aboard Galactica. Prior events recalled in the episode are documented in the timeline at Day 420.
  • c. Day 950:
    • Galactica's crew work out their aggressions in a boxing tournament
    • Kara Thrace and Lee Adama fight each other in the ring and reconcile
  • c. Day 978:
  • Cavil introduces Boomer to the resurrected Ellen (No Exit, Ellen's resurrection was "eighteen months ago," this scene is "twelve months ago," six months later)

The Passage

No timeline markers are available for this episode.
  • The Fleet's food supply is contaminated
  • Saul Tigh returns as Executive Officer on Galactica
  • Sharon Agathon returns from a recon mission through a dangerous star cluster with data on a planet loaded with edible algae
  • Galactica's Raptors successfully escort the Fleet in packs through the disorienting, radiation-laden star cluster, with some ship losses and casualties including Louanne Katraine

The Eye of Jupiter

No timeline markers are available for this episode.
  • Resupply mission day 14-15 (after the events of "The Passage"):
    • The Colonials are preparing to leave the algae planet
    • Tyrol finds the Temple of Five
    • A Cylon fleet arrives and attempts to negotiate for the Eye of Jupiter, but both sides are deadlocked; Adama threatens destruction of the Eye if the Cylons attempt to land
    • President Roslin's role in hiding Hera Agathon is revealed to Admiral Adama and Hera's parents
    • A ground party of Cylon Centurions shoots down Starbuck's recon Raptor
    • Admiral Adama, in response to the Cylon incursion, prepares to destroy the planet's continent


c. Day 1038 (No Exit establishes these events as "ten months ago," eight months after Ellen's resurrection)
  • This episode commences immediately after the final scenes in "The Eye of Jupiter":
    • Baltar, D'Anna Biers and a Cavil land on the planet
    • Sharon Agathon rescues Hera; Caprica-Six is imprisoned
    • D'Anna has a vision through the Eye of Jupiter, recognizes one of the Final Five, and dies
    • Baltar is captured and returned to Galactica
    • The star goes nova and destroys the algae planet
    • The Cylons box the entire line of Number Threes
    • Cavil and Boomer inform Ellen Tigh of the boxing, and Cavil takes the opportunity to complain that the humanoid body the Final Five made him does not allow him to experience the full glory of a supernova (TRS: "No Exit")
  • Sometime between "Rapture" and "Taking a Break From All Your Worries":

Taking a Break From All Your Worries

While there are no objective time indicators as to specifically how much time after "Rapture" has elapsed, Baltar's beard has grown longer and Starbuck's burns on her hands are completely healed. This suggest that at least a few weeks have elapsed between "Rapture" and "Taking a Break From All Your Worries".

The Woman King

No timeline markers are available for this episode.
  • Three hundred refugees from the civilian vessel Threa Sita, including 51 Sagittarons board Galactica. They are housed in the unused starboard hangar deck with the preexisting residents in an area nicknamed "Dogsville".
  • Captain Karl Agathon stops Doctor Michael Robert from subjecting Sagittarons to involuntary euthanasia

A Day in the Life

c. Day 1087. This episode takes place 49 days after the events in "Rapture". No contact with the Cylons has occurred since then.
  • Admiral Adama has daydreams about his long divorced and dead wife Carolanne throughout the day of his anniversary of their wedding
  • Admiral Adama and President Laura Roslin discuss the problems of legal protocol and logistical difficulties in the upcoming trial of Gaius Baltar; they ask Lee Adama to aid
  • During a maintenance job, Galen and Cally Tyrol are trapped in a slowly depressurizing airlock
  • The Tyrols are rescued and recover in sickbay from decompression sickness

Dirty Hands

No exact date is available, but according to Roslin, Baltar's lawyer has been smuggling manuscripts out of his cell for several weeks.
  • Colonial One is struck by a wayward Raptor due to contaminated fuel; Roslin and staff are not severely injured
  • A strike on a tylium refinery ship causes fuel complications but is later rectified
  • Baltar's underground manifesto complicates President Roslin's legal proceedings against the prisoner
  • Seelix is promoted to Ensign and accepted as pilot in training


No timeline markers are available for this episode. However, it begins on day four of Fleet refueling operations

The Son Also Rises

The episode takes place two weeks after "Maelstrom". Aaron Kelly notes that he has been doing his job "for two years now," which is obviously a considerable underestimate, but at least it can be inferred that it has not yet been three years (1095 days) since the holocaust.

Crossroads, Part I

The episode takes place approximately one and a half months after "The Son Also Rises". In that episode, William Adama states that Baltar's trial is supposed to start in two weeks. However, "He That Believeth in Me" takes place over two months after "Maelstrom," with no space for significant gaps from "Crossroads, Part I" to "He That Believeth in Me". Thus, it seems that the trial starts later than noted by Adama.

Crossroads, Part II

The episode continues nearly directly from "Crossroads, Part I". Romo Lampkin places Lee Adama's meeting with his father in the previous episode "four days ago".
  • Sharon Agathon, Laura Roslin, and Caprica-Six discover that they are experiencing a shared dream to save Hera Agathon
  • In Baltar's trial, Lee Adama makes a startling testimony on mistakes, forgiveness and Baltar
  • Baltar is acquitted of all charges
  • The ships in the Fleet lose all power as they arrive at the Ionian nebula
  • Foster, Anders, Chief Tyrol and Tigh hear the strange melody more coherently, are attracted to meet, and discover that they are Cylons
  • The Cylon fleet arrives, but the Fleet cannot leave and assumes a defensive posture
  • Apollo flies to investigate a strange DRADIS contact, and finds a Viper Mark II flown by Kara Thrace, apparently alive and well, with knowledge of how to get to Earth

Season 4

Continued at Timeline - Season 4 (RDM)