Eye of Jupiter

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For information on the connection between the Eye of Jupiter and Kara Thrace, see The Destiny.
The Eye of Jupiter behind the Temple of Five.

The Eye of Jupiter was believed to be an artifact contained within The Temple of Five, located on the algae planet, that supposedly will give further clues to the location of Earth. Both the Cylons and the Colonials of the Fleet desire it. The Colonials have the advantage of finding this special temple and beginning the search for the Eye.

As the sun of the algae planet begins to nova, the truth of the Eye is revealed. It is not within the temple at all, but the dying star itself, which greatly resembles the mandala inside the temple's central pillar. As the Eye is revealed, the temple's mechanism channels the nova's light and activates the secret of the Eye.

A Number Three steps into the pillar of light created by the central spire and has a persistent vision of the unknown five Cylons.

After Galactica escapes the destruction of the solar system by the nova, Lt. Gaeta analyzes the data Tyrol brought back on the temple and the nova. He surmises that the nova was an astrological marker which points the way to the remains of another supernova some 13,000 light years away in the Ionian system (TRS: "Rapture").


A mandala on the central spire of the Temple of Five.
  • The Eye of Jupiter is also another name for the Great Red Spot on the planet Jupiter, in the Earth's solar system.
  • A painting of the Eye of Jupiter similar to the mandala in the temple can be seen on the wall of Starbuck's apartment in "Valley of Darkness". Helo makes the connection between the painting and the Eye after seeing an image of the temple's mandala.
  • A close-up of Kara Thrace in the Hybrid's chamber in the episode "Faith" evokes the Eye of Jupiter, with Thrace's blue eye at the center, ringed by her bloodied eyebrow and blonde hair.
  • The mandala on the wall in Starbuck's apartment was actually painted by actress Katee Sackhoff, presumably during the set decoration period for "Valley of Darkness".
  • Also in Caprica, The Mandala's colors can be seen in Zoe's V-Club room as light shines through the windows.
  • As Lacy Rand takes a glass of water off of Sister Willow's desk in Caprica, a shot of a circular pattern of water left by the glass possibly aims to evoke the Eye of Jupiter.