Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance

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Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance
"Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Special Episode
Writer(s) Bradley Thompson
David Weddle
Story by
Director Wayne Rose
Assistant Director
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US airdate USA 2006-09-05 through 2006-10-05
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Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance Occupation
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Battlestar Galactica: The Resistance is an online series that aims to fill in the gaps between seasons two and three of the Re-imagined Series. The webisodes can be viewed through the official web portal at

The webisode series was written by Battlestar Galactica veterans Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, and directed by Wayne Rose. The entire series is 27 minutes long in total, divided into 10 episodes. While the Webisodes are included in the Region 1 DVD boxset of Season 3, they are not included in the Region 2 version. They are, however, included on all Blu-ray releases.

In particular, the Webisodes chronicle Duck's and Jammer's motivations to become suicide-bomber and collaborator, respectively.


Episode 1

Tucker Clellan points out a New Caprica Police propaganda poster.

Tyrol and Tigh organize the budding resistance movement on Cylon-occupied New Caprica, but they find recruiting new soldiers is becoming dangerous and difficult. The Cylons have instituted a curfew. Violators go to jail, which was the very first building that the Cylons built on New Caprica following their arrival. New Capricans are shot on the spot if weapons are found in their tents. A stash of weapons belonging to Longo was confiscated by the Cylons, but the Resistance was able to retrieve some of them, which were hidden beneath his latrine. The Cylons are also setting up a human police force to take over for the Cylon Centurions, who are doing most of the police work.

Episode 2

James Lyman, Jean Barolay and Saul Tigh broach the topic of hiding weapons in the temple.
  • Running time: ~1:54
  • Release date: September 7, 2006

Duck has refused to work with the Resistance, on the grounds of his relationship and intended child with Nora Farmer. Tyrol is highly displeased at this, particularly his reasons, as they parallel Tyrol's own situation; however, Jammer suggests respecting Duck's decision, instead.

A ritual for protection of the crops from blight is said in the temple. As Sister Tivenan leaves, Jean Barolay abruptly shifts the conversation to the movement of the weapons stash into the temple; Jammer strongly objects, but he is overruled by Tigh.

Episode 3

Jammer, Barolay and Tigh move the weapons into the temple.
  • Running time: ~2:42
  • Release date: September 12, 2006

In the evening, Nora prays to Aphrodite to bless she and Duck with a child. He tells her his decision about joining the Resistance. She is pleased that he refused Tyrol.

During the night, Tigh, Tyrol, Jammer, and Barolay move the weapons into the temple, disguising them as the base of an altar.

The next morning, Nora wakes Duck, saying he will be late to work. She tries to convince him to go to temple after work with her. He refuses, saying he talks to the gods in his own way.

Episode 4

Nora and Cally Tyrol pray at temple.
  • Running time: ~1:57
  • Release date: September 14, 2006

Cally and Nora visit the temple. Nora is holding Cally's baby, while Cally is performing a ceremony. At that moment, Centurions can be heard outside, and a Number Five announces that they will enter the temple. Several men try to block them, but the Cylons force their way in, and gunfire can be seen and heard. While trying to run away, Cally falls to the ground while protecting her baby, but Nora is shot and killed when she tries to retrieve her bag, containing fresh vegetables.

Episode 5

A photo of Nora and Duck on Galactica.
  • Running time: ~1:56
  • Release date: September 19, 2006

Tyrol, Cally, and Jammer return Nora's bag to Duck, and inform him about the death of Nora. Duck is physically sickened by the news. He becomes angry, and demands to know if there were weapons in the temple. Tyrol tries to avoid the question, but Duck doesn't relent until Tyrol admits the truth. At that point, Duck orders them out of his tent.

Episode 6

Jammer argues about the efficacy of the temple massacres.
  • Running time: ~1:37
  • Release date: September 21, 2006

Three days after the attack on the temple, Tigh, Barolay, and Jammer discuss the results of the attack, which has brought about positive effects for the Resistance. The general population has started to side with the Resistance, and 1,000 people protested outside Colonial One over the attack on the temple. Since the attack, recruitment has become easier, with 150 Colonials signing up over three days' time. Tigh thinks that this was a good exchange, because the loss of a few weapons was worth the propaganda victory. However, Jammer is upset that the loss of ten innocent lives was not worth it. Tigh comes down hard on Jammer, stating that people die in war, nice people, and the Resistance has no room for crybabies.

Episode 7

Number Five and Jammer sit down for a chat.
  • Running time: ~1:58
  • Release date: September 26, 2006

Tyrol and Tigh discuss the capture of Jammer by the Cylons. Tyrol insists that Jammer won't reveal the work of the Resistance. Jammer is imprisoned in the New Caprica Detention Center, and is visited by a Number Five, who frees him of his bonds, and says he wants to talk to him about "what happened" in the temple.

Episode 8

Five shows Lyman a pass card, should Lyman want to offer information.
  • Running time: ~3:56
  • Release date: September 28, 2006

Number Five proposes to Jammer that the massacre at the temple may have actually been planned by the Resistance. Number Five reminds Jammer of the good that has been accomplished by working together in peace. He offers Jammer the chance to stop further bloodshed by informing the Cylons of potentially life-threatening actions by the Resistance. Jammer balks at the idea of becoming a traitor to the Resistance, but accepts a key-card which will let him enter the Cylon detention center to report the Resistance's secret plans, if he chooses to become an informant.

Episode 9

Jammer is released from the Detention Center.
  • Running time: ~3:07
  • Release date: October 3, 2006

Jammer is released from the New Caprica Detention Center and is met outside by Tyrol. Tyrol notes that he was informed of Jammer's arrest by Boomer, and then asks him what he told the Cylons. Jammer nervously explains that the Toasters questioned him about the temple massacre. Jammer reassures Tyrol that he did not tell the Cylons anything, but Tyrol appears doubtful.

Meanwhile, Duck returns to his tent, and begins to clean up the mess from his earlier outburst. He breaks down into tears while gathering up a flipped-over picture of himself and Nora, and an icon of one of the Lords of Kobol.

Episode 10

Nicholas Tyrol undergoes his dedication ceremony.
  • Running time: ~4:34
  • Release date: October 5, 2006

After the dedication ceremony for Galen and Cally Tyrol's son, Duck approaches Tyrol in the temple. Duck informs Tyrol that he has joined the New Caprica Police, in hopes of finding out who tipped the Cylons off, and whoever is responsible for Nora's death.

Afterwards, Tyrol meets in the backroom with Saul Tigh, Jammer and Jean Barolay to discuss their next move against the Cylons. Tigh suggests hiding explosives in the grain silo, which Jammer points out is across from the hospital. When Tigh shows a lack of concern for the patients' safety, Jammer excuses himself "to patrol the perimeter."

Outside, Duck is smoking and examining his new NCP patch. He puts it away when Jammer comes out, and the two friends share a smoke together. Jammer notices that Duck said he was going to quit, to which Duck says, "What frakking difference does it make now?," and leaves. Once alone, Jammer sits quietly, and reaches into his pocket to find the Cylon device Number Five gave him. After examining it, he rises and marches off toward the New Caprica Detention Center.


  • The original title of the webisode series was "Crossroads".
The Chinese Characters behind Tyrol in Webisode 7
  • Three Chinese characters can be seen on a crate behind Tyrol at around 2:10 (in the countdown-style timer used by the Video Player) in the seventh episode. They are "盐," "油" and "姜," meaning "salt," "oil" and "ginger" (all cooking ingredients), respectively.
  • Currently, for legal reasons, attempting to view the webisodes from outside of the USA will present you with a frozen video player stating either of two messages:
    • "Your video will begin playing after a brief advertisement.," a message typically meaning that a brief video ad will play before the playback of the selected video.
    • "We're sorry, but the clip selected isn't available from your location. Please select another clip." (if the user opens the video on Sci Fi's Pulse website)
Users outside of America will have to purchase or procure the Region 1 DVD of Season 3, a Blu-ray release of the same set, a television broadcast, or some other legal means becomes available to view them. To date, the current, bare-bones non-USA DVD releases do not contain these webisodes.


  • Jammer is unsurprised to hear that Tyrol and Boomer have been speaking. Apparently, they have resumed some sort of contact since the occupation. How does this sit with other members of the Resistance?


  • Who tipped off the Cylons?

Official Statements

When Battlestar Wiki asked Bradley Thompson about the webisode series, he said:

"It's true that David Weddle and I wrote the webisodes. Ron Moore and David Eick assigned them to us during the production of Exodus. The ten short segments combine to tell one story, which takes place during the Cylon Occupation that ended Season 2. The webisodes plant seeds that come to fruition in Season 3. They were all directed by Wayne Rose, the veteran director who's been doing 2nd Unit and 1stAD work for the series. The original title of the story was "Crossroads." The running lengths will vary with what's necessary to tell each segment of the story. The first cut I saw of all ten ran about 25 minutes. The run plan we were told was that they'd put up one a week as a countdown to the season premiere—but SciFi may have other ideas on that by now."

"Nora is played by Emily Holmes. Longo is spelled the way you have it."—contents of September 5, 2006 message from Bradley Thompson

"When they initially came to us we could have done just vignettes, and in fact the the staff thought of that approach to the webisodes. But when Brad and I got the assignment we thought, 'Let's just tell one story.' Network wanted it to play into the third season, so that gave us the inspiration to chronicle events that would pay off in the third season... [I remember Ron Moore saying] 'SciFi's ready to do it; they're ready to pay for them. You guys are doing it. Unless you don't want to. Have a story the day after tomorrow.' In a day or two Brad and I came up with the concept and a day after that we pitched them to SciFi. We wrote them in four days or something like that, and shot them the next week... The massacre in the temple has temp tracks we were going to loop and fix and make a lot better, but because we were forbidden to work on them anymore they went out as is. Of course people complained when they watched them and it just made us cringe because we very much wanted to correct that."—David Weddle in a October 2, 2006 interview with

"We said that we wanted a story that goes about a half hour—we wanted ten three minute things. Then it was like where does it naturally feel like we're going to get something exciting you're going to want to see more of in future webisode... They told us was that we could have anybody that was in Canada. All of our Canadian actors... Duck and Jammer perform actions in those episodes. Ron, when he wrote those, hinted at what put the characters in place to do those things and we thought, 'There's the story.'"—Bradley Thompson in a October 2, 2006 interview with

"We came up with the idea of telling one story over the couse of ten webisodes that will fill in the motivations of some peripheral characters who nevertheless play pivotal roles in the opening episodes of Season 3. We wanted to tell the story of Duck and Jammer, who had become close friends while on New Caprica, and show how a single tragic event—the temple massacre—propels them on divergent paths toward actions that will affect the outcome of the battle to liberate the human race."—David Weddle in a October 5, 2006 interview with SyFy Portal.

Contract Disputes and Production Delays

In an interview covering the WGA picket line on November 6, 2007, Ron D. Moore indicated that NBC-Universal had wanted to produce a series of online webisodes, but didn't want to pay anyone for it, seeing as they considered such things as promotional material and were not actually covered under the Writers Guild of America contract. The Battlestar Galactica writing team embraced the new story opportunity, but other NBC-Universal series such as The Office felt that webisodes were nothing but extra filler they were being forced to crank out.

Initially refusing to do them, Moore and NBC-Uni hammered out a deal whereby people would be paid.[2] According to Bradley Thompson, the writing team was given extra pay for vaguely described "extra work" after but no long-term resolution was ever reached. However, while the deal for payment was made, Moore was later told that they wouldn't be credited for their work, and refused to hand over the episodes based on that fact.[2]

According to Bradley Thompson, the webisodes were originally meant to be aired once a week (in much the same fashion as the Razor Flashbacks that precede the airing of "Razor"), for the 10 weeks preceding the Season 3 premiere on October 6th. This would have resulted in the webisodes premiering in mid-August. However, their release was delayed due to a the aforementioned labor dispute between the Writer's Guild of America and NBC-Universal regarding extra pay for the writers doing the webisodes, despite the fact that they were mostly completed.

The WGA is concerned about the long-term implications of online content: writers are not specifically compensated for their work on them, and NBC-Uni might argue that they have no claim on redistribution profits if they try to classify it as "promotional" material. By August 2006 the negotiations between the WGA and NBC-Uni broke down, and the WGA ordered all series producing webisodes (such as Battlestar Galactica and The Office) to refuse to physically deliver the webisodes to NBC-Uni for distribution online. NBC-Universal, who produces both shows, has filed a complaint with National Labor Relations Board, claiming that this writing is included in the current WGA contract and urging the NLRB to make the series release the material.

However, several weeks later the finished webisodes were taken by NBC-Uni, who did not resolve the issue of crediting the writers or people who produced the webisodes.[2] Thus Ron Moore took it upon himself to credit the people responsible via his blog on the official SCIFI Channel website.

The first of ten webisodes were released on Tuesday, September 5, 2006, and subsequent installments were released every Tuesday and Thursday until the Season 3 premiere on October 6, 2006.

Noteworthy Dialogue

Saul Tigh: This is all that's left? This is frakkin' pathetic. This keeps up, we'll have nothing but rocks left to throw at the bastards.
Galen Tyrol: Yeah, and nobody to throw them.
James Lyman: Duck hates the toasters, no doubt about that.
Saul Tigh: He's also an ex-Viper jock with 40 kills. Talk to him. Make him understand that we need him. Throw in some poetic crap about the struggle for liberty against the Cylon oppressors—whatever it takes! (Lyman exchanges looks with Tyrol) We need more people or this resistance movement is gonna die in its crib.
Jammer: What about the ten innocent people? Why don't you tell Duck what a bargain you got for Nora's life?
Saul Tigh: You got that ass-backwards, sonny. We didn't shoot those people, the chrome jobs did...
Jammer: Because we hid weapons there!
Tigh: Hey! We're not playing pattycake here. These bastards burned up twenty billion of us, you gonna say that's our fault, too? Instead of bawlin' like a little girl, you should focus on getting some payback.
Jammer: Is that all this is about to you? Blood for blood?
Tigh: We're at war! War is messy! People get killed—good people, nice people. Get that through your head, or get out! We don't need any cry-babies in this outfit.


These are listed in the order they appeared during the 10 episodes.

Cast Member Character Episode(s)
Nicki Clyne Cally Tyrol 1 4 5 10
Aaron Douglas Galen Tyrol 1 2 3 5 7 9 10
Christian Tessier Tucker "Duck" Clellan 1 2 3 5 9 10
Dominic Zamprogna Jammer 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10
Michael Hogan Saul Tigh 1 2 3 6 7 10
Emily Holmes Nora Farmer 1 3 4
Alisen Down Jean Barolay 2 3 6 10
Carmen Moore Sister Tivenan 2 10
Matthew Bennett Number Five 7 8


In his September 6th 2006 official blog post, Ronald D. Moore recognized all the crew involved in the production of the webisodes.

Director: Wayne Rose. Writers: Bradley Thompson & David Weddle. Executive Producers: Ron D. Moore and David Eick. Producer: Harvey Frand. Co-Producers: Bradley Thompson & David Weddle. Producer, Post Production work: Paul Leonard. Director of Photography: John Drake. Editors: Michael O'Halloran, Tim Kinzy, Ian Kezbaum, and Harry Jierjian. Music: Bear McCreary.

Visual Effects Supervisor: Gary Hutzel. Unit Production Manager: Boris Ivanov. First Assistant Directors: Shirley-Anne Parsons and Alexia Droz. Second Assistant Director: Mindy Heslin. Set Costumes Supervisor: Keith Parent. Make-up Artist: Ankara Eden. Second Assistant, Make-up: Liz Raman Nair. First Assistant, Hair Stylist: Jamie McKay. Prop Assistants: Glenn Hilworth, Gerry Thompson, and Robert Stecky. Sound Mixer: Mark Noda.

Boom Operators: Keith Henderson and Tony Wyman. First Assistant Camera: Shannon Abbott. Digital Imaging Technician: Tracy Sim. Gaffer: Guy Patterson. Best Boy, Electric: Paul Bougie. Genny Operator: Murray Chysyk. Lamp Operator: Blair McDonald. Key Grip: Mark Leiterman. Best Boy Grips: Dave McKinlay and Ron Baran. Script Supervisor: Carol Green-Lundy. Medic and Craft Services: Tim Gunderson.

Battlestar Galactica Main Title Theme by Richard Gibbs.

Scoring and Orchestral Engineer: Steve Kaplan. Music Editor: Michael Baber. Special Effects Coordinators: Al Collis and Kevin Andruschak.

Studio Executive: Richard Rothstein. Studio Executive in Charge of Production: Todd Sharp. Network Executives: Mark Stern and Erik Storey.


Ron D. Moore added a special dedication to the credits:

All of the above people worked above and beyond the call of duty to deliver these Webisodes to you and they did it while also working to deliver the regular episodes of the third season. They did it without any template of how these things were to be done and they did it in defiance of a limited budget and a extraordinarily truncated shooting schedule.

I'm proud of them and proud of their work. I hope you'll agree.


  1. "Unfortunately it seems like these webisodes are exclusives to and Sky don't have any publishing rights to them just yet. We are working to acquire these sorts of extras but it's a work in progress..." - Sky One forum Administrator 09-07-2006
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