Black market (organization)

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The black market is an underground organization within the fleet of refugee human ships through which illicit and unofficial trades of goods, both essential and exotic, are executed. Prometheus is described by Tom Zarek as the "hub of the black market." Notable items traded on the black market included antibiotics, fumarellos, and the services of escorts[1]

Until some time after the Battle of the Resurrection Ship, the underground organization is headed by Phelan. Under his control, the black market regularly withholds inventory to inflate prices. The black market is also known for other dealings, some of which crossed the line between being merely illegal and being clearly harmful and immoral. After Phelan's death, Captain Lee Adama explains to Phelan's likely successors that as long as these shady practices stopped, the black market would be allowed to continue business. Despite President Laura Roslin's misgivings, the black market still functions within the fleet, and is essential in distributing hard to find supplies (TRS: "Black Market").


  1. Though some prostitution was arranged by the black market, the practice itself does not appear to be illegal.