Alastair Thorne

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Alastair Thorne
Alastair Thorne


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Birth Name Alastair Thorne
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Introduced Pegasus
Death Killed by Galen Tyrol. (TRS: "Pegasus")
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Role Cylon Interrogator
Rank Lieutenant
Serial Number 873827[1]
Portrayed by Fulvio Cecere
Alastair Thorne is a Cylon
Alastair Thorne is a Final Five Cylon
Alastair Thorne is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Alastair Thorne is an Original Series Cylon
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Lieutenant Alastair Thorne is an officer aboard the battlestar Pegasus.

Thorne's role is well known among his fellow crewmates as the "Cylon Interrogator." His method of interrogation includes torture and sexual assault, aided by Pegasus marines. Thorne and his men apparently raped the captured Number Six infiltrator known as Gina Inviere on a routine basis, with his men "lining up for turns" with her, leading to her near-catatonic mental condition (TRS: "Pegasus""[[|]]", "Razor")[[Category:]].

Thorne is raping the Caprica copy of Sharon Valerii in Galactica's special brig when Galen Tyrol and Karl Agathon intervene to stop him. Thorne is accidentally killed when Tyrol throws him against the brig's wall, and Thorne's skull is pierced by an exposed bolt. Admiral Helena Cain, who appears to be complicit in Thorne's interrogation behavior, arrests Tyrol and Agathon (TRS: "Pegasus").

Colonel Jack Fisk explains to the jailed Agathon and Tyrol that he, as well as many others among the Pegasus crew, owed Lt. Thorne their lives—roughly fifty in total, according to Specialist Gage. In fact, Thorne was apparently well-admired by the crew, to the extent that Gage and Specialist Vireem come to Tyrol and Agathon's cell to antagonize and abuse them (TRS: "Resurrection Ship, Part II").


  1. Serial number is from his dogtags.