Pluton poisoning

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Pluton poisoning is a form of radiation that breaks down the proteins in food, thus rendering it a useless, incompatible foodstuff. Typically, this is the result of fallout from pluton bombs.

Pluton poisoning affects a bulk of the food supply after the Fleet makes their exodus from the now-Cylon-held Twelve Colonies. Jolly detects the poisoning (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").


In a deleted scene from "Saga of a Star World," Dr. Paye and Serina's conversation provides additional insight into this, noting that pluton poisoning is the result of Cylons mixing some kind of "neutron weapon with their explosives." It not only affects the cellular structure of foodstuffs but people as well, and thus the origin of Serina's aggressive cancer. Paye notes that Serina had been one of the known few who were affected by that weapon, and that it took longer for the symptoms to manifest. He gives her a prognosis of a few days before she dies.