Cylon transport (TOS-DE alternate)

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Cylon transport
Cylon transport
Race: Cylon
Type: Military
Crew: At least 3 entities
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Role: Transport
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Additional Information

A Cylon transport, similar in design to the Cylon Raider, is a spacefaring ship in the Cylon war machine.

Larger than one-seater Colonial Vipers, the transport features a dorsal-favoring bottom loading ramp with a built-in life support system. The cockpit mirrors that of the Raider, as it features two control stations at the fore, and a command station at the aft.

Starbuck's Trojan Horse[edit]

One such transport, somehow acquired by the Fleet during its flight from their decimated Colonies, is later appropriated in 7358 by Captains Starbuck and Athena, with Countess Sephoni aboard so that she may divine access codes to allow infiltration into the super basestar to rescue Apollo.

The ship is used to exfiltrate Major Apollo back to Galactica (Battlestar Galactica: Death of Apollo #4).

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