Uri (alternate)

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Sire Uri, much like his canonical analogue, is the deceptive politician who is elected to the Quorum of Twelve after the Cylon attack against the Twelve Colonies.

Marvel comics

Uri as depicted in the Marvel comics.

After departing Kobol, and while still in the magnetic void, Uri schemes to remove Adama from his presidency in order to obtain power for himself. He tries to force Adama to abandon the sub-light ships, however Master Technician Shadrack convinces the Council that every sub-light ship could be converted to faster-than-light capacity within two weeks. Still, Uri's sticking point is the Fleet's ultimate destination: Earth. Considering Earth to be nothing more than some myth, he attempts to paint Adama as a madman, and threatens to ask for Adama's resignation if he cannot prove Earth's existence. This forces Adama's use of the memory inducer in order to bring forward the fleeting memory of what he saw on the inscriptions (The Memory Machine).

With Adama occupied, Uri orchestrates the loss of two of the Fleet's ships (The Memory Machine, All Things Past and Present), and uses this "emergency" to force the Council to elect him as president (The Memory Machine) during a party aboard the Rising Star two days later (The Memory Machine). As the Fleet's legal leader, he assumes command of Galactica and attempts to have Adama killed; Colonel Tigh manages to thwart the initial attack with Cassiopea's help. Further, when the Fleet's agro ship goes missing—which is not planned by Uri or his harem, Medea—he panics and tries to stop his own men with Apollo's help. However, much to his dismay, the firefight damages the inducer's controls: Adama is locked inside the machine, apparently permanently (All Things Past and Present).

After the assassination attempt on Adama's life, Uri and his men are placed under arrest pending judgment from the Council, despite Uri claims that his men misinterpreted his denunciations of Adama, effectively acting on their own (Space-Mimic!).