The Mutiny

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The Mutiny
"The Mutiny"
An unproduced script for the Original Series
Writer(s) Guy Magar
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Production No. 50914
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The Mutiny
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The Council of the Twelve votes to settle on the nearby planet Zarta, ending the fleet’s journey to Earth. The people of the fleet are jubilant at the news, but most the warriors including Adama and Apollo are against the idea. Although the Cylons have not been seen in a long time, Adama doubts they won’t encounter them again. Soon, the people begin to settle on the planet, and the warriors decide to join them. Only a skeleton crew remains on Galactica including Adama, Apollo, and Colonel Tigh.

Meanwhile, Baltar and the Cylons discover the fleet. Baltar wonders why they have stopped on Zarta and orders the Cylons to monitor the planet until two more Cylon basestars arrive. The Colonials begin to construct small cities. Trouble starts up when the Taurians build their own city away from everyone else. Food soon becomes scarce, causing friends to become enemies. The next night, several wild daggits enter one of the camps and attack Boxey, who is then saved by Starbuck with his blaster. Other warriors come rushing to help, and the daggits are driven back into the forest. As they escape, a wild man is seen running alongside them.

Starbuck and Boomer run after him and eventually discover an old deserted settlement. It is almost a ghost-town with windblown doors and a main street that is overgrown with weeds. When they enter the town, they are stunned to see several human skeletons and dead Cylons lying in the streets. Then, suddenly, they are attacked by the wild daggits, but they kill them with their lasers. They find the old man standing there wearing a golden amulet engraved with the sign of the Lords of Kobol.

In space, the Cylons launch a surprise attack on Galactica. Baltar contacts Adama and demands that he surrender. Adama realizes that Galactica is helpless without viper support, so he reluctantly surrenders. He pilots a viper towards Baltar’s basestar to make it official.

On Zarta, violence is about to break out among the people. Starbuck and Boomer arrive with the old man and get their attention. They play a video cassette in which another elderly man says that a portion of the thirteenth tribe originally settled here and allowed the rest to continue to Earth. Their civilization did not last long, though, as greed and infighting spread. Eventually, they became to weak to defend themselves against the Cylons and were destroyed. He then warned anyone listening that they should continue on their journey to Earth.

In space, Adama’s viper approaches Baltar’s Cylon basestar and opens fire, although he has no chance of winning. Before the Cylons can destroy his ship, all of Galactica’s vipers arrive and defeat the Cylons, forcing Baltar to retreat. The Colonials quickly leave Zarta and continue their journey through space. Adama speaks to the old man, Bengun, in his quarters and invites him to join the fleet.[1]

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