Fire in Space (script)

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"Fire in Space"
An unproduced script for the Original Series
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Fire in Space
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The script that the completed episode of the same name is based has several major differences between its script and final product.

  • Starbuck, Apollo, and Boomer are undercover in a bar attempting to find information on the Cylon pursuit.
  • The Cylons have a plan to attack and ram Galactica called "The Delta Factor".
  • Starbuck is convicted of killing the husband of a woman he meets.
  • Apollo is forced to seek out laser power packs for Adama's surgery.
  • Starbuck uses his Viper to extinguish a blaze.
  • Boxey, who just happens to witness the murder Starbuck is falsely charged with doing, is targeted by the real killer himself, but is saved (in a timely fashion) by Apollo.


  • Coincidentally, this is the script that results in Sloan getting a story-by credit on "Murder on the Rising Star," since the murder plot in this original script draft is moved to become part of the "Murder" episode.

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