Two For Twilly

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Two For Twilly
"Two For Twilly"
An unproduced script for the Original Series
Writer(s) Jim Carlson and Terrence McDonnell
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Production No. 50907
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Two For Twilly
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Written by Jim Carlson and Terrence McDonnell


Starbuck and Apollo's friend, Chief Twilly, the only gyro specialist on Galactica juggles two wives: Zeena and Gayla. Starbuck and Apollo help him deal with his complex marital issues.


The Colonial fleet approaches a deadly megastar with a gravity field that could pull the entire fleet into the star if they get too close. A plan is made to use the star's gravity to slingshot the fleet ahead at great speed. The only ship in the fleet not yet prepared for the slingshot effect is Agroship 3, which needs a special diode installed in the navigation system. Starbuck and Apollo fly to the agroship to deliver the diode. Zeena accompanies them. She is transferring to the ship to be with her husband, Twilly, a gyro-specialist. She plans to surprise him with the transfer. Little does she know that Twilly has another wife, Gayla, on board.

Twilly is shocked when he sees Zeena. Starbuck and Apollo soon learn what's going on and are stunned by his stupidity. Twilly manages to install the diode, and the fleet begins to go past the star.

Despite Starbuck and Apollo's best efforts, Gayla and Zeena eventually run into each other and learn that the other is also married to Twilly. Gayla is furious and shoots at Twilly with a laser, damaging the navigational equipment. The ship quickly moves off course and heads towards the mega star. Apollo helps Captain Demeter to stabilize the ship, but it only buys them some time.

Sheba and Boomer take a shuttle to the agroship to bring a new stabilizer. They have to abort landing, though, because Twilly realizes that the weight of the shuttle would upset the delicate balance of the ship. Unable to deliver the stabilizer, they straddle the ship's surface and use the shuttle's thrusters to try and slow her drift.

Twilly is so upset that he is unable to make the necessary repairs. Starbuck gets frustrated and threatens to tell Gayla and Zeena that he was deliberately out to hurt them. Ultimately, Starbuck gets the women to say they forgive him to get his mind back on track. After that, Twilly easily installs the stabilizer and the agroship is saved. He then learns that Gayla and Zeena never want to see him again and Adama dissolves both marriages. Twilly then radios the Rising Star and talks to his third wife, Vella.


  • Two For Twilly is an average script. There's nothing really bad about it, but nothing really great, either.
  • Two For Twilly was very nearly filmed. The scripts were passed out to the cast and crew, and preliminary casting was underway when it was pulled due to conflicts with ABC over the story. A young Jamie Lee Curtis read for the role of one of the wives.
  • There is a chance this script would have been eventually produced had the show gone a second season.


A PDF of the script File:Two for Twilly script.pdf.