Saga of a Star World (early draft)

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This article has information from unproduced scripts or other unused production content.
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Differences in the Characters

  • Skyler is the early name for Apollo. It was presumably changed due to its similarity with Luke Skywalker of the Star Wars movies.
  • Starbuck is much younger than Skyler. At one point, Skyler refers to Starbuck as “a naïve young boy.”
  • Lyra is the early name for Serina.
  • Lyra adopts Boxey after his parents are killed in the attack.
  • Anton is the early name for Sire Uri.
  • There is no Cassiopeia.
  • There is no romance between any of the characters, although it is implied that Athena has feelings for Starbuck. She was likely meant to be the main love interest for Starbuck, but Athena's role was later dramatically reduced due to Maren Jensen's limited acting skills.
  • There is a droid named Zeus who appears in a single scene.
  • Muffit has curly hair and a tongue that hangs out and pants. Its tail wags frantically.

Differences in the Plot

  • The script begins with Skyler and Zac flying through space and quickly discovering the Cylon tanker.
  • Athena is the one who, in the corridor outside the landing bay, tells Skyler that Zac is dead.
  • Imperious Leader orders Baltar to be executed, but later changes his mind and offers him his life if he will help the Cylons find the remaining humans. Baltar says he will on the condition that he will rule the humans. He says he knows where the humans will go and decides to take only two Cylons with him on his mission.
  • There is not just a food shortage threatening the survivors. Twenty-two ships in the Colonial fleet have broken down.
  • Starbuck shows Skyler the fleet’s livestock which includes two unicorns. They’ve run out of food to feed them.
  • Adama chooses Skyler and Starbuck to destroy the minefield.
  • Athena protests to Adama that they should have gone to Borallus instead. Adama suspects she has feelings for Starbuck.
  • When Starbuck and Boomer discover the gambling resort, they suspect that Baltar is the one who set it up.
  • In the casino, Starbuck plays a card game called Hi-Lo or 7/11. The object of the game is to draw a hand as close as possible to 7 or 11.
  • Ovion warriors blow up Starbuck and Boomer's shuttle.
  • Boomer is quickly captured by the Ovions after leaving Starbuck alone in the casino.
  • Adama comes down to the surface of Carillon to join the search for Boxey and Jolly.
  • After Starbuck wins big at the casino, Skyler pulls out his gun on the dealer and demands to know why he is letting Starbuck win and why nobody ever loses. Everyone in the casino freaks out, and Starbuck pulls out his own gun when he realizes the Ovions are going to come after them for creating a disturbance. Starbuck shoots the chandelier and it falls to the floor. Everyone scatters, and Starbuck and Skyler make their escape into the tunnels.
  • Tigh tries to convince Adama to allow people to visit Carillon. Adama decides to visit Carillon again.
  • On his way to his shuttle, Adama is approached by several council members including Anton who inform him that he has been elected president of the Council of Twelve. But they want him to allow people to visit Carillon. Adama refuses, and they decide to accompany him to Carillon. Adama gives Tigh an envelope before he leaves.
  • Lotay enters a secret chamber and says “By your command” to Baltar, who sits on a throne with the two Cylons at his side. He wants Adama to stay on Carillon.
  • Boxey wanders off into the tunnels and discovers that many humans have been captured inside tanks by the Ovions. He runs away when the Ovions spot him. Muffit runs off in another direction.
  • Lyra and Athena are on a guided tour of the mine when they see Muffit get captured by the Ovions and become alarmed. They are taken prisoner by the Ovions as well. Baltar calls for the Imperious Leader to attack. The Cylons launch their fighters.
  • Adama reaches the casino, and Apollo and Starbuck alert all the people after they discover what the Ovions are up to. They all try to escape, but the chamber becomes sealed.
  • Baltar's image appears on multiple screens all around them. He orders all the warriors there to throw down their weapons. He has Adama in shackles at his side. He tells Adama to surrender or he will simply let the Cylons obliterate them. Baltar will continue selling the Cylons tylium in exchange for allowing him to rule the Colonials. If the Cylons refuse, he will ignite the tylium and destroy the entire planet. Adama agrees to surrender on his terms and sends a transmission to Tigh to send all remaining warriors down to the surface. Unknown to Baltar, the message was actually a code telling Tigh to to launch an attack on the casino.
  • When the Colonial fighers approach the planet, Baltar expects them to land, but instead they open fire, taking Baltar and the Ovions by surprise. In the chaos, the people stampede out of the casino.
  • Muffy leads Starbuck to Baltar’s throne room where Adama and Athena are being held. Starbuck arrives and shoots Balter, killing him, just before he was about to shoot Adama. The two Cylons are destroyed as well.
  • As they leave, they find Muffy destroyed. Starbuck frees Boomer who is locked up with other Colonials.
  • The Cylon fighters arrive but are defeated by the Colonial fighters.
  • Starbuck pilots a shuttle with the remaining Colonials on board. The planet Carillon explodes behind them because the Colonial fighters ignited the Tylium with their lasers. Boomer is amazed that Starbuck went out of his way to save the three female alien singers.

Differences in Terminology

  • The fighter craft are called Colonial fighters and Cylon fighters, not vipers and raiders.
  • Starbuck says “Feljurcreb” instead of “Felgercarb.”
  • Besides centons, there are other units of time such as heros and militons.
  • Much of the dialogue in the first half of the script survived intact in the final version.

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