A Flight For Life

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A Flight For Life
"A Flight For Life"
An unproduced script for the Galactica 1980 series
Writer(s) Robert W. Gilmer
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Production No. 55113
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The Galactica's scanners detect Cylon probes that are designed to locate life forms, obviously hoping to discover Earth. Colonial Vipers launch to intercept the probes. One is captured. The rest are destroyed. Later on, Boomer disconvers a probe that avoided them, but it is just now entering the Earth's atmosphere. There is concern that if the people of Earth find the probe, they will have concrete proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Dillon and Troy fly to Earth hoping to find the probe.

Unfortunately, the U.S. military detects the probe's landing, and Col. Sydell decides to investigate. He, aling with Major Downey and Master Sgt. Canon, finds the probe in a field. Sydell picks up the probe and takes it back to his base. Troy and Dillon and Troy arrive soonafter, but it is too late.

On Galactica, it is discoverd that the probes carry a micro-organism capable of killing any living thing it infects. If the probe isn't recovered soon, all life on Earth could die.

Troy and Dillon tail Sydell back to his air force base. They steal uniforms and sneak inside. At that moment, Jamie arrives to interview Sydell. Dillon and Troy tell her what is happening and she agrees to help. Jamie interviews Sydell and convinces him to show her the probe. Troy and Dillon follow and learn its location. After Jamie and Sydell leave, they steal it, setting off alarms in the process. The duo steal a motorcycle and crash through the gate. Racing to their Vipers, they fly back to Galactica. Once they arrive, they learn from Dr. Zee that anyone who has touched the probe is a carrier of a deadly virus. After thirty-six hours, Sydell will become contagious. Fortunately, Dr. Zee has developed an antibiotic to cure the virus.

Troy and Dillon return to Earth and meet up with Jamie. She shows them some photographs of Master Sgt. Canon and Col. Downey, the two other men who also touched the probe. They decide to split up and secretly administer the antidote to each of the three men. They all must be cured before 7pm that evening or it will be too late.

Troy follows Canon to an airfield where they are conducting parachuting maneuvers. Troy suits up with the other soldiers and soon is iwth them in an airplane. Troy manages to inject Canon with the antidote just before jumping from the plane.

Dillon tails Downey to a gym and injects him with the antidote when he is able to get close. Jamie has followed Sydell to a restaurant. When he isn't looking, she puts the antidote in his water glass, but he accidentally knocks it over. He leaves the restaurant without getting the antidote and returns to his hotel rooom. 7pm arrives and Sydell is now contagious. Jamie meets Troy and Dillon at the restaurant and sadly tells them what happend. They then decide to bring Sydell to Galactica for treatment.

That night, the trio breaks into Sydell's hotel room and kidnap him, taking him to Galactica where Dr. Zee is able to cure him. Sydell awakens briefly and is in shock to discover that he is in outer space! He is quickly sedated, and Dr. Zee's memory machine erases Sydell's memories what happened. Soonafter, Troy, Dillon and Jamie are able to return him to Earth.[1]


  • This story has an abundance of fish-out-of-water humor.

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