Tad Thorean

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Tad Thorean
Tad Thorean


Colony Caprica
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Introduced There is Another Sky
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Role V-world gamer, food preparation facility employee, student
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Portrayed by Richard Harmon
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Tad Thorean (b. 06-04-27YR) is a resident of Caprica City, and a holoband-gamer under the alias of "Heracles." His student ID number is 9153 015 005.

In v-world, he worked for Vesta in New Cap City until he was approached by a girl who claimed she could not wake herself up from the game. He took the girl to Vesta, who offered her a deal: if Tamara helped Vesta in New Cap City, Vesta would help find a way to wake up Tamara in the real world.

Heracles then traveled to the game with Tamara in order to "steal" the avatar of another high-ranking gamer named Chiron. Heracles and Tamara found Chiron at a speakeasy, where Tamara distracted him and his guards by posing as a jilted girlfriend while Heracles took a digital copy of Chiron's avatar. Tamara was shot in the altercation, but Heracles extracted her from the club, and demonstrated his new ability to shift between his own avatar and Chiron's. The two later visited a bank where Chiron kept a vault, and after dismissing the guards, Heracles instructed Tamara to enter a code which Vesta had discovered inscribed on manhole covers around the city.

Heracles proceeded to collect as much of Chiron's money as possible before the bank alarm sounded and two guards rushed into the vault. He was pushed to the ground by Tamara as the guards opened fire and Tamara was hit with several rounds before summoning her own will to alter the code of the game, forcibly derezzing the guards before collapsing.

After the robbery, Heracles learned the Vesta could not return Tamara to the real world, and rather intended to continue using her as a pawn in the game. Tamara used Heracles' weapons to kill everyone in the room except Vesta, then instructed Heracles to return to the real world and tell Joseph Adama that she was trapped in v-world. Tad removed his holoband and traveled to 615 Olympic #3, where he found Adama in the midst of a wake for his daughter and wife and told him that Tamara was trapped in v-world. Joseph screamed that Tamara was dead, and Tad fled with Joseph in pursuit before escaping (CAP: "There is Another Sky").

Tad was later tracked down by Evelyn at Joseph's request (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy") and when attempting to aid Joseph Adama in surviving New Cap City, his avatar is derezzed by strafing autogyros launched from the dirigible. Despite his inevitable anger, he sends Emmanuelle to aid Adama, although she demands a price for her assistance (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory").