List of Deleted Scenes (Caprica)

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These deleted scenes from Caprica are from the Region 2 Blu-ray set, but are not fully mastered as these were likely pulled from raw cuts.

Caprica pilot

Scene 4-5: Zoe's Reprimand by Sister Willow

Zoe Graystone about to kiss Sister Clarice Willow's ring (CAP: "Pilotdeleted scene).

Following Prefect Caston's discovery of Zoe Graystone's forbidden use of a holoband in the restroom, Graystone is brought before Sister Clarice Willow. In her closed office, Willow admonishes Graystone for having second thoughts and "acting out, looking for ways to get caught."

Graystone protests that she isn't, but Willow assures her that it's all right for her to have second thoughts, as it is "perfectly natural, especially in someone so young" and that she "need not be ashamed of your fear." Willow notes that Graystone is at a crossroads, and can only go either backwards or forwards.

Graystone reaffirms her decision to go forward, noting that she hasn't been so certain of anything in her life. Willow then notes that she'll send a formal letter of misconduct to the Graystones, but wishes her good luck. Graystone kisses Willow's ring, and is dismissed from the office.

Outside the office, Lacy Rand meets Graystone and they discuss their next steps; Graystone reiterates Willow's statements about having second thoughts and not being ashamed of the fear they bring. Rand reaffirms her desire to go through with their plan.

Scene 97-98: Joseph and Willie Adama Discuss Virtual Reunification with their Dead Loved Ones

Ruth snidely retorts in Tauronese about Joseph Adama "speaking like a man," following his use of a Tauronese vulgarism (CAP: "Pilotdeleted scene).

While walking back home, Joseph Adama and Willie Adama discuss the possibility of having Tamara Adama and Shannon Adama back in their lives, even in a virtual world form. Willie is resistant, knowing that they're dead and replying that "moving on is the best thing to do."

After entering the domicile, a hostile Joseph Adama tells Willie to go to his room with haste. Following that, he rebukes Ruth for planting ideas in Willie's head relating to the Temple of Mars and a dismissal of the virtual after-life. Ruth dismisses Joseph's opinion, noting that it is like "those Caprican nut cases and their afterlife nonsense."

Joseph tells Ruth off in Tauronese, and Ruth presses on with her belief that Willie knows he is a Tauron "deep down inside," and that the his heritage should not lost to him and buried under degenerate Caprican societal beliefs. Joseph reminds her that Willie is his son, not hers, and that he will not be reminded of his Tauron heritage.

Scene 122: Sam Adama tells Joseph Adama about Zoe Graystone

Sam Adama informs Joseph Adama about Zoe Graystone's involvement in the Maglev 23 bombing (CAP: "Pilotdeleted scene).

At night, Sam Adama drives up to Joseph Adama, who is walking along a street.[1][2] Sam informs him that their source at the Global Defense Department confirms Zoe Graystone, Daniel Graystone's daughter, is the one of the terrorists who bombed the Maglev 23.

Joseph tells Sam to wait on exacting their vengeance, wanting to learn more about the reasons behind the bombing.

Scene 124-135: Lacy Rand leads Sister Clarice Willow to Zoe-A's Sanctum

Lacy Rand and Clarice Willow's entry into Zoe-A's V-Club sanctum (CAP: "Pilotdeleted scene).

In the V-Club, Lacy Rand and Clarice Willow make their way to Zoe-A's sanctum, only to find her absent. Willow desires to see more of this place, to which Rand replies that "there's some rough stuff" in the virtual simulation. Willow retorts that she grew up on the slums of Sagittaron: "believe me, there's nothing in the Twelve Worlds that can shock me."

Note: This is the only time a Sagittaron connection in her past is noted. In the series proper, all other information about her youth is based around Gemenon, suggesting that this scene was discarded due to both this backstory revision and the abandonment of the Ben-A subplot.

Scene 137: Clarice Willow Discovers an Avatar of Ben Stark

Ben-A stares outward during his embrace with Clarice Willow (CAP: "Pilotdeleted scene).

In the throng of V-Club revelers, Lacy Rand and Clarice Willow bid each other farewell after Lacy notices her phone is ringing in the real world.

Willow continues on, being called out by an avatar of Ben Stark deeper in the throng. Willow tells him that she prayed that he would be found in the V-World. He replies that "their prayers have been answered" and they embrace. Unseen by Willow, Ben-A menacingly stares on beyond her should during the embrace.

Reins of a Waterfall

"Pyramid Tonight" Segment on Maglev 23 Revelations

Abasi Lowe and Steve Bahara discuss the affect the Maglev 23 bombing revelations have had on the Caprica Buccaneers (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfalldeleted scene).

"Pyramid Tonight"'s commentators Abasi Lowe and Steve Bahara discuss the ramifications of Amanda Graystone's bombshell confession regarding her daughter's role in the Maglev 23 bombing (CAP: "Rebirth").

Lowe reports that not only have demands for refunds from Caprica Buccaneers ticket holders spiked, but also that players from the team wish to be traded out. Bahara himself suggests that Daniel Graystone step away from the team until the matter is cleared up for the good of the team and the sport in general.

Zoe-R Asks Serge for Help in Building a Holoband Interface

Zoe-R asks Serge for help (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfalldeleted scene). Note: Alessandra Torresani is speaking to a chroma-stick stand-in for Serge, featuring a blue-colored LED denoting Serge's "eye line."

Unable to wear a standard holoband in her robotic form, Zoe-R asks Serge for help. In the discussion that follows in Daniel Graystone's home workshop, Zoe gives Serge a shopping list of her needs, including a wireless mobile pack from her old room, a set of tools, and privacy.

Serge asks if he should lock the residence in "maximum security mode," but Zoe-R specifically asks to be notified when anyone comes down stairs. He replies using her name, which pleases her; Serge replies that it's nice to "have her home."

Note: Alessandra Torresani is speaking to a chroma-stick stand-in for Serge, featuring a blue-colored LED denoting Serge's "eye line." As the scene was cut, CGI work was not composited for this scene, even in pre-visualization form. Additionally, the chroma-stick was radio control (RC) operated, likely added upon a modified RC-car chassis, which can be heard in this scene as "Serge" leaves the camera shot.

Ruth Presses Joseph to Further Embrace his Tauron Heritage

Ruth asks Joseph Adama if he's Tauron or Caprican (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfalldeleted scene).

Ruth cuts up meat in the kitchen while Joseph Adama drinks from a cup. The topic for discussion is justice for Shannon Adama and Tamara Adama. Joseph assures Ruth that justice shall be done as it should be, which Ruth replies that "those fancy court rooms just get in the way" of justice.

Joseph replies that there has to be order, and Ruth scoffs that "Order's nice, if it's on your side." She presses on, saying that he needs to start thinking about "who you are," and asks if he is a Tauron, invoking the Tauron pronunciation of his name in the inquiry. After asking the question again, Joseph ponders the answer and the scene ends.

Note: This is Ruth's only appearance in the episode, and so she is not credited in the episodes titles.


Baxter Sarno Extended Monologue

Baxter Sarno's monologue discussing Picon's demand of an apology from Caprica, prior to Daniel Graystone's interview post-Maglev 23 (CAP: "Gravedancingdeleted scene).

An extended version of Baxter Sarno's monologue before Daniel Graystone appears on stage in his first interview post-Maglev 23 bombing. In the monologue, Sarno notes that Picon demands Caprica apologize for "raising the ambient level of terror in the colonies," to which he punctuates with the punchline that Caprica would agree to do so on the condition that Picon "apologize for being a prick." He adds that he mocks Picon because they are "barely a planet."

He leads into his second and last joke about security being called to his studio for "bombing," but lacking the clarity in that he was the one "bombing" in his jokes. The audience boos in relation to the tone-deaf nature of the joke, while backstage Cyrus Xander notes that Graystone is about to be introduced on stage. Graystone knows and asks for a moment of composure, while Priyah Magnus sits by his side in the makeup room.

Zoe-R Instructs Serge to Purge All New References to Zoe

Zoe-R instructs Serge to purge all post-death references to Zoe from its database (CAP: "Gravedancingdeleted scene). Note: Chroma-stick with LED is used as a practical stand-in for Serge during shooting, with instructions to the VFX team to "add Serge" in post-production.

In Daniel Graystone's personal lab, Zoe-R instructs Serge to remove all new references (post Maglev 23 bombing) to Zoe Graystone to prevent her parents' knowledge of the avatar's existence, and to "actively deny" that she's here.

After Serge does so, Zoe-R asks Serge if they miss her. Serge doesn't understand the question due to the new instructions Zoe-R gave it, and Zoe-R notes that "she probably hurt a lot of people," and Serge replies that he has "no reason to disagree" with that assessment. Zoe-R dismisses Serge, and she returns to working on the laptop.

Note: In the initial scene, a clear tube with multiple green LEDs (and one blue LED for the eye-line), is shown with the chyron "VFX - ADD ZOE-ROBOT." As the camera transitions beyond the worktable, Alessandra Torresani appears as Zoe-R's humanoid form as she speaks to Serge, who is represented by a chroma-green stick with a singular blue LED eye-line indicator. After Serge is dismissed towards the end of the scene, a transition occurs using the worktable as a blocking mechanism to facilitate a switch-over to the Zoe-R as U-87 reference point. As the transition occurs, the clear tube with LED indicators can be seen shaking from its placement on camera by a hidden stagehand.


  1. This scene was shot on Dunsmir St. in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, as Joseph is walking towards the Granville St. intersection. This was shot in sight of the Sophos office building, which also has a Shoppers Drug Mart on the street level, located at 580 Granville St.
  2. Sophos Building Entry ( backup link)

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