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Battlestar Galactica's Unnamed Characters

This page lists all original series Battlestar Galactica characters who were never named either on screen or by any of the show's creatives.

The scope of this article is limited to characters who have either an on-screen credit or had an important interaction with a major character. For instance, the woman on the Gemini telling Iblis of how having two tallon plants would be a miracle enough would be notable, while the man falling off the roof during the Cylon attack on Caprica wouldn't.


Carillon Dancer

An unnamed human female dancer in a sparkly black ensemble dances throughout the club, notably during the events leading to the Gold Cluster ceremony lead by Sire Uri. When Boomer and Starbuck arrive, Starbuck tips her a cubit (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

The dancer is highly believed to have been portrayed by Kathy Lester.

Galactica crew


The deckhand restrains Athena from proceeding further as Starbuck's Viper Crashlands (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

An unnamed man served as a deckhand on the Battlestar Galactica at the time of the Battle of Cimtar and the Fall of the Twelve Colonies of Man. When Starbuck's Viper was damaged and came in for a crashlanding, he pulled Athena away from being hurt by the oncoming fighter (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

This deckhand was portrayed by Bruce Wright in "Saga of a Star World", who would later portrayed a Council Security guard lieutenant in "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I" and "Baltar's Escape, and Corporal Lomas in "The Man with Nine Lives".


Duty Officer

An Interfleet Navigation Operations Duty Officer aboard Galactica provides Aurora with coordinates to a nearby planet, thereby allowing Celestra mutineers' plans to proceed (TOS: "Take the Celestra").

The officer was portrayed by Robert Murvin.



Triad Officiator.

An Officiator oversees a triad game between Apollo/Starbuck and Ortega/Barton.

Boomer, a guest commentator, comments to Zed that he does not want to second question his calls in the game, despite the unnecessary roughness Ortega exhibits against Starbuck during the game. However, this Officiator later makes a call on Ortega's foul against Starbuck for "unnecessary blocking" during the game, and allows Starbuck a free shot against the other team's hoop. Later he ejects both Ortega and Starbuck from the game, which leads to a confrontation between the two Warriors near the turboshowers (TOS: "Murder on the Rising Star").

The officiator was portrayed by Ted Noose.

Statesman No. 1

The Statesman

A statesman who survived the Destruction of the Twelve Colonies by the Cylons, he went on to serve as part of the Council of the Twelve alongside other colleagues including Sire Uri and Sire Anton.

After the discovery of Carillon as a possible safe haven, he accompanied Uri to the chancery and was enjoying a meal and drink while his counterpart spoke of the possibly of settling on the planet within earshot of Apollo and Serina. The man was later at the Council session when Adama was informed of Uri's proposition of surrendering to the Cylons and destroy their arms. When the commander left the session in disgust, he spoke with Anton about placing this decision to the people of the Fleet. The statesman would later be with the rest of the Council during the planned ceremony in the chancery when it was discovered by the Warriors of the Ovion/Cylon plans for humanity (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

He was still a member of the council when the mysterious Count Iblis arrived and offered his leadership in exchange for their submission (TOS: "War of the Gods, Part I", "War of the Gods, Part II").

The statesman, identified by this title in the end credits, was portrayed by Norman Stuart in "Saga of a Star World" and "War of the Gods, Part I" and "Part II". In the novelization, the scene on Carillon with Uri identified him as Councillor Lobe of Piscera, though it is unclear if this was canon.

Statesman No. 2

A statesman who held the title of Sire had survived the Destruction of the Twelve Colonies by the Cylons, he went on to serve as part of the Council of the Twelve.

When Count Iblis was discovered and brought back to the fleet, the Sire was initially skeptical of the mysterious being, as was Commander Adama and expressed surprise when the visitor was already aware of the Council's decisions despite only just being made. When Baltar surrendered to the Colonials, the statesman passed the judgement on the traitor to be imprisoned aboard the Prison Barge for a life sentence. He then lead the push for Count Iblis to be named to the Council Presidency, though agreed to adjourn the meeting at Adama's request for a time. Ultimately, Iblis' true identity was revealed and he left the fleet ("War of the Gods, Part I", "War of the Gods, Part II").

The statesman was portrayed by John Williams in "War of the Gods" two-partner. In the novelization, his lines are attributed to an individual named Sire Montrose, though it is unclear if this was canon.


Eastern Alliance

Terra Nationalists

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