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Introduced Take the Celestra
Death KIA during the Reclamation of Celestra by Charka, "Take the Celestra"
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Role Commander, Celestra and 2 additional industrial ships
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Portrayed by Paul Fix
Kronus is a Cylon
Kronus is a Final Five Cylon
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Commander Kronus is a highly distinguished, career Colonial Military officer who previously commanded the battlestar Rycon and over 600 offensive-capable spacecraft that comprised of the Fourth Fleet during the final stages of the Thousand-Yahren War. His final yahren is spent commanding the Fleet's electronics support ship Celestra.

Thousand-Yahren War

Under his command, he thwarted a major Cylon offensive at the Battle of Cosmora Archipelago, despite injury and massive suffering. Sometime after the engagement, Adama was his aide; Kronus later remarked that the previous relationship between himself and Adama was better than the one shared after the flight from the Twelve Colonies, where the rules of leader and subordinate were reversed.

Kronus had retired sometime before the pseudo-peace talks ended up in the wholesale slaughter of the Human race, but was returned to active duty to command the electronics ship Celestra.


During the flight to the legendary thirteenth colony, Earth, Adama awards Kronus the Distinguished Service Medallion at a ceremony on Galactica and the Quorum awards him a Star of Kobol and command of two additional industrial ships—the parts and textile ships. He retains personal command of Celestra much to the disgust of his XO Charka, for he feels that Charka was not ready for command. Despite his grievances with the Fleet—which he calls a convoy—he also follows his duties, and is a strict officer who hasn't lost touch despite his age. He is also quite confident in Celestra crew, despite being civilian.

When Damon's mutiny breaks out and is subsequently quelled, Kronus follows procedure to the letter and decides to press charges in person. Charka, with the help of his accomplices (including Hermes), almost send Kronus to his death. With the help of the mutineers and the Warriors, they manage to sneak aboard Celestra and wrest control of it from the traitor.

Commander Adama leads Kronus' funeral service aboard Galactica (TOS: "Take the Celestra")

During the firefight on the bridge, the ships navigation console is shot-up and the ship careens uncontrollably. Kronus rushes to the manual steering column, and is killed at Charka's hand in the act of regaining control of Celestra. Adama commits Kronus to the realms of space, where he thrived, as the Fleet mourns his death just soon after they celebrated him (TOS: "Take the Celestra").


  • It is interesting that, in spite of Kronus' stringent observation of military methods and discipline, he would commit a military discipline faux pas by telling his personal opinions of the Fleet and Adama in front of subordinates, especially while on duty. Of further concern was his being unaware that a quick search and strike mission didn't permit Warriors to sort out the aggressors from the bystanders.

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Commanding Officer of the Fourth Fleet and Battlestar Rycon Succeeded by:
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