John Williams

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John Williams
John Williams
Portrays: Statesman
Date of Birth: April 15, 1903
Date of Death: May 5, 1983
Age at Death: 80
Nationality: UK UK
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John Williams (15 April 1903—5 May 1983) was a British actor whose career began on the English stage in 1916. His appearance as a member of the Council of Twelve in both parts of the Original Series' "War of the Gods", was the last acting role of his long career.

His most famous film roles were in the Alfred Hitchcock movies Dial M For Murder (with Ray Milland) and To Catch A Thief. He was also a frequent guest on the Alfred Hitchcock Presents television series, appearing in ten episodes.

Other notable TV guest roles included a comic William Shakespeare in the Twilight Zone episode "The Bard" and the 1971 Night Gallery episode, "The Doll." During the second season of the 1966 sitcom, Family Affair, he was a temporary replacement for Sebastian Cabot in nine episodes, when an injury forced Cabot to take time off from the show.


  • According to IMDb, his character was named "Sire Montrose". While no on-screen evidence supports this, Montrose is the name specifically given to the character in the War Of The Gods novelization by Nicholas Yermakov.
  • This British actor is neither related to nor is the famous American music composer of the same name.
  • He won the 1953 Tony Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Broadway play for his role in Dial M For Murder, which he would reprise in the 1954 movie version.
  • He gained fame as the star of a television commercial for a set of classical music records, "120 Music Masterpieces." This became the longest running nationally broadcast commercial in U.S. television history, running for almost 14 years, from 1971-1984 (continuing to run even after his death).

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