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Portrayed by Wilfrid Hyde-White
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Sire Anton is a member of the newly elected Quorum created after the Cylon holocaust.

When Galactica and the Fleet travel to the planet Carillon, Anton supports the actions of Sire Uri along with other Quorum members—Adama excluded (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").


  • The name of Sire Anton came from the novelization of "Saga of a Star World". In the children's book "The Battlestar Galactica Storybook" the character is female and thus referred to as Siress Antonie.
  • According to the novelization of "Saga of a Star World" he was formerly an aide to Adar and was from Scorpion (called Scorpia in the novelization).
  • Hyde-White's son, Alex Hyde-White, also appeared in the series as an unnamed Warrior.