Unnamed characters (RDM alternate)

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Battlestar Galactica's Unnamed Characters

For other unnamed characters in other continuities and series, see: Unnamed characters.

There are various unnamed characters in the comics based off the Re-imagined Series.

Baltar's girlfriend

Baltar's Caprican girlfriend.

Two years prior to the Fall of the Colonies, a girlfriend attends a Pyramid game with Gaius Baltar on Caprica. A gorgeous woman in her own right, she doesn't have a love of the game and is incensed when he pays more attention to Amorak, Amorak's mysterious lady friend, and Samuel Anders' Caprica Buccaneers. She and Baltar leave Amorak and his lady friend behind at the game, and offers a glib insult questioning the natural status of Six's breasts (Battlestar Galactica: Origins 1).

Earth Protectorate


Leader of the Earth Protectorate.

The leader of the Earth Protectorate is revealed in Battlestar Galactica 5. He tells his followers to capture the lists of Returners that are being distributed, after Laura Roslin and Commander William Adama's press conference reveals that the Returners have the keys to finding Earth.

Of course, he is oblivious to the fact that this was a ruse, thus allowing ships in the Fleet to repair their FTL drives while distracted by the alleged importance of the Returners (Battlestar Galactica 5).


A terrorist who may be part of Galactica's crew is a nurse. She is found by antebellum Centurions in their sweep of the ship, and her intentions were unknown (Battlestar Galactica 4).


Barge captain

Captain of a barge that survived the Cylon attack.

The captain of a barge survives the attack on the Colonies, as their crew was working on a non-union, illegal expansion of a satellite module. Faced with the fact that the barge can only support 20 people at a time, he gives ship time to the 100 survivors by allowing 20 to live on board while the rest have to live outside in EVA suits.

However, he favors those who brings him what he wants, thus sowing the seeds of mutiny that a second Sharon Valerii, found in space, is able to reap. With her recruited mutineers, the Number Eight is allowed to kill the captain and recruit the crew in order to bring the barge to the Fleet's last known coordinates (Battlestar Galactica 5).