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Colony Maytoria
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Introduced Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #2
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Children Jatu, daughter
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Freg is a Cylon
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Captain Freg is a co-leader of the Colonial resistance on the Colonial world of Maytoria.

Having been a part of some kind of military structure, Freg helps Stadra Ah Mun as part of the militia-cum-resistance after Maytoria is fiercely attacked by the Cylons during the Battle of Cimtar (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #2). He survives with his only daughter, Jatu, as his wife was slain during the attack (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #3).

After leaving the last of the resistance's strongholds, Freg accompanies the remaining resistance fighters to a pyramid that the Cylons not only use as a base of operations, but also possess troop transports capable of escaping the Cylon-held world. While en route, Freg succumbs to rage upon seeing Danle Rel's body strung over the front of a Cylon tank, and attacks prematurely.

While the group is successful in this premature offensive, Ah Mun and Starbuck are presumed lost in an accident after their commandeered Cylon tank falls into the sea. Freg dissuades the injured Boomer from jumping in after them, and they proceed onward (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #3).

Freg, Boomer, and the remaining resistance fighters stage an outward assault on the Cylons' central command pyramid, with Freg identifying a Cylon personnel carrier that they could use to evacuate everyone. With the timely return of Starbuck and Ah Mun, the survivors make their escape and recover the non-combatants, before making their way back to Galactica. The survivors' belief that they escaped the Cylons is short-lived as, unbeknownst to them, the personnel carrier is a Trojan horse with legions of Command Centurions lead by Maytorian's IL-series overseer that invades the last of the battlestar (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #4).

With Galactica infested by Cylons, Freg sees to it that his daughter is in the safe hands of Athena and Cassiopeia, and joins in repelling the boarders. His rage and resolve intensify at learning of Ah Mun's death during the incursion; Commander Adama forges this, instructing Freg to secure explosives from the munitions room and load them aboard the Cylon personnel carrier. Adama, arranging his capture by the Centurions, is brought to core command where he issues the voice command that engages the battlestar's self-destruct mechanism. Before Adama can be killed for his insolence, Freg storms the core command deck and forces the IL commander and his surviving centurions to retreat, just as intended.

The Cylons make their way to the basestar, and Muffit (as Freg instructed) detonates the explosives, destroying the nearby basestar and allowing Galactica and her Fleet to escape. Later, Adama shares his gratitude for Freg's actions during the incident, and Freg vows to fight alongside the Fleet for his daughter's sake (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #5).