Stadra's father

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Stadra's father
Stadra's father


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Colony Maytoria
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Introduced Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #2
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Children Stadra Ah Mun†, daughter
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Stadra's father[1] is a restauranteur on the Colonial world of Maytoria.

Prior to the Battle of Cimtar, he owned and operated the restaurant where his daughter, Stadra Ah Mun, worked as a cook (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #3).

Following Maytoria's fall to the Cylons, he and his daughter go into hiding, where Ah Mun becomes the de facto leader of the resistance forces on the planet. Upon her return with downed Colonial Warrior, battlestar Galactica's Lt. Starbuck , she jubliantly (and misguidedly) informs her father that Galactica has come to save them. Incensed at this, he corrects his daughter, sharing with her what another rescued warrior, Lt. Boomer, has informed them: Galactica believes the Warriors dead and would not likely return (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #2).

It is unknown if he survives the exodus from Maytoria and, should that be so, he outlives his daughter as she is later slain by Cylons during their incursion of Galactica (Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #5).


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term. Given the nebulous nature of familial nomenclature in Colonial society, referring to Stadra Ah Mun's father as "Mr. Ah Mun" was eschewed in favor of a simple statement, e.g. "Stadra's father," for the purposes of this entry.