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Birth Name Sheba
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Parents Cain (father)
Marital Status Single, involved with Apollo
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Role Viper pilot, battlestar Galactica
Rank Lieutenant
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Portrayed by Anne Lockhart
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Sheba is a Viper pilot on the battlestar Pegasus, who is transferred to Galactica after the apparent loss of Pegasus. Sheba is the daughter of Pegasus's commander, Cain.

In the Canonical Continuity

Pegasus Assignment

Sheba hangs out in the Warrior Lounge (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part I").

While leading a patrol with Bojay, Sheba encounters Starbuck and Apollo. Sheba orders the two Warriors to land on Pegasus. Once on board they learn that Sheba is not only Cain's daughter, but she is also the Strike Commander of Silver Spar Squadron. In the Warrior Lounge Sheba and Bojay verbally spar with Apollo and Starbuck about the different philosophies of Cain and Adama. The Pegasus pilots are clearly more cocky, experienced, and militant. Cain's arrival with Cassiopeia on his arm causes her to leave in a huff. Apollo catches up with her, trying to make sure that there isn't a conflict that will prevent them from working together. Sheba lets him know that it's not him that she has a problem with.

Sheba is surprised when her father joins the mission to capture the Cylon tankers. In the joint mission, she and her squadron end up helping Blue Squadron out of a bind, assisting them with fighting off some Raiders. While everybody is focused on fighting the Raiders, Cain manages to destroy the tankers, claiming that they were destroyed by incidental fire. When cornered about it by Apollo, Sheba backs Cain's account of the story. The destruction of the tankers forces Adama to consider an attack on Gamoray.

After Cain is relieved of command for refusing to distribute fuel to the rest of the fleet, Sheba and Bojay approach him about refusing Adama's orders. Cain refuses to endorse their mutiny plans. Despite his insistence of following Adama's orders, Sheba and Silver Spar Squadron are standing guard when the pilots from Galactica arrive to distribute the fuel. A conflict is averted when an alert sounds, signaling a Cylon attack (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part I").

Coming aboard Galactica, Sheba and Bojay join the commando team that parachutes down to the surface of Gamoray. When Bojay is shot by a Centurion sentry, Sheba helps take him to safety. After the team succeeds in their mission, the shuttle makes for the closer Pegasus instead of Galactica due to Bojay's injury. Sheba gets in a Viper to join the battle. During the battle Sheba's Viper is heavily damaged by a Raider. Apollo and Starbuck help escort her back to Pegasus. Once back on board Pegasus, Cain insists that all injured and non-essential personnel (including Sheba) be shuttled to Galactica. Sheba objects, but eventually agrees. After Pegasus destroys the two basestars and makes its disappearance, Sheba asks about her father's fate while recovering in the life sciences center. Adama explains that they don't know what has happened to Pegasus, but in the meantime he hopes that she considers herself part of their family (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part II").

Life After Pegasus

Sheba joins Galactica as a Viper pilot. She helps try to fight off the suicide attack Raiders, although a couple of them manage to slip through and detonate against Galactica. Sheba helps to fight the fire as one of the pilots to fire Boroton into the landing bay (TOS: "Fire in Space").

After Bojay's patrol vanishes, Sheba is briefed on the disappearance. When they go to investigate, they discover a red planet capable of sustaining human life. Sheba wonders why the planet isn't inhabited. Sheba notes that the vegetation on the planet is also red. They find a crater on the planet, and the wreckage of a ship. Near the wreckage they discover Count Iblis. After he is brought back to Galactica, Sheba takes him to the Life Station. He refuses treatment, asking instead to be given a tour of Galactica. She shows him Core Command, where some of the electronics begin to malfunction in his presence. Adama is furious that she brought him there. He sends her, Starbuck, and Apollo to the Officer's Club.

Iblis later gets Sheba to take him to the Agro Ship. Iblis tells her that the quest closest to her heart is the finding of Pegasus and her father. He claims that if she opens her heart to him, all things are possible. When the Beings of Light appear, Iblis comments that despite their light "they conceal everlasting darkness" (TOS: "War of the Gods, Part I").

Sheba continues to follow Iblis, awed by his presence. During a party aboard Rising Star she offers herself as a consolation to Apollo, after losing at Triad. While they are dancing she teasingly asks if Apollo is jealous of Iblis. Apollo emphatically indicates that something as petty as jealousy isn't affecting him, as matters regarding the survival of the Fleet are currently more pressing. Sheba is with Iblis aboard Agro Ship 9 when he senses Adama and Apollo plotting something. Apollo and Starbuck have secretly taken a shuttle back to the red planet. Sheba takes a Viper and heads to the planet herself.

Sheba kisses Apollo (TOS: "The Hand of God").

She arrives at the wreckage site just as Apollo and Starbuck are looking inside the wreckage. They are horrified at what they see, and Apollo tries to keep Sheba from looking. Starbuck suggests that they let her, just as Iblis arrives. Iblis forbids Sheba from going near the wreckage. He claims Sheba as his own, and that she has given herself freely to him. Iblis orders her to his side, but Apollo interferes. Apollo shoots Iblis, revealing his true form. Iblis sends forth a bolt, aiming to strike Sheba dead. Apollo steps in front of the blast, and is killed in her place. Iblis flees, fearing retribution for killing one who is not his to kill. She mourns Apollo's death. As they are transporting the body back to Galactica, their shuttle is taken aboard a Ship of Lights. Sheba finds Starbuck, and wonders if they are dead. The Beings of Light explain themselves, and bring Apollo back to life. They return to Galactica with their memories of their time aboard the Ship of Lights wiped, but with knowledge of a possible course to Earth (TOS: "War of the Gods, Part II").

During the prison break by Baltar, the Borellian Nomen and Commandant Leiter she and Boomer are taken hostage while piloting a shuttle. They are successfully freed when Apollo and Starbuck thwart Baltar's plot. (TOS: "Baltar's Escape").

Apollo leads Sheba, Starbuck, and Cassiopeia up to the Celestial chamber on something of an informal double-date. Sheba loves it. She helps to investigate the Gamma frequency signal that they receive. When Apollo is about to leave for the mission to infiltrate the basestar, she reveals her feelings for him, and kisses him. She and Cassiopeia watch the Raider take off from within the Celestial Chamber. She helps to fight the basestar's Raiders with the rest of Galactica Vipers, while Galactica takes on the basestar (TOS: "The Hand of God").

Seperate Continuities

Maximum Press Comic Series

  • The series begins 20 yahrens after the events of the original series. Sheba and Apollo are married and have a son named Cain. Sheba gave up her career as a warrior to marry Apollo and have a family. In the second story arc The Enemy Within, she returns to duty.
  • In the first four-issue arc, The War of Eden, Count Iblis tries to corrupt Sheba once again. He teleports her to the crashed ship on the red planet from "War of the Gods". When she looks inside the wreckage, she discovers the preserved body of her father, Commander Cain. It later turns out to have been a trick. (War of Eden 3)
  • Sheba, believing Apollo had seen Cain's body inside the ship and lied to her, becomes crazed due to Iblis' influence and she winds up shooting Apollo dead. Apollo wakes up aboard the Ship of Lights and convinces one of the Seraphs, John, to give him another chance at life. (War of Eden 4)

Clean Slate Press

  • A series of full-length fan fiction novels called The Pegasus Chronicles explore Apollo and Sheba's relationship. In Second Coming, Apollo and Sheba become engaged, but Cain and the Pegasus return to the fleet, throwing their relationship into turmoil.
  • In another novel, The Race For Earth, taking place five years after the events of The Hand of God, it is revealed that Sheba now hates Apollo, blaming him for the death of Bojay.


  • The name Sheba comes from a queen who, according to Kings 1-3, visited King Solomon to test his wisdom.
  • Sheba does not have a close equivalent in the re-imagined series. The closest possible might be the character of Kendra Shaw, who in "Razor" develops an almost mother-daughter relationship with the re-imagined version of Cain.
  • In the novelization of "Living Legend," Sheba is said to resemble her mother greatly, which explained why Cain was unable to confide in her, following her mother's death. This may have been an inside nod to the strong resemblance between Anne Lockhart and her actress mother June Lockhart.

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