Agro Ship 9

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Agro Ship 9
[[Image:|275px|Agro Ship 9]]
Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian
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Role: Agricultural ship for growing foodstuffs
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Fate: Damaged by Cylons (TOS: "The Magnificent Warriors")
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Additional Information

The Agro Ship 9 is the last remaining Agro Ship within the fleet, after her other two sister ships are destroyed by a Cylons task force.

Lead Agro Specialist Carmichael oversaw this agro ship; Carmichael later informs Colonel Tigh that the ship could produce agro supplies but was in need of new seedlings.

Apparently seedlings are not kept aboard or not in enough quantity to meet the bare-minimum needs of the Fleet's members. This ship obtains seedlings from Sectar by the efforts of Adama, Starbuck, Apollo, Boomer and Siress Belloby (TOS: "The Magnificent Warriors").

During his time with the Fleet, Count Iblis makes way to this ship many times, thanks to Lieutenant Sheba. As proof of his alleged miracles, he manages to accelerate the growth of the plants making fruits larger and the food plentiful. Carmichael calls this a "miracle," however Doctor Wilker disproves this belief when he discovers that a form of radiation accelerated the growth of the crops (TOS: "War of the Gods").