Colonial Fleet (TOS)

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The Colonial Fleet, at one time, comprised many battlestars and hundreds of squadrons of Vipers organized to fight the Cylon Empire during the Thousand-Yahren War.

Just before the Battle of Cimtar, only six battlestars remained[1].

After the Battle of Cimtar, all but one known battlestar, Galactica, is destroyed by an elaborate Cylon ambush. Rather than mounting a suicidal offensive against the Cylons, and to protect the few survivors, Galactica gathers approximately 220 civilian ships and leads them out of Colonial space.

The Colonial Fleet becomes a bit stronger, albeit briefly, when Commander Cain returns with battlestar Pegasus. Sadly, the battlestar is again lost, apparently for good, during a direct attack against a basestar (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part II").

There is little discussion in the Original Series on other warcraft used by the Twelve Colonies of Man aside from the battlestars.

Known Battlestars

Eight battlestars are mentioned or seen in the Original Series.[2]


  1. For more on these ships and their design, see the article, Battlestar (TOS).
  2. The Costume Department at New West has indicated that three further battlestars may have been referenced had the show been renewed: the Solaria, Cerberus and Prometheus. This information, however, is not canonical.
  3. Contrary to fan fiction accounts, no official information exists that confirms that Columbia was the class name of the Original Series battlestars.