Mark Sheppard

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Mark Sheppard
Mark Sheppard
Image © Mark Robert Halper Photography
Portrays: Romo Lampkin
Date of Birth: May 30, 1964
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Age: 60
Nationality: UK UK
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Mark Sheppard (April 30, 1964) is an English actor and musician of an Irish-German background.[1]

Sheppard is the son of character actor William Morgan Sheppard. His first passion was being a musician, which lead him to play in multiple bands that performed in parts of the globe like France and Algeria. He initially preferred being a musician over following his father's footsteps, believing that "he’s the actor and I’m the musician and that was when I was a kid, but then years later I discovered it was pretty much the same thing to me".[1]

Sheppard began pursuing acting as someone had "asked me to see if I could be in a play, and I was reluctant but I did it and I discovered it was something I love, it’s fun".[1]

He credits his father for teaching him "a certain sensibility about acting, as far as we are of the same belief that there is no such thing as a bad guy. They are people of a differing opinion. And are willing to do different things to get what it is that they want. But you should never play the guy as a bad guy."[1]

Sheppard's career in acting has lead to many appearances in popular television shows, including 24 as Ivan Erwich, Firefly as Badger, Medium as Dr. Charles Walker, and Star Trek: Voyager in Child's Play as Leucon.

In addition to Battlestar Galactica, he has done work on David Eick's remake of The Bionic Woman (with Katee Sackhoff).[1] He also recently guest stared in Burn Notice Season 2 episode Bad Breaks as a bank robber. He appears in the 2011 Doctor Who episodes "The Impossible Astronaut" and "Day of the Moon" as a 1960s FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III.

Battlestar Galactica

Sheppard has mentioned that he is a fan of the Re-imagined Series, but did not get into the Original Series. Sheppard's involvement in Battlestar Galactica began through CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's Naren Shankar, who encouraged him to meet Ronald D. Moore. After meeting, Moore attempted to get Sheppard a role as a Cylon in Season 2, which did not happen due to his commitment to Medium. He had a future conversation with Moore and David Eick, where Sheppard mentioned that he would be willing to play any character; a few months after that, when fixing Moore's computer, Moore offered him "three episodes of Battlestar" and, thus, the part of Romo Lampkin.[1]

In addition to his portrayal of Romo Lampkin, Sheppard has done three podcasts for the episodes "The Son Also Rises" (with writer Michael Angeli), and two solo podcasts on "Crossroads, Part I" and "Crossroads, Part II".


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