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Ryan Robbins
Ryan Robbins
Portrays: Charlie Connor
Armistice Officer
Date of Birth:
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Ryan Robbins is an actor who portrayed two roles on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica: the Armistice Officer in the Miniseries, and Charlie Connor in Season 3 and Season 4. He also portrayed the STO soldier and trainer Diego in Caprica.

Robbins, a fan of the Original Series, has a circus background, similar to that of actor Richard Hatch (the original Apollo). Robbins has also acted in theater, starting when he was "quite young", and was a musician prior to acting.[1]

After the Miniseries, Robbins worked on the 2004 dark comedy, Men Feel Pain, playing a "guy going through a really rough time" who is "so desperate to have somebody make my life better [that] I find [a] poor guy and bring all these other people to him and [eventually] decides that he’s going to be the one who saves us all".[1] The role resulted in Robbin's winning the 2005 Leo Award for "Best Performance By A Male in a Short Drama"[2].

Robbins later won an award as "Best Actor" from the Sacramento Film Festival for his role in 2005's When Jesse Was Born, portraying a young father who tries to make a good life for his family through criminal activities.[1]

Outside of Battlestar, he also portrayed Ladon Radim, a Genii scientist-turned-leader in Stargate Atlantis in multiple episodes, as well as the character Sands in two episodes of the short-lived Blade television series. He also plays the character of Henry Foss in the Sanctuary television series.

As of 2006, Robbins was married, and had a three-year-old daughter.[1]


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