Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 4

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Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 4
Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 4
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Michael Moreci
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Penciller(s) Breno Tamura
Colorist(s) Dijjo Lima
Letterer(s) Taylor Esposito
Editor(s) Kevin Ketner
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Cover Artist(s) Brent Schoonover (Cover A)
Breno Tamura & Dijjo Lima (Cover B)
Adaptation of
Published May 22, 2019
Collected in
Reprinted as
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ISBN 725130277657
Population 0 Survivors
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Things heat up in the penultimate issue of Twilight Command! One of Flores's own puts his life on the line for his squad, and the Cylon plot proves to be much more of a threat than anyone imagined! A desperate mission puts Twilight Command's back against the wall, and with time running out they may not be able to stop Cavil's plan in time![1]


Following the Discovery of New Caprica

The events depicted in this section take place 10 days after the discovery of New Caprica.
  • William Adama vents to Alexa Flores in Galactica's brig about Gaius Baltar winning the election, and the fact that many people in the Fleet will follow him to New Caprica.
  • Flores offers her opinion that maybe he could kill Baltar, noting that it is something that "arguably should" be done, but notes that people can't be stopped from making their own decisions.
  • Flores further discusses the point of having a purpose, and that if Adama's purpose is to protect the survivors, does it matter where those people are either in ships or on New Caprica.

Cylon-Occupied New Caprica

The events depicted in this section take place following the 106th day into the Cylon occupation of New Caprica, even though it is not specified in the comic.
  • Alexa Flores and Tomlin inform Galen Tyrol about Cavil's machinations on building a large, impressive army of Centurions. Tyrol agrees to help them secure additional firepower in order to take the factory.
  • Tyrol brings Flores, Devos, and Tomlin to the ship in question. They discuss stealthily entering the ship without triggering off alarms, to prevent the Cylons from knowing what they're up to.
  • Meanwhile, Spark tells Deacon that Flores is getting additional supplies to attack the factory. Spark tells Deacon that he's rushing for its sake, since the Centurion is one of them and Twilight Command protects their own.
  • As Centurions are being summoned to the docking bay, John Cavil comes across Deacon. Spark tells Deacon to do whatever he needs to do to get out of there, as Cavil makes a point that the "scar" across Deacon's face was a dead giveaway—for Cavil keeps his Centurions in pristine condition.
  • As Deacon attempts to escape, a Centurion comes up from behind and electrocutes Deacon. Cavil orders his Centurions to take Deacon to his quarters, so that they may disassemble him to find out what the "toaster knows."
  • Back at the grounded ship, Tomlin throws a grenade in the space between the ship and their location. It triggers a motion alarm, to which many Centurions respond to and start attacking their position.
  • They attempt to keep the Centurions from entering the ship to get assistance; a Centurion goes for a boarding ramp, and Tomlin decides to break cover and rush towards the offending Centurion before it boards the ship, despite Flores' orders to the contrary.
  • Tomlin is shot as gets within striking distance of the Centurion. As the Centurions converge on him, he throws a grenade and takes out the remaining enemy. It also damages a landing strut on the ship, causing its forward section to land harshly further into the rocks.
  • Flores is relieved that Tomlin hasn't been killed, and chastises him for the action.
  • They make it into the ship, and recover all the G-4 crates they could carry, leaving before the Cylons are able to regroup.
  • Back at the factory, Deacon has been dismembered, and is suspended by wires and conduits sans its arms and legs. Despite Deacon's attempts, Cavil has reprogrammed it to be compliant to Cavil's commands, and Cavil asks what its "human companions are planning."


  • The credits page notes that the events depicted in this issue take place concurrently with Season 3 of the Re-imagined Series, although this does not apply to the flashback sequences in this issue.
  • In terms of the timeline for the pre Cylon-Occupied New Caprica events, this installment takes place circa day 284 thus placing it during the events of "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II," prior to the destruction of Cloud 9.
  • In terms of the timeline for "current" events, this installment takes place 38 to 40 days after the events of "The Resistance" and 26 to 28 days before "Occupation."



Noteworthy Dialogue

The point, Admiral, is that having a purpose is what sees us through the tough times, and your purpose is to protect these people. It's who you are. So, let me ask you—does it matter if those people are in your ships, or down on the surface of some planet? Does that change your purpose? Does it change what you're going to do?

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