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Origins #2
Origins #2
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 2
Writer(s) Kevin Fahey
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Penciller(s) Jonathan Lau
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Cover Artist(s) Fabio Laguna
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Published December, 2007
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Population 0 Survivors
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After accepting the position as head of the Command Navigation Program project, Gaius Baltar receives warnings about the Cylons from Odin Maxwell, his former professor.


  • Gaius Baltar is walking towards the Ministry of Defense building. On his way, he catches the eye of a young woman who recognizes him, as if he were a celebrity.
  • Before entering the building, an old man warns him not to take the job, and rambles on about how "they" are among them and are using him like a pawn. The old man is taken away by two security guards.
  • After Baltar enters the building, another guard tells him that there's no need for a security badge, since they can "all recognize you at this point". The guard apologizes to Baltar for the disturbance, telling him that "we have all sort of crack-pots and protesters" that come from time to time to cause problems. Baltar replies that he knows the man, who was his former university professor and mentor, Doctor Odin Maxwell.
  • In a flashback ten years prior, Maxwell is discussing Baltar's scholastic career at Caprica University. Maxwell notes that while Baltar's grades are perfect and he is well on his way to completing his doctorate in a year or two, he adds that many of Baltar's professors view him as an arrogant trouble maker.
  • Maxwell further says that while Baltar's arrogance can be ignored through if there's substance behind it, his various "social activities" the likes of underage drinking, gambling on campus, and dalliances with various students, faculty members, and faculty wives make it impossible for him to continue his studies at Caprica University. Maxwell asks Baltar why he deserves to stay on at the university.
  • Baltar replies that he'll transfer to Delphi University, a claim that Maxwell scoffs. Maxwell adds that even Tauron University wouldn't take him with Baltar's "common jackass" behavior. He then adds that his alternative is to go back to Aerilon and work there as a farmer.
  • Maxwell offers Baltar a way out: work for him and his think tank of top minds at the campus. Maxwell adds that the chief project of his think tank involves computer programming for robotechnology, otherwise known as artificial intelligence. Baltar replies that such research is illegal, but agrees to help, as his other alternative is "shoveling shit on a farming colony".
  • Baltar and Caprica-Six are walking through the Riverwalk discussing the Cylons, why they rebelled, and why the Colonials ban studies into artificial intelligence. They end up in front of the Ellison Hotel, where Baltar propositions her for sex, showing her a red dress he's carrying in his briefcase.
  • She rejects the offer, saying that he should dedicate his energy on the CNP project. Nearby, Maxwell recognizes Six and barges in their conversation, saying that she's "one of them" until he is dragged away by the police.
  • The bellhop from the Ellison Hotel apologizes for the disturbance and notes his thankfulness of the presence of a security detachment that's always in the area.
  • As Odin is being dragged away, he continues to tell Baltar that Six can't be trusted.
  • At Caprica University of the past, Baltar is making a speech about the absurdity of the laws against artificial intelligence. He is facing resistance from the faculty that he's speaking to, particularly being heckled about his origin from Aerilon and those claiming that he's suggesting something that's nothing short of treason.
  • Baltar puts the audience in its place by asking them whether any of them faced the horrors of the Cylons themselves, or had family members that had. The room is silenced, where he adds that he had a grandfather who died in the Cylon War, but "we must learn from the past, from our mistakes," and drives his point home.
  • After the speech, Maxwell congratulates Baltar for his work, assuring him that the faculty will at least read the entire dissertation, and tells him that he's nominating him for a Magnate Prize. Baltar is pleased, noting that he wouldn't be where he was without Maxwell's help.
  • Maxwell asks Baltar whether the fact about his grandfather was true. Upon leaving the campus, they encounter a swarm of reporters who are surrounding Carter Jameson and his aide; Baltar answers Maxwell's question in the negative, saying that he never met his grandfather.
  • Jameson is asked about his support of councilman Richard Adar's campaign. Jameson replies that he won't turn his key-note speech into an opportunity to endorse a candidate. Further, he is bombarded with questions about whether or not he finds himself in a similar position as Tauron and Virgon on the ban on artificial intelligence; his only reply is that he has spoken to representative Marshall Bagot on an informal basis, and does not clarify.
  • After being asked about the Sagittaron Freedom Movement, Jameson avoids the question by waiving over Baltar. Jameson, who is for continuance of the ban, notes that he respects Baltar and others young minds like his because "their ideals haven't been clouded by the reality and complexity of the real world". Baltar begins to debate him on the subject, but Jameson cuts him off, until D'Anna Biers propositions that they take the debate to a wider audience, such as through The Colonial Gang. She notes that as producer of the series, she could have both of them debate the following week. Both agree to this, and Jameson's aide whisks Jameson away, explaining to the press that Jameson has an appointment to go to.
  • Left behind at the entrance, Maxwell congratulates Baltar and asks if Baltar's ever had a Caprican Imperial.
  • In Baltar's office at the Ministry of Defense, Baltar's aide presents him with completed navigational charts and notes that the schematics for the new FTL drives should arrive in the morning. When the aide inquires after the cigar smoke, Baltar notes that he's deactivated all the smoke alarms on the floor and wishes his aide a good night.
  • After this, Baltar listens to a message that Odin Maxwell is leaving him. Maxwell asks that Baltar meet him at his apartment on a matter of urgency.
  • In the past, Baltar is smoking a cigar behind The Colonial Gang's sound stage as they await for Jameson's arrival. Baltar asks a producer about Jameson. The man notes that they haven't been able to get a hold of either Jameson or his aide, forcing them to air other content. The producer asks Baltar if he would like to make a statement, apologizing to Colonial Gang's audience for the lack of a debate.
  • Meanwhile, Jameson is being lead by his aide to a side entrance to the Channel 7 Studio. Jameson's aide assures him that by using the side entrance, they would avoid drawing any unnecessary attention. Jameson tells his aide that the debate would not discourage Baltar from scientific pursuits, other than artificial intelligence. His aide assures him that Baltar's career would remain unaffected, since there are plans for both him and for Jameson.
  • Jameson is abducted by the Cylons, as Baltar gives his apology for the lack of a debate. He uses the opportunity to put forth the merits of delving into artificial intelligence, as well as to announce that he's leaving Caprica University to pursue his work into the benefits of artificial intelligence.
  • In the present, Baltar finds Maxwell's apartment on 2372A Hudson, Apartment D, Maxwell is surprised at Baltar's arrival and welcomes him into the apartment, which is cluttered with paperwork and other leavings.
  • Maxwell chastises Baltar for not following through with his vision of pursuing artificial intelligence, and instead opting to take the "first six figure cubits job that came along and became a programmer". Maxwell concedes that this was probably the best move, seeing as Maxwell no longer believes in the efficacy of pursing artificial intelligence. Maxwell reveals that he's been tracking the Cylons, saying that they have evolved and were returning home.
  • Baltar enters another room, finding a mess of paperwork and a wall that is graffiti-ridden with items such as "Where are the Cylons now?" and an interesting note about equating the the number of colonies to the number of humanoid models.
  • Baltar bolts from the room, believing that Maxwell has turned into a crackpot conspiracy theorist. He pursues Baltar into the street, himself also followed by Six. Maxwell sees Six, pulls out his gun and shoots at her, shooting through her lower back. Baltar runs head on into a car while Six attacks Maxwell, killing him.
  • Six runs to Baltar and crumples next to him, saying to him that she's dying.


  • Six's assumed name is never given, continuing the trend for the previous issue in this series.
  • Odin is the name of the chief god in Norse mythology. Amongst his many attributes, two of them are wisdom and prophecy, both which directly relate to Odin Maxwell and his role in the story.
  • The "past events" shown in this issue happen roughly 12 years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, while "current events" occur less than 2 years before that.


  • Carter Jameson's aide is inferred to be Aaron Doral, given his association with the Cylons and his role as a public relations aide. However, the artwork leaves this inference a bit questionable at best.


  • Does Six die? If so, how will this be explained to Gaius Baltar?

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