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Origins #5
Origins #5
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 5
Writer(s) Robert Napton
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Penciller(s) Jonathan Lau
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Cover Artist(s) Jonathan Lau
Adaptation of
Published May 2008
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Population 0 Survivors
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In this first issue of the four-part miniseries that explores the life of young William "Husker" Adama, starting from a black ops mission for the Colonial Fleet gone wrong during the Cylon War.


  • On Argus, a young William Adama prepares to launch in a Stealth Viper. During this, he flashes back to his first meeting with the admiralty over a steak dinner; Lionel reads the last entry from Adama's flight instructor, which offers glowing praise. They offer him a position aboard the Argus, which is a prototype space carrier craft with new stealth technology, saying they need people who are completely loyal and are willing to serve aboard her in complete anonymity. Adama replies that he is such a man, much to the pleasure of the admiralty, who note that he has a bright future in the Colonial Fleet.
  • Black Team, which consisting of Adama, himself the wingman to a pilot called "Lucky," are given orders to launch. After doing so, the Blackbirds' pilots exchange friendly banter, as they proceed to their target: Trinity Base, located well inside Cylon-held territory.
  • During a flyby over Trinity Base, Lucky's number two engine flares out. They abort the mission and attempt to head back, but are intercepted by Raiders. Lucky is unable to punch out, and orders Adama to fire on him after the main power to his ship cuts out. Despite Lucky's pleas for Adama to kill him, Adama fails to do so and takes fire from the Raiders. Taking on damage, Adama activates the Viper's self-destruct and ejects. With nothing else in the way of opposition, the Cylons capture the damaged Stealth Viper and her pilot, Lucky, who calls Adama a coward.
  • Six months later, after Operation Raptor Talon is successfully completed, Adama returns from the ice planet on a Raptor. Banzai meets Adama amongst the celebrating crew members on the hangar deck, informing him of the Armistice. Adama wants to go to sickbay to check up on Jaycie McGavin (injured by an exploding console on her Raptor during the opening stages of the operation), however Banzai informs him that he ran into Cavendish, who told Banzai of her passing.
  • Three weeks after the Armistice, Galactica's commanding officer meets with Adama. The CO congratulates Adama on his first combat mission, and encourages him to learn to start drinking. Afterward, the CO notes that "'first' is a relative term," alluding to his past special-op experience on the Argus. Much to Adama's surprise, the CO knows everything about Adama's previous missions, having heard it from the admiralty. The CO then asks Adama if he still has a taste for toaster hunting, revealing that as part of the Armistice, the Cylons revealed the existence of a suicide cell called the Annihilators is still in operation, as they cannot be recalled for any reason.
  • As Galactica's first post-war mission, Admiral Jennings tasks them with hunting down these Cylons. Before Adama leaves, the CO tells him that their new CAG—who has the Fleet record for kills made in combat—pulled some favors to be part of the task force hunting the Cylons.
  • In his bunk in the Junior Officers Quarters, Adama writes a letter to his father, Joseph Adama, asking him about a quote he made: "In spite of our failures, I refuse to accept the decline of man..." Adama has a problem with the quote, feeling that man cannot overcome its mistakes.
  • The next morning, Adama reports to the pilot's briefing room at 0700. He is chastized by the new cag, Captain Alexa "Pugnacious" Cain, for being 20 seconds late, which is late in her book. During her briefing, she informs Galactica's pilots that she will be performing her own performance evaluations, as she has her own standards of performance.
  • During the following performance evaluation exercises, she first picks Adama, after hearing about his kill during Operation Raptor Talon. She challenges him on a solo run, which ends up with her "killing" him during the mock engagement. She proceeds to test Slapshot, as Adama writes another letter to his dad about Galactica, notably that he is beginning to think that "this ship might turn out worse than the last one".


  • The Stealth Viper is designed very much like the Blackbird, with the exception that Stealth Vipers are armed with forward-mounting guns. Further, they may be the precursor to the Stealthstar, a craft depicted in "Hero" in a forlorn mission in Cylon territory.

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