Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 6

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Season Zero 6
Season Zero 6
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 6
Writer(s) Brandon Jerwa
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Penciller(s) Jackson Herbert
Colorist(s) inLight Studio
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Cover Artist(s) Stjepan Sejic, Adriano Batista, Jackson Herbert
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Published December 2007
Collected in
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Population 0 Survivors
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William Adama takes back his ship from Agent Levin, only to face a battle with his former friend and commander, Julian DiMarco, who is on a mad quest for vengeance against the Colonial government.


  • Flanked by Marines, Commander Adama forcibly removes Agent Levin from the CIC, despite Levin's protestations. After this, Adama thanks Lieutenant Gaeta for his help in freeing both himself and Colonel Tigh.
  • After receiving permission to speak freely, Dualla tells Tigh of her surprise at the fact that he didn't shove a boot to Levin's ass. Tigh replies that he's saving his boots for Kara Thrace and Karl Agathon.
  • On the Sagittaron moon, Thrace and Agathon attempt a lift off in their Raptor, only to be shot down some miles away from the rebel base. Before their pursuers can reach them, Thrace removes the radios from the Raptor and activates a bomb onboard the craft, and both leave the ship. When their pursuers begin to storm the Raptor, hoping to kill Agathon and Thrace, their leader finds that there's a bomb set aboard the ship. They manage to get to a safe distance before the bomb explodes, and their leader runs back to the base.
  • The leader reports to Julian DiMarco, who is cradling the body of his wife, Sil. Christa Nolan tells Darja Purat that DiMarco needs to understand that her killing of Sil was necessary. DiMarco asks for the leader's sidearm.
  • Hearing the leader's report, Darja Purat says that he's not going to stick around and watch DiMarco's rebellion fall apart. After executing Nolan and Purat, DiMarco accepts their resignation. After giving back the sidearm, DiMarco orders the soldier to gather the troops and establish a perimeter around the complex. He then declares that it is time to bring the fight to the enemy.
  • Adama leads a team of Raptors to the surface, despite Tigh's concerns about Adama leading the team personally. As the Raptors jump above the moon's ground, the rebels below fire on the Raptors. One of the rebels, carrying a hand-held missile launcher, is about to take down a Raptor, but is thwarted by Thrace who kills him with her sniper rifle.
  • Much to DiMarco's chagrin, the Marines surround the rebel compound. Meanwhile, Adama's Raptor lands, meeting with Thrace and Agathon. Much to his horror, they inform Adama that DiMarco is behind the rebel movement.
  • A strike team clears out rooms through the base, ending up at the control room where they discover DiMarco's escape route, itself leading to the hangar bay. Adama orders them to tell him how to get there, adding that he wants the rebel leader taken alive.
  • DiMarco finds that their escape ship has been prepped. He orders that their payload be double-checked.
  • Adama, Thrace, and Agathon near the bay; Thrace and Agathon reiterate Adama's order to hang back.
  • DiMarco orders his men to cover the ship until the landing gear is up, then to board. As he does so, Adama and his duo arrive. Adama offers DiMarco a chance to walk away, but DiMarco refuses and the rebels open fire on the trio.
  • DiMarco makes it on board, with Adama right behind him. As they lift off, Thrace is held back by Agathon, since it is too late to pursue.
  • As they lift off, Adama and DiMarco fight; Adama fails to convince DiMarco to surrender.
  • Agathon radios the Raptors, telling them not to engage the escaping ship, as Adama is on board.
  • As they continue the brawl, DiMarco tells Adama that the Fleet sent a kill squad to his planet, killing a majority of his crew. He also claims that they poisoned his mind with a relationship that wasn't real. Adama snidely replies that DiMarco's reaction is typical; DiMarco replies using an extinguisher across Adama's back.
  • DiMarco dons a flight suit and enters the Viper Mark II in the port bay of the carrier, telling Adama that "someone needs to be held accountable" for everything that's happened.
  • The carrier jumps out of the atmosphere and in orbit near Galactica. The pilot of the carrier notes this over the wireless (as Adama comes in behind him with a large monkey wrench), but DiMarco doesn't care. Adama stops the automatic launch of DiMarco's Viper, telling DiMarco on the wireless that he knows that DiMarco's Viper is carrying a nuke and that he has nowhere to go. However, DiMarco has a manual release, which allows his craft to launch.
  • Adama enters the second Viper on the ship, as DiMarco reveals that his target is the Colonial Military Complex on Sagittaron. DiMarco believes that "seeing their own tactics up close will help them understand how far they've strayed off the path". Adama then launches, telling the Raptors to hang back while he intercepts DiMarco. On the isolated wireless channel, DiMarco believes that Adama doesn't have the guts to fire on him, as Adama positions himself right in DiMarco's flight path.
  • DiMarco and Adama trade barbs; Adama convinces DiMarco that DiMarco himself compromised everything that set him apart from those he so hates. He then lays down the ultimatum: to deliver the nuke, he has to kill Adama.
  • DiMarco refuses to do this. Convinced that there's no going back, he removes his hard seal and helmet, commending Adama for being a good soldier, then ejects himself into space.
  • Later, Thrace visits Adama in his quarters. She asks him what will happen; Adama replies that probably nothing will happen to her. When Thrace comments that DiMarco was wrong, Adama replies that DiMarco wasn't. Adama tells her that something rotten is going on and he doesn't know how many more lives will be adversely affected before everything is said and done. Thrace then hugs Adama, ordering him not to lose faith.


  • As with the previous issues of Season Zero, the use of Viper Mark IIs continues to crop up when it is apparent that the only time in recent history that Galactica had Mark IIs aboard was for the decommissioning as functional museum pieces.
  • On page 17, Julian DiMarco orders the pilot of the rebel carrier ship for a port side launch. However, on the following page, his Viper launches from the starboard side.
  • An error on page 22 occurs, depicting Kara Thrace without her pilot wings.
  • As the case may be, the drawn covers for this issue depict events and characters that have no bearing on this comic's story. Neither Number Six nor the Cylons appear in this issue.


  • Since Julian DiMarco and his crew destroyed their ship in Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero 2, the only way that Julian DiMarco and Sil made it back to Colonial space was via the use of the Raptor that Commander Adama left there. However, that Raptor did not have FTL capability, unless DiMarco and her crew were able to effect repairs. Otherwise, the question of how they managed to leave the planet and re-enter Colonial space still remains to be answered.


  • Who were Agent Levin and his cohorts working for? What will become of them?
  • Where did Julian DiMarco get the nuke?

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