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Origins #6
Origins #6
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 6
Writer(s) Robert Napton
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Penciller(s) Jonathan Lau
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Cover Artist(s) Jonathan Lau
Adaptation of
Published March 2008
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Population 0 Survivors
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The second issue of the four-part miniseries that explores the life of William Adama. Starting several years since the previous issue, Lieutenant William "Husker" Adama continues serving aboard Atlantia, before his promotion to Captain and assignment to Galactica.


  • Two years after the the end of the First Cylon War, Adama approaches Atlantia for his thousandth landing. Because of the occasion, Adama has a special LSO: a man name Ratchet. As Ratchet signals for Adama to slow down, Adama instead accelerates his Viper before landing.
  • In the commander's office, Adama receives captain rank insignia before being told that he is being mustered out of the Fleet, which he is told is due to the cutbacks in the military's budget. His commander tells him to make peace with the decision.
  • In the Junior Officers Quarters, Adama cleans out his locker, finding a picture of him with Alexa Cain and has a flashback to events six weeks after the end of the war. In the beginning of his flashback, Adama and Cain play a fierce game of pyramid where sexual tensions apparently mount.
  • Aboard Galactica, Adama and Cain are told that a group of Annihilators are located at a base codenamed Trinity—the same base that Adama and Lucky flew over in their Stealth Vipers during the war.
  • After the briefing, Cain demands to know whether Adama's head is in the game, having noticed Adama's visible reaction in the briefing and hearing things from a pilot named Houseman. Adama replies that it could be because he made a "bad call," and Cain reassures him that everyone has had such moments.
  • Suddenly, a Cylon Heavy Raider jumps in close to Galactica. The commander realizes that they are Annihilators and calls for the alert Vipers to be launched.
  • The Raider lands in the starboard flight pod and Centurions disembark, killing personnel as they make their way through the ship. Galactica's commander orders a distress call to be sent out.
  • As Cain and Adama make their way through the ship, they encounter a group of officers before the Cylons disable the lights and phones. The group makes their way to a small arms locker, knowing that there are Cylons heading their way.
  • The battlestars Ulysses and Cerberus, along with their battlestar groups arrive to aid Galactica while Cylons enter Aft Damage Control, killing everyone there before proceeding to vent compartments to space. In the weapons locker, Cain orders everyone to put on EVA suits.
  • Meanwhile, the Cylons arm a nuclear warhead and use it to heavily damage one of the other battlestars. As Cain and Adama's group approach Aft Damage Control, they encounter scores of dead crew members. They arrive at Aft Damage Control, only to find a Centurion guarding the hatch and at least four others inside.
  • Cain and Adama have only three explosive rounds between them, not enough to kill all the Centurions. Knowing that she may die, Cain tells Adama to deliver two letters in her locker: one for her parents, one for her daughter Helena.
  • On Cain's signal, the group attacks, killing one Centurion immediately. The remaining Centurions retaliate, leading to an intense battle between both sides. Adama tosses a small bomb into Aft Damage Control and detonates it by hitting it with gunfire, destroying the two remaining Centurions inside.
  • As Adama restores air flow to the CIC, a damaged Centurion impales Cain on its blade before Adama finishes it off. Adama goes over to a dieing Cain, telling him why she wanted to be part of the mission to stop the Annihilators: she felt guilty about not being with her family on Tauron. Her last words to Adama are a reminder to send her letters.
  • The flashback ends as Adama is told that a Raptor is ready to take him off Atlantia. Adama boards the Raptor and steels himself to face an uncertain future.


  • As shown in "Razor," William Adama was a lieutenant at the time of the first Cylon War, not a captain.
  • The Heavy Raider in this issue is almost identical to the later Heavy Raider, although the cockpit design is more in line with contemporary Raiders. It may also lack the modern Raider's forward guns, however, the artwork makes it impossible to be clear on the issue.
  • Many of the events that occurred during Galactica's boarding are similar to those in "Valley of Darkness". However, the Cylons here are more successful than in the episode, since they manage to vent Galactica's atmosphere and use the ship's weapons to damage a Colonial warship before being destroyed.
  • Another difference between the comic and "Valley of Darkness" is the fact that the Cylons disable the phones in the comic, despite them being sound powered.
  • The sidearms used by Colonial personnel resemble the design used since season 2 of the series, instead of the version that was seen in the "Razor Flashbacks".
  • Helena Cain's mother is named Saundra Cain, not Alexa Cain.

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